Trees Bring Life to Dead Soil

March ’97 began the almond orchard at Ma’ale Michmas. The Montgomery family at Dexter, MO, who gave a generous amount in memory of their loved one was the beginning of the orchard. Many since then have made it happen.

In ancient times, these mountains and hills of Israel were covered with trees. Now in this particular village, Bible Light friends are bringing life to desolate soil with planting of trees. It hasn’t been easy: the young saplings have to struggle for life and wild animals found them delicious meals. Then a beloved servant of the Lord whom I’ve never met in person gave the necessary funds to build a high fence around the orchard.

That’s not all: Bible Light friends responded to the need of updating life-saving equipment to Michmas’s ambulance. And because of the intafada, there was need for 2-way radios for the security of the settlement. You, Bible Light friends, responded and the efficiency of the system was demonstrated to me when I visited there (see Vol 8 No. 3).

Now, a new street has been named after Ilan Ramon, Israel’s astronaut whose life was snuffed out in the Columbia disaster. Bible Light has accomplished lining 300 meters thus far with shade trees. More: Sarah Serel, who is in charge of the tree planting, informs me that Bible Light is the only one planting trees. The pictures she sent show these young trees. The leaves you see are trees planted last Spring. Those that look like sticks were planted last Fall and have yet to sprout leaves. With your help, we will continue to bring this life in place of death to Ma’ale Michmas’ soil.


If you would like to remember or honor a loved one by supporting the Bible Light Almond Orchard at Ma'ale Michmas, click here.