Volume 10, Number 2
May 2003

Cover Explanation

The gate entrance to the bridge leading to a small island and spanning a portion of the beautiful lake on the property that has served as Bible Light headquarters the past 17 years. The previous owners built the lovely home that Elmer Josephson (founder of Bible Light) began purchasing for Bible Light in 1986. Now the property is being sold for development, and the 2-˝ acre lake is reduced to make room for exceptionally lovely lots for homeowners.

This is a personal “up-heaval” for me as BLI’s present director. But though the material world around is in change, the foundation of our Bible roots remain. Our spiritual house is built on the Rock. I am especially happy for this change because it means the work of Bible Light will not only continue, but will expand.

As one gate comes down, another one goes up! It accompanies the fence to the BLI sponsored almond orchard (see Almond Orchard Grows at Ma'ale Michmas).


Sarah Sarel, secretary of the community of Ma’ale Michmas, at the gate of the almond orchard at Ma’ale Michmas.


In This Issue

Up-Heavals by Chris Josephson

Two Forces Converging on the Middle East by John Stembridge

Survivor's God by Zev Kedem

The Eschatological Significance of Israel by Claude Duvernoy

Almond Orchard Grows at Ma'ale Michmas