To Shed More Light…
An Interview with Chris Josephson

Vicky: Chris, we know that you were married to Elmer for 35 years until his death in October 1996. All those years you worked side-by-side with him to build Bible Light International. When you took over the reigns of this organization after Elmer’s death, what were your thoughts for going forward?

Chris: That’s the question that challenged me then, Vicky. Since our goals were essentially the same, I continued to publish the periodical and speak one-on-one and to groups as the doors opened. I didn’t think I was skilled, nor did I have the help I needed to use the audio of radio and the TV media as he, so my main avenue was publications.

I wanted to keep going to Israel so I took my first tour group alone without him in March, 1997.

Vicky: What have been some milestones you have experienced these past 6 years?

Chris: During that trip in ’97, I established the Almond Orchard in Elmer’s memory at Ma’ale Michmas in the Ephraim mountains about 15 miles northeast of Jerusalem. Donations to this project “in memory” or “in honor” of a friend or relative receives a certificate suitable for framing and their names are recorded in a book residing with the secretary of Michmas, as well as in our records here.

Then in 1999 we had our first annual “Judah, You’re Not Alone” conference here, focusing on the study of the Two Houses of Israel. This resulted in other friends and I beginning an Ephraim Study Tour and Conference in Israel, in which we had Jews who were scholars on this subject meeting with us.

Several books have been edited, printed and some re-printed by Bible Light since Elmer’s “promotion to glory”. These include The Sh’ma by John Stembridge, my devotional Help for Helpers, and Elmer’s Israel in the Revelation, A Bomb in Nation (Abomination), Jill Hulley’s Ephraim Who? Bible Study. The rights to Elmer’s best seller, God’s Key to Health and Happines, were returned to Bible Light from Revell Publishers in 2002 and we have it in print again. Now soon the book, The Prince and the Prophet by Dr. Claude Duvernoy of Jerusalem will be back in print by Bible Light Publications. We have also printed many booklets.

In addition, we have continued to print and send the Bible Light on the News accompanied by the news sheet, Jerusalem Prayer Mandate – six or seven times each year. Over a thousand names have been added to our mailing list.

Friday night Midrash studies are a regular feature here at Bible Light headquarters. These are sessions when we sit around tables with our Bibles open to discuss and interact to encourage and edify each other. We invite any who are searching for truth and a closer walk with the Lord to join us. One of our chief purposes is to study our Hebrew roots together. This is also a time of supporting one another in a loving family relationship.

Our Board of Directors has significantly increased to nine members, and I have appointed chairmen and their committees for special current projects – and projected ones.

We have endeavored to keep apace with the Internet information highway by establishing a website continuing our publications and other pertinent information.

Vicky, before we go further, let me say this: Those who have supported the work of Bible Light with their prayers and gifts through the years are the real candleholders. Absolutely NOTHING could – or can be – accomplished without those who believe in what we are doing, and who stand behind us with their prayers and their gifts. These brothers and sisters of God’s big family hold up our hands, our heads and our hearts. We thank God for their practical support. I particularly appreciate the friends who continue to stand with me since Elmer was called to his reward.

Vicky: Have you worked alone, or had help?

Chris: Many times I have worked alone, with the help of a volunteer now and then. I am particularly grateful to Terry and Toni Distin who have assisted me in their home with computer projects for Bible Light International. In 1998, I asked Ed & Coral Christiansen (Ed had been mentored by Elmer) to move from Omaha to live and work here with me. They have been invaluable in many ways, but particularly in the printing and putting out of our mailings after Terry Distin and I format the Bible Light on the News and the books.

And now I am especially blessed by you and your husband, Ed Stark, who seemed to just drop out of heaven when you drove through here from Florida on your way to meet with family members in Colorado. I asked you to stay and help me while the Christiansens were in Israel and through the winter months if possible. Your talents (particularly in the field of publications) and Ed’s are of greater blessing than I can express.

Vicky: What are some of the challenges you now face?

Chris: Selling our Ottawa property that was left with us and establishing Bible learning centers in the United States and in Israel, with resultant “hands-on” projects to help Israel. This last – the practical application – is the real purpose of learning, without which we settle into a rut and get stagnant.

Vicky: How did the Bible Light Family Outreach get started and what would you like to see it accomplish?

Chris: In our conferences participants often ask for more information and help. They often say that they “feel alone.” The Board of Directors and I are endeavoring to help fill these needs by mobilizing “grassroots” Bible study (Midrash) groups, and helping leaders to facilitate these studies by providing requested formats, materials, resources, and personal assistance. We have been delighted with the response from the initial survey to our readers.  The first Leadership meeting was planned February 2003 and as need arises.

Vicky: What are areas of Biblical studies you are now personally pursuing?

Chris: Helping Christians understand their Hebrew roots, and teaching the far-reaching promises of the Everlasting Abrahamic Covenant which is the “cradle of redemption”.

Vicky: If God is in agreement, what vision would you have for Bible Light International for the next 10 years?

Chris: Our hearts’ desire is to see believers everywhere come to the forefront in the “wave” of the Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit guidance) for our day by joining with our brother Judah, and seeing fulfillment of Bible prophecies which are pointing towards the Kingdom of God on earth, as the Lord taught us to pray, “THY Kingdom come; THY will be done in EARTH as it is in heaven.”

Toward this end, we are seeking to bring better understanding between Jews and Christians by: 1) teaching Christians their Hebrew roots; 2) establishing learning centers in the Land and in the “Diaspora” (where the tribes have been scattered); 3) helping those in need; 4) putting the “Torah” – the laws of the Kingdom – in operation in our own lives. All must be done by the pure motivation of LOVE, as the Redeemer responded to the question, “What is the greatest commandment?” He quoted the Sh’ma and the Golden Rule!

Vicky: Thank you, Chris, for enlightening us about Bible Light’s progress and plans to move forward in reaching out to others who are also seeking God’s truths.  It is going to be interesting to see how God is going to shine His light in coming days to reveal even greater truths. Plus, it sounds like BLI’s Midrash Bible studies are excellent resources in helping us all learn more and grow in God’s knowledge.   -