Visit Israel

With Dr. DeWayne Coxon

And Chris Josephson

Celebrating Israel’s 60th Year

November 24 – December 4, 2008


$2850 JFK

Whether this is your first trip to the Land of Promise or your 150th, your Bible will never be the same. It will come alive more than ever with the new revelations coming forth from there almost every day – in archeology and in theology!

Flying toward the sunrise, you will arrive at Ben Gurion Airport November 25th and be met with other very qualified tour sponsors, including two long-time friends of Chris’: Irene Levy and Ruth Moore.

Dr. DeWayne Coxon, founder of Blossoming Rose and curator of Biblical Tamar Park will lend his expertise and vast store of knowledge from his experiences leading 150 tours to Israel in the past 40 years. Chris, who first visited Israel in 1964, and has an aggregate of 10 years living in Israel, will also be sharing.

After visiting the City of the Great King – Jerusalem –  Samaria, the Galilee and the important Biblical sights there, you will visit Biblical Tamar Park where Bible Light has been helping with projects – planting palm trees and helping start the library and learning center.

You will be reluctant to leave the Land of the Bible and your experiences there will live forever with you and you will not tire of sharing them with others!

Write us for more information and an itinerary and color brochure.

PO Box 370 Ottawa, Ks. 66067, or call Chris at 785-242-4150.

Gray line shows the approximate route for the trip.