Divine Objective

(Ed.: Lyle is a friend of many years who has risen above his handicap to become the director of Handicaps for Christ and to publish The Challenger. You may write him at 1616 Grand Ave., Canon City, Co 81212-4533)

What do you think of when you see or hear the word, “Israel”? Do you think only of the history of the Jewish people in reference to the “Old” Testament? Then your knowledge is incomplete.

Do you think only of the fact that somehow the Jewish people figure significantly in Biblical prophecy? Then you lack complete understanding.

Do you think only of the present state of Israel and the miracles involving the modern Jewish nation in her covenant Land? Then your acquaintance with Israel is insufficient.

The point is, you must have all three of these perspectives in mind when considering the Jewish people. It is essential that we put emphasis upon the history of Israel as a people called of God for His divine objective as revealed in both Testaments. Israel’s present and future status according to Biblical prophecy also must be considered. Not many subjects are as fascinating as this for those of us who are serious students of the Word of God. What will become of the Jews as a nation greatly affects what will become of the rest of the international community.

Being handicapped, it is possible for me to spend most of my life studying the Bible, and reading other related materials for the purpose of developing an intimate relationship with Him. This enables me to know and share His objective for the present and future of the world in which we live – and where we are going.

In these days of confusion and uncertainty, just to know that our loving God has a plan for Israel – and for you and me – is tremendously moving. -

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