Volume 11, Number 4
Fall 2004

In This Issue

Cover Picture Explanation:  Most of the summer I was ‘batching’ (living alone) and making-do in BLI’s house in Ottawa, Kansas, until it would sell. This was after working nine blessed months in N. Iowa as, what the State of Iowa called, “a foreign corporation.” I’ve now returned to Ottawa, Kansas, where Bible Light has been based for 18 years.

During the batching time, I resorted to my laptop computer to keep working. The laptop’s screen saver is programmed to say “Restoration”. The word twists and turns on the screen – sometimes even upside down and then swings wildly to a side view until you cannot read the word.

Sometimes the turning is rapid, sometimes slow and deliberate. It even changes colors – red, silver, orange, purple, green, and all in between – flashing brightly, then dimming, glowing then fading. It swings violently into close view, then to the right and to the left as though it is trying to reach the far corners of the screen, receding but never out of sight.

And always after these vague and extreme manipulations, it comes into full view and spells out clearly: “RESTORATION”.

We are living in days of change. The prophets foretell of this twisting, turning, upheaval, reaching out, sometimes almost disappearing, then coming into full view – but always ‘in the works’ and with the final result – Restoration.

Information Highway

The Book of Daniel’s prophecy, of running to and fro and the increase of knowledge, is in clear view in our generation. The Internet is called “the information highway.” But the Information Highway that goes far beyond all others is the one usually not employed by the search engines – the Word of the Lord. When mankind ignores God’s plan for himself, he gets off the real highway and bogs down in the trails to no where.

In this issue we hope to bring some Bible light on the news of this restoration process. Like my screen saver, it has many facets, seems to come and go, reaches out to the far ends of the earth, at times seems to disappear, then comes into full view, but, His restoration has begun and nothing can stop it.

Again, this is a subject far beyond the scope of these pages, but my hope is that the Lord may use something here to stimulate your study of the Word of God – one on One with Him.


Restoration Reverberations by Chris Josephson

One Way to "Restore"

Letter from the Editor