Arch of Titus

Triumphal Arch built in Rome by Titus, depicting Jewish captives forced to carry The Menorah to Rome.

During his recent visit to Italy, the President of Israel, Moshe Katzav, asked the Prime Minister of the Vatican, Cardinal Angelo Sudano, to prepare a list of all the Temple treasurers, vessels and Judaica that are being held by the Vatican. The president asked for the Vaticanís cooperation on this issue which is sensitive to Israel.
The major importance of this request is that the Vatican holds the Temple Menorah of pure gold which, together with other holy vessels from the Temple, was stolen by the Romans and taken to Rome in 70 A.D. The Roman emperor built a triumphal arch in Rome portraying the Menorah and other vessels from the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Menorah and vessels were put in the basement of the Vatican and some priests have confirmed they are there.
President Katzavís request was in the name of all the Jewish people as well as the State of Israel and has given the request official status. Previously Israeli Minister of Religion, Shimon Shitreet requested the Vatican to return the holy golden Menorah and the other vessels it holds. He presented the Vatican with the results of historical research which showed that after the destruction of the Second Temple the Menorah and vessels were taken to Rome together with the Israeli captives and then to the Vatican. The research was also based on the ornamentation on the Titus triumphal arch in Rome which confirms it in a very clear manner. This request was ignored and even raised opposition and disapproval in the Vatican.


Two Olive Trees and a Candlestick

The heavenly messenger told the Prophet Zechariah to open his eyes and look. Zechariah replied that he saw a candlestick of gold with seven lamps and two olive trees by the candlestick. But Zechariah didnít understand what it meant. He was told the candlestick represented Godís Spirit (Zech. 4:6), but he was still stumped as to what the two olive trees were. He was told, ďThese are the two anointed ones that stand by the LORD of the whole earthĒ (V. 14).

Are these representative of Judah and Ephraim? More and more understanding is coming to us concerning the TWO houses of Israel. To learn more about this and other relating Bible truths, fill out and return to us the outreach form on the right. (Read article, Two Olive Trees and a Candlestick.)