Letter from the Editor

August 2003

Shalom Bible Believer,

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem….” (Psalm 122:6). And because you ARE a Bible believer, you haven’t given up on that wonderful, meaningful word, “shalom”. When faith is grounded in the Word of God, we know His shalom will finally and everlastingly prevail. In fact one of His compound names is “God of Peace” – to Whom Gideon built an altar after he and his 300-man army defeated the enemy (Judges 6:24). When you know Him, there is a deep-settled shalom in your soul. [body + spirit = soul. (Genesis 2:7) Are you taking good care of both? He tells how!]

The summer is closing out and as mentioned in our last mailing, there have been big upheavals – in the world and with us personally. The Christiansens had a crisis in their family, which kept them in Omaha from May until now. Though alone here, I was able to do a lot of sorting and tossing for the move which, God-willing, will be accomplished before September is gone.

ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Though time is short, we are planning a Midrash Session (Bible sharing time), October 17-19, 2003  in Mason City, Iowa. See reverse side of this letter for more details.

Some have asked, “Is Bible Light continuing?” The answer is a big “YES”. This limited ministry called by that name is continuing and of course the UN-limited Light of the Bible cannot ever be snuffed out by the darkness trying to do so (John 1:5). Not only do we expect BLI to continue, but also because of more helpers, it will grow.

In Mason City, Iowa, I am being joined by Ruth and Jay Newman who have graciously given over rooms to Bible Light in their large home, so hopefully soon I can go back to Israel for extended stays. There is not only a “sound in the mulberry trees” (II Samuel 5:24) announcing a victorious, great and new work of the Lord, but there is coming a great symphony of music in heaven and earth, as the mountains and trees break forth into singing, for the Lord has “redeemed Jacob and glorified himself in Israel, comforted his people and had mercy upon his afflicted” (Isaiah 44:23; 49:23 and 55:12). The God of Israel has not changed His mind and that’s still His Name.

May His Word taught by His ever-present Spirit bless and guide each of your days.

                                                            In His Love,

                                                            Chris Josephson