Volume 11, Number 2
Spring 2004

In This Issue

Cover Explanation: This painting has been in BLI headquarters for some years. It depicts a descendant of Judah, carrying the Scroll of Torah through centuries of persecution fires. “Ephraim compassed me about with lies . . . but Judah yet rules with God and is faithful . . . .” (Hosea 11:29).


Ecumenical Declaration (of Vatican II) was still in BLI’s archives along with some of Josephson’s comments About the Ecumenical Schema at that time. I (Chris) remember that Elmer was very touched, in a positive way, by this historical document.


Jews and Christians After Passion by Yossi Klein Halevy, a personal friend and well-known writer in Jerusalem.


The Greatest of Commandments: Depicts What the Word of God and Jesus’ life was all about!


Seeing Anti-Semitism in 3D by Natan Sharansky, who spent 9 long years in a Russian prison. (We Josephsons were in Jerusalem when he came “home” and experienced this exciting highlight in Israeli news.)


Don’t Judge the Book by the Movie by Chris Josephson.


Finally, the Editorial: Why Does the Land of Milk and Honey Flow with Blood and Tears?


Letter from the Editor


Please keep in touch with us concerning:
Two-day conference beginning Friday night, October 22 and continuing through the 23rd. Plans are evolving to bring together a panel of Jews and Christians, presenting their thoughts on Christian/Jewish relationships with time for questions and answers for all participants. At a hotel in this area, we plan to have the Sabbath meal together which will be included in the minimal registration fee. We expect to secure lowered rates on rooms and after Friday night all will be on their own for meals.


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