What About Ma’aleh Michmash?

(Some of our Bible Light friends wonder what will happen to our adopted community and our projects there. The following is reassuring.)

Kadima politician Otniel Schneller told The Jerusalem Post that on his last day of consciousness, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon studied a new map showing potential borders that would allow for both a Palestinian state and for as many settlers as possible to remain in Judea and Samaria. Schneller, a religious settler from Ma’aleh Michmash turned centrist politician, said he was commissioned by Sharon to create a plan for Israel’s future borders. “I believe we will keep most of the settlements and most of the settlers while allowing space for the Palestinians to build a state when they are ready to stop engaging in terror,” Schneller stated.

As a veteran resident of Ma’aleh Michmash the issue of the territories is very personal to him.  When he came there with his family 25 years ago, there was nothing there. “There was no road, no water and no electricity.  I pray more than three times a day that we will stay there,” said Schneller.

Editor: I am currently working on a book about Ma’ale Michmas. Watch for the announcement of its printing.