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Midrash Bible Study

A Midrash is an open discussion, with a facilitator or leader, that stimulates intensive study of both the Tanakh (Old Testament) and Brit Chadasha (ReNEWed Covenant or New Testament) for the purpose of seeking truth.

Midrash Guidelines

The guidelines of the Midrash are as follows:

  • A topic is set forth by the Midrash leader/facilitator for group discussion.

  • Each person in the group is free to discuss that topic from his/her own:

  • point of view

  • level of learning

  • understanding

  • The discussion is held in a “safe” environment that does not permit intimidation, ridicule, or rejection of any person.

  • The individual is respected.

  • The focus of the Midrash is to explore truth. A participant may say, “This is the truth I am walking in today; but, if you can show me a greater truth than I am walking in today, I will gladly exchange my weaker truth for a stronger truth.”

You are invited to join the BLI Family Outreach and start your own Midrash Bible Study. Bible Light will offer help sources and leadership meetings.

To start your own Midrash Bible Study and get your Midrash Starter Kit, click here to fill out an online form that will be sent directly to Bible Light's headquarters.