Biblical Tamar Park

I Kings 9:17-18 (King Solomon) built Tamar in the wilderness in the land.”

In Gwen Hamlin’s memory, Date Palms will be planted at Biblical Tamar Park in Israel’s Arava desert south of the Dead Sea. I am in Israel the first three months of this year, spending much of the time at this unique spot in the desert where centuries of history are being exposed in archeological digs.

A museum is planned which will house eight rooms, one for each period, and 25,000 artifacts. There will also be a lecture hall, a welcome center/gift shop and a restaurant. To help on the museum project, contact Dr. DeWayne Coxon of Blossoming Rose Tel. 616-696-3435. To see a floor plan and other images from Tamar, visit the website

Yigal Israel, Former District Archaeologist of the Southern Negev, states: “Tamar is the most important historic Jewish archaeology site in the Arava. Its history dates to at least the time of Solomon and was considered a Jewish city for 1,000 years.”

Shuka Dorfman, Director of the Israel Antiquities Authority, remarks: “There is a national need to establish Tamar at the hub of the Arava, a part of the mosaic to take its place with the Israel/Jordan University at Ein Hatzeva and a place for people of the nations to learn together.” [Editor's emphasis]

I’d like to show you the area of Tamar. The Dead Sea is shrinking and disappearing! So if you want to see it, you’d better make plans now. To get regular  reports  from  Israel  while  I’m  there,  send  your  e-mail  address  to  me  at

About the Date Palm trees: We need 175 to line the entrance to Biblical Tamar Park. A neighboring Moshav (shared farming community) will supply the date palms. They will even bring their backhoe and plant the 5 foot date palm trees, giving an excellent start to bearing fruit. The cost of all this for one tree is $40. The full amount designated for date palms goes directly to this project in Tamar. Bible Light does not take anything out for our expenses, and you will receive a donor’s receipt. A beautiful certificate suitable for framing will be mailed to you or the one you designate. A complete list of contributors and honorees is kept in the Bible Light office as well as in Tamar.

Finally, will you who have enjoyed reading the JPM say “thanks” to Gwen by planting a tree in her memory? Or if you wish to plant one for anyone or yourself, please fill out the coupon and mail it to us (or simply write to us).

What a wonderful way to honor someone and at the same time bless Israel in helping fulfill the promise: “The desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose” (Isaiah 35:10). -


What a beautiful and challenging project lies before us. Will you have a part? Complete this form and mail it to us: Bible Light Int’l., PO Box 370, Ottawa, KS 66067 or submit your order online by clicking HERE.