Volume 13, Number 1
Winter 2006

In This Issue

This Bible Light on the News is in memorial to Gwen Hamlin who departed this life October 10, 2005. For many years she was my best friend and a Bible Light Board member whose wisdom and advice is sorely missed.

Gwen was editor of the Jerusalem Prayer Mandate (JPM) newssheet which has been included in our mailings for 20 plus years.

After Gwen’s ‘promotion to glory’, I found a manuscript of hers entitled “God is the Light of the World” in our files. Now seems to be the timing to print it.

“About the Bible” contains excerpts from Zev Kedem’s book in progress “Cracking a Triple Code”.

“Israel and the US - A God-ordained Alliance?” by Stan Goodenough is a must-read.

“Mountains of Genuine Love”

“Divine Objective” by Lyle Long.

“Katrina Controversy” – editor.

“Biblical Tamar Park” – editor.


Letter from the Editor

Jerusalem Prayer Mandate