One Way to “Restore”

Christian organizations and churches are adopting Jewish communities in Israel to help with the restoration process. Christian Friends of Israeli Communities, directed in Israel by Sondra Oster Baras, is leading in this project. The US address is PO Box 50833, Colorado Springs, CO 80949-0833.

Early in ’97, Chris Josephson began connecting Bible Light with Ma’ale Michmas in the Ephraim Mountains, Northeast of Jerusalem. Since then, we have established an Almond Orchard, provided radios for their security needs, helped update their Ambulance equipment, and new first aid kits and now we are lining a new street there with trees.

Ma’ale Michmas in the Ephraim Mountains Northeast of Jerusalem is a prime example of restoration. The aerial view above shows the brave community rising from the desolation of centuries past. You can help with this community.

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