About the Bible

(Editor: The following are excerpts from a book manuscript by this author. He is a popular lecturer in universities throughout the US, yet Iíve known him to speak with equal interest to a small one-room country school. He writes with brilliant intelligence from his personal Holocaust learning experiences.)

The Bible is the best known and loved and least read book in human history. It is the most successful publishing venture in the history of mankind.  The book has been continuously in print for thousands of years. It has been translated into hundreds of languages, shaped the culture of half the world population and formed the ethical democratic foundation of free Western Civilization.

The Bible raises universal consciousness and defines the only God-oriented ethical basis for universal justice and sanctity of life. From the first chapter of Genesis it is meticulously structured and developed, like a classical symphony whose central theme is the sanctity of life. The only hope to counter the inevitable future devastation is the God-inspired rational counter-culture of increasingly conscious man. To find answers and the one God, we must overcome the instilled and deeply encrypted fear of offending God as we diligently search for wisdom.

What are the secret codes of the Bible that transcends three thousand years and remain remarkably clear and fully relevant in modern times? It presents a simple single finite ethical foundation that is much needed in times of immoral confusion, fast changing world events and erosion of moral values, as technology and weapons of mass destruction threaten the survival of mankind.

The splendid order of Godís names demonstrates that three thousand years ago a higher intelligence and consciousness and ethical literary creativity existed that remains unsurpassed or improved to the present day. The first chapter of Genesis establishes the first foundation upon which the whole Hebrew Bible rests Ė more comprehensive than the brilliant but incomplete Darwinian theory.

Ultimately, as technology develops and selfish individual control of power resources continues to increase, a catastrophe that likely will destroy mankind is unavoidable. Only the love and fear of the one God of the Bible offers hope for mankind to become conscious of the sanctify of life and survive. -