Can Two Walk Together?

The Judah/Joseph Connection
“Famine” in the Land.
Who can help it?

“A new heart will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you” (Ezekiel 36:26).

For four years we’ve been setting forth studies concerning the lost tribes of Israel. In the ordering sheet for publications, offered by Bible Light, are books by Jewish authors in Jerusalem who have done research on the subject.

The starting point for this study is, that obviously some thirteen million Jews in the world do not make up all of the “House” of Israel. Again and again the Abrahamic Covenant promises, multitudes will come from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and nations will be full of their children.’

Does this replace Judah (Jews)? Absolutely NOT! On the contrary an unbiased look at Scripture shows that, rather than “replacement theology”, there is coming a re-joining of two houses – kingdoms – into one family again. So?:

Who & Where are the Others & What are they to do?

Don’t kid yourself: NO ONE knows all the answers to these probing questions. But the fact we don’t have all knowledge should not keep us from seeking more knowledge. AND the only place to find knowledge of Truth is in the Book of Truth. It is still a best seller, but sadly, not frequently studied by most people. The tendency is to be mentally lazy and let someone else tell us what it says!

Ever since it’s beginning in the latter 50’s by Elmer Josephson, it has been the endeavor of Bible Light publications to encourage personal studies of God’s Word. We should all be “more noble” as the congregation of the synagogue at Berea who “searched the Scriptures daily whither those things be so” (Acts 17:11).

(Click her to order a free copy of his book, Key Tips to Reading Your Bible.)

We are responsible for our own choices. This requires our own personal study of the Scriptures to ascertain whether what we are hearing is really truth. Our ears and eyes are bombarded daily with those who would influence us otherwise. On the contrary those who are truly Truth-teachers will never try to stop anyone from searching the Scriptures. Rather, they will encourage you to do so. By this, you can many times discern a false teacher. God’s true servants do not seek to control you – or your pocketbook.

The High Priest’s breastplate with jewels depicting the 12 tribes on the model in The Temple Institute, Jerusalem.

Back to Judah & Joseph

Since the number of Jews (Judah) do not fulfill the teaming multitude promises of the Abrahamic Covenant (See Genesis 15:5; 17:4-6, 15 & 16; 22:17-18; 24:60; 26:3 & 4; 28:3-4, 14; 32:12; 35:9-11 and many more). Where are the ten northern tribes of Israel, made up chiefly with sons of Joseph? These so numerous as the stars of the sky and sands of the sea they cannot be counted? Since they were scattered throughout the world, intermarried and assimilated to the point you can’t tell them from anyone else, why then is there such increasingly intense effort to find them? What difference does it make?

To the Bible believer the answer to those questions lie in the obvious facts of the Scriptures, beginning with the promises of the everlasting Abrahamic Covenant to the Gospel of the Kingdom proclaimed by the Rabbi from Nazareth. He said, “Other sheep I have who not of this fold; them also I must bring [notice he did not say “in place of this fold”] and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd” (John 10:16). The “this fold” he was speaking to at the time was Judah: so who and where were the ‘other sheep not of that fold’?

Sh’ma – Hear!

He said they would know his voice. How? How would they know it was the true shepherd calling them? Yahshua also answered that question by saying, “No one can come to me except the Father who has sent me draw him” (John 6:44). In other words, the “voice” calling must agree with that which God had already spoken, and ring true with “the Spirit of Truth”. It is God’s Spirit that “draws” – woos, gently pulls; a still, small voice that witnesses, “This is truth”. Have you experienced that?

Note carefully: He also said that his sheep know his voice and will not follow the stranger (John 10:4,5). And how do we ascertain who are “strangers”? the false ones? They have dominated Christianity from an early beginning, and taught us lies, the chief one in essence being, “Follow me instead of the Bible.”

Whoa! It’s past time we halt going down that path and return to the roots of our faith. When once we return to those roots – and quit calling the Hebrew Scriptures “Old” and quit listening to the Replacement Theologians – we then recognize we have a brother who needs us to help him hold on to the inheritance promised by the God of Israel. His word of promise came through the fathers – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and was reinforced by the prophets. Not only does Judah need us, but we drastically need him. Instead of replacement theology, it is reestablishing a family.

To a small extent we’ve answered the questions of “who?” and “where?” – that is, Bible believers in every nation – but NOW WHAT? How do we apply it to ourselves and what we do?

Reaching the minds and hearts of many Christians are truths in this book that give the Scriptural understanding that Jews are God’s people and should not be the object of efforts to convert them to Christianity. (To order, click here.)

Step One

Quit vexing our brother Judah! Stop trying to “Christianize” him. Accept him! Realize that Judah has preserved the Hebrew Scriptures intact these thousands of years, and for the most part they have not been lost by assimilation but are still a people today. “Judah is my lawgiver” (Psalm 60:7 and again in Psalm 108:8). Rejoice that Judah is the FIRST to return to the Land. It has been Jews who began and who maintain the nation known as “Israel” in our day. (Note: After the southern kingdom, known as Judah, was carried captive into Babylon, and returned, they were cured of idol worship. From then on they were called “Jews”, short for “Judah”.)

Perfectly? No! – Who is perfect? No one but the Holy One of Israel Himself. But His mercy is extended to us human beings and as our friend and brother, Zev Kedem, often says, “God uses imperfect people to do His perfect work.”

You may feel that you are not worthy, and don’t know what one person who believes can do about it. Well, it is for sure that if we all continue in such a rut, nothing will be done.

Back to step one, which is: Genuinely love our brother Judah. Without this love-in-action attitude we can accomplish NOTHING. Sad to say, many who claim to be “Ephraimites” are still vexing Judah – and each other! Still trying to pour Jews into denominational molds, or into one’s own personal beliefs – to the extent of cutting off even other “Ephraimites” who don’t do or talk as they.

Lord, Help Us!

When are we going to start following THE Shepherd who set the example and proclaimed love in action as the way of LIFE and the way to fulfill all God’s commandments? (Actually the Scriptural word for “commandments” is mitzvot, which means doing good.)

Through the years, Elmer Josephson (my late husband) and I have met many known as Christians who had an inkling that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in Israel. As a result they wanted to go there and live. But the sticking point has been, they were not equipped nor qualified, because they had not passed this first step, and test, of the love commandment.

So what happened? Most of the time they went to the Land with the idea of putting their own ‘spin’ on Israel, got into trouble with Judah and ran back home yelling, “Persecution! I’ve been suffering for Christ’s sake!” – when in fact they brought it all upon themselves. It’s time we respond to this with a big “Ugh!” and kick this vexing of Judah into destruction where it belongs.

One way we are seeking to overcome such attitude is by encouraging “Midrashim”.

What’s THAT?

“Midrash” is a Hebrew word for a sharing Bible study. (Midrashim is the plural noun.) Whatever topic is discussed, all are free to speak on that topic from their point of view, their level of learning or understanding, without fear of intimidation or rejection. We usually sit around tables with our Bibles open, reading and discussing the Scriptures with each other, without any ranker or ridicule – but rather, in the bonds of love.

When Vicky and Ed Stark spent time at Bible Light headquarters last winter, she did some very good work on this, and many wrote for the Midrash Starter Kit. After the Starks returned to Florida, and the move of Bible Light’s office to northern Iowa was in the works, of necessity this project was put on a back burner. However, if you are interested, do contact us. We will be glad to help if we can. We are having Midrashim regularly here. If you can join us, you will be welcomed.