Letter from the Editor

Summer, 2004

Shalom, Bible Believers,

For many years, Deuteronomy 32:3 has been a key verse for Bible Light publications. “I will publish the Name of the LORD; ascribe ye greatness unto our God”. The Name of the Lord is the theme of the enclosed Bible Light on the News, though of course, the subject cannot be covered in such a short space. However, the most important fact is that it is impossible to come to know Him and continue leading an ordinary, mundane and selfish lifestyle. He is a God of personal relationships.

Not only so, but that relationship with Him also brings us into a big and wonderful family of His “children” who like to keep in touch with each other. Not because we agree or even like each other at times, but because we have been given unconditional love. You express that love when you correspond with us, and we say a big THANKS. We hope you will plan to be with us for the October conference (see enclosed flyer). It has every promise of being a great time of sharing.

A little up-date news:

·        I have been in Ottawa, Kansas – back in Bible Light’s house most of the summer. Last September when I moved to northern Iowa, I thought the property here would soon sell and be taken care of, but there has been one delay after another ¾-by the city and others involved. Some of these could have been avoided as we can see now with 20/20 hindsight. It was looking neglected and resembled “a widow’s house being devoured.” I returned with the intention of “batching” in it until it sells. We still have PO Box 370, Ottawa, Ks 66067; and the new phone number is: 785-242-4150.

·        In the meantime, Ruth Newman is carrying on well in Mason City, taking care of mail and keeping me informed. We are getting used to working together with the hopes that it will free me to spend more time in Israel. The sale of Bible Light’s property in Ottawa has a bearing on those plans as well.

·        Of course, I will be returning to Mason City for the conference. Meanwhile, I am getting along very well with the batching process. Though the big house is almost totally bare of furnishings, yet I have peace in knowing that I am doing the right thing. This house was dedicated to the Lord and the righteous man, Elmer Josephson, certainly had a sanctifying effect! An old chorus runs through my head: “He [the Lord] makes the path grow brighter, every passing day. He makes the burdens lighter, all along the way. His Word is my delight; His will I will obey. And all the time I’m singing, GLORY.”

·        A big plus for Bible Light Publications and me here is the Distin family who are better than children to me! Terry and I worked many hours together on this mailing ¾ to say nothing of the work he did to help set up a temporary office here and get my laptop on the Internet. My new e-mail address is CJ@Bible-Light.com.

Thanks again for your love and prayers. May His Word, delivered on the wings of His Spirit, be your daily strength and guide.

Always in His Love,