Why Does the Land of Milk and Honey Flow with Blood and Tears?

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The key to the Mideast impasse is found in a simple passage in Isaiah 59:14 & 15, “Justice has been withdrawn and righteousness stands at a distance; because truth has stumbled in the street, and integrity cannot enter. Truth became lacking and refraining from evil seemed foolish.” (Stones) Another translation says, “The arbitrator is forced backward and justice stands afar off because truth is fallen in the street and equity is not able to enter.” The right decision cannot be made. Truth has been wrecked at the intersection, therefore all traffic is blocked. This text is directly related to the present Mideast situation – as we see in the context, especially Chapters 60-62; 65-66.

What causes smash-ups? Often traffic smash-ups are caused by an obstruction of view. Fog or a sudden downpour and one vehicle slams on brakes and the one behind smashes into him. This is often repeated many more times before the last crunching crash and traffic grinds to a halt. All lives involved along with their schedules are drastically changed.

Ma’ale Michmas is the place where first fruits were brought to the Temple in Biblical times. (Misha, Menahot 8:1) Now this small city, which is springing up from desolate land, has a new section with a Boulevard named Ilan Ramon, after Israel’s first astronaut who died in the space ship disaster last year. The Bible Light Almond orchard is prospering in another area of the settlement. NOW, Bible Light has undertaken to provide trees and irrigation piping for this street shown above. You can readily see the need for trees in both views. You can better see this new development at http://www.noamrachel.org/streets/ Plant a tree in memory, or in honor of someone ($15.00) and receive a certificate suitable for framing. Write us at P.O. Box 1814, Mason City, IA. 50402. All funds go directly as designated.

In the Mideast, there has been a bad wreck, clashing of ideas and opinions of governments and peoples – and there is no true arbitrator. Justice stands afar off for TRUTH has fallen, been wrecked because it is rejected, so that equity – fairness – cannot enter. Therefore, the normal flow of peace and prosperity is not allowed. Everyday blessings of life, essential to man’s welfare and enjoyment, cannot function normally. Worse yet: lives are destroyed and bodies crippled, leaving victims and loved ones traumatized.

How long will this useless debate and haranguing go on? How many more wrecks and deaths must there be? How much more blood will flow before the nations will allow truth to arise so that the right decisions might be made to the blessing of all nations? What happens to Israel effects the world. We already see international smash-ups, as the result of spurned truth. Remember the promise? – “I will bless those that bless thee” (Genesis 12:3).

What Works?

What “truth” has fallen in the street? What is the truth about the Middle East? How can the blinders come off and vision be improved?

Go back “and ask for the old paths where is the good way, and walk therein, and you shall find rest for your souls” (Jeremiah 6:16). We need a reconstruction of the accident to find its cause and cure to stop this devastating destruction.

If the divine decrees are shrugged off by the nations as merely “a religious view”, then there will be dastardly results because of trampling the Truth into the ground. The Word of the Lord God Eternal offers the right answers and correct solutions to all involved. We cannot push Him in a corner labeled “religion”.

Concerning the Middle East, God’s Word speaks clearly regarding the two peoples – the Jews and the Arabs – and regarding the land. Tremendous promises are made to both. When truth is allowed, freedom is the result: “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32). But how do we recognize and know the Bible is truth?

There are many evidences of the Bible’s truth, but there is overwhelming evidence in fulfilled Bible prophecy. This is the only history book among the world’s pagan philosophies and mythologies that begins with the unity of man, the origin of nations and ends with final world redemption. Only in this authentic record do we have the origin of the two peoples of the Middle East – Israel and the Arabs beginning with Ishmael and Isaac of Abraham. The Eternal speaks clearly of His plans and purposes for both. And which encompasses the whole world! Why then ­suicide-bomb His peace plan?

What will it take for the world to be ready to let truth ‘arise’? Who will present the facts in this case, as to (1) the origin of relationship, the past and its experiences; (2) the cause of the muddle of things in the present, and (3) the plans and purposes of God for the future regarding the Mideast and the world?

The fact that most of our ‘heads of state’ among nations prefer to project their own concepts on international problems and consider the Almighty’s plans and purposes as mere ‘religious ideas’ is evidence of man’s depravity. But truth cannot be defeated. When political leaders and nations do not let ‘fallen truth arise from the street’ then the Almighty will bring His deliverance from some other source, for He said, “I am watching over my word [truth] to perform it” (Jeremiah 1:12) unto world redemption!

The land flowing with blood and tears at the present time is sure to flow again with milk and honey for God is not a man that He can lie. And He has promised! Are you ready to pitch your life and assets with Him?  -