John StembridgeAn Open Letter to the President:

Two Forces Converging on the Middle East

Shalom Mr. President,

To fully understand what is happening in the Middle East one must understand that there are invisible forces behind the visible forces that our government and other governments are confronting today. The two forces converging on the Middle East are called Zionism and Fanatic Islam.

Zionism is reflected by the recent regathering to Zion of over one million Jews from the former Soviet Union and tens of thousands from Ethiopia. These have joined the more than four million already living in the land who previously returned from the ashes of Auschwitz and from the oppressive regimes of neighboring Islamic nations.

On the other hand, the other force opposing Zionism is Fanatic Islam. This force does not want any Israel or Jewish people in the Middle East. Add to this hatred, weapons of mass destruction and you have the ingredients of the worldís next holocaust.

But I encourage you to be very courageous, Mr. President, for you will see a bigger fall of the wall of Fanatic Islam than that of the Berlin Wall or that of the former atheistic military dictatorship ruling the Kremlin.

Fanatic Islam is operating under the same delusion as that of Hitler, Haman, Pharaoh, Goliath and the Philistines. Because there are only five million Jews in Zion and only thirteen million in the world, the leaders of Fanatic Islam are under the strong delusion that because of their overwhelming superior numbers they can take out Israel.

What these haters cannot see, Mr. President, is the STRONG RIGHT ARM OF THE ALMIGHTY that has always arisen to deliver His people again and again. That arm is there today and it is about to appear once more over the Middle East in a sovereign way. Once God begins to bring the Jewish people back to Himself and to the home that He has given them as an inheritance forever, Mr. President, no man will pluck them out again.

There is no Palestinian issue, Mr. President. It is only an illusion created by Fanatic Islam. Jordan was set up as a homeland for the Palestinians. But Jordan banished them, as did Lebanon.

If Fanatic Islam really cared about the Palestinians they would have given them education, housing, sewers, and other sanitary living conditions.

If 650,000 and now five million Israelis with Godís help can turn a desert into a garden, donít you think that a billion and a quarter Moslems of the world could take care of one million Palestinian Arabs, especially with all their oil wealth?

Unfortunately that wealth is only enjoyed by the ruthless ruling dictators of these regimes of selfishness and darkness.

Iím been told that the word love is not even in the Koran. But Kafir (infidel) and Najis (unclean) are. Under the laws of Islam all non-Moslems and specifically Jews and Christians are both Kafir and Najis. Is it any wonder, Mr. President, that Mohammed Atta and his 9/11 cohorts could kill themselves along with thousands and think they would go to heaven and receive 72 virgins?

The Scriptures predicted that the day will come when those who kill you will think that they are doing Godís will. That was the same belief of all these homocide/suicide bombers here on 9/11 and in Israel the past two years.

Mr. President, I encourage you to be very courageous in your pursuit of justice with peace in the Middle East and world. Even without France and Germany. Unfortunately these nations still have not dealt with their hatred of the Jewish people. However this too will pass.

Just remember, Mr. President, that all the haters throughout history such as Hitler, Haman, Pharaoh, Goliath and the Philistines fell into the graves that they were digging for the people of Israel.

The leaders of Fanatic Islam will fall into the same grave with all the haters of history.

The end of this conflict of the TWO CONVERGING FORCES IN THE MIDDLE EAST, Mr. President, will be that all the tribes of Israel will be regathered from America, and all the nations of their scattering, to their God and to the land (Zion) that He has given them as an inheritance forever.

Also the two houses of Judah and Israel will once more be reunited. At that time God will give us His holy King who will rule the earth in Justice and Peace. There is no power that can prevent this, including France, Germany or Fanatic Islam.

When that happens all of the Middle East will once more be turned into the Garden of Eden. At that time Israel will dwell safely, prosper, and be the light to the nations that God originally intended.

All that America and Britain can do, Mr. President, to facilitate this regathering of all the tribes and the reuniting of the two houses of Judah and Israel will bring great blessing upon our people and the worldís.

May God give you wisdom, courage and strength to always lead our nation and the world in accomplishing Godís will for His People, the Jews. -

John Stembridge is a Member the Presidential Business Commission, a former mayor of North Miami, Fl. And Director of Outreach with Bible Light Intíl. His book, The Shíma, is available through Bible Light for $15.00, plus $2.00 shipping.