Letter from the Editor

October 2006


Dear Lovers of “It is Written”,


“They that wait upon the LORD . . . shall mount up with wings as eagles….”  (Isaiah 40:31).

Do you feel you have been spending most of your time “waiting”? I’ve been intrigued this week with the parable Jesus told about the vineyard and the workers in it (Matthew 20:1-16). The “wait” factor figures heavily.

Studying this parable to understand it better, I wondered what the ‘last being first and the first being last’ had to do with it. The last verse of chapter 19 expresses that “first/last” thought and the first verse of chapter 20 begins “For”, signaling a connection; also the last verse of this passage (verse 16) repeats it, and adds, “for many shall be called and few chosen.”

Full understanding of this parable hasn’t come, but one thing is clear: Most of the workers were “waiting” on the street and not working.

Are you on that waiting list? You’ve made yourself available for the Lord’s “hire”, you have heard the shofer’s blast and got the “call” but you haven’t been “chosen” to go anywhere? Are you still standing out in the street wondering which way to go? Your life seems stymied, out of proportion and unproductive compared to what it could be in the Lord’s “vineyard”?

Canceling Stress:

The first thing to remember (if your waiting is really “on the Lord”) is that the waiting time is not wasted time, and it may be all this waiting time is for NOW! If you’ve been chomping on the bits and the reins have been holding you back, you may feel stressed out to the point it seems God has walked out on you. Be encouraged because the waiting is bringing strength to fly ‘as an eagle!’

Another thing to remember is: God doesn’t live in the past or in the future. He lives in the NOW. He is the now-present Lord, but the problem is learning to enjoy the “now” moment. We worry about the past – wish we’d done this or that and we’re still holding grudges. We fantasize the future and dream great things for ourselves – or worry that calamities will overtake us and our family.

But when we get quiet and listen, He gives confidence for future guidance and during what seems like wait to us, He is preparing the way. Also He will teach us from the past, but not let us go there and call them “the good (or bad) old days”!!

Before man ever thought of inventing computers, we all had one. Just as we are what we eat, so we are what we think.  Like a computer, our brains get bogged down, stressed out and burned out.  Where and what are these stress bogs?

Regarding the Past: Can you help what happened? If you have done someone wrong can you make restitution? You can do what is right and fair, but don’t go overboard because you think that person expects it of you. Double repay perhaps, but not tenfold! Then bury it all.

If you can’t help something in the past, it is futile to think about it. Don’t go there! Close the door of your mind to it. It only stresses you to keep up that guilt. “If we confess [admit] our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (I John 1:9).

Future Stresses: This future thing, that’s got you so worried, is it something you can do anything about now? If the answer is ‘no”, drop it also and don’t go there. Again Jesus said, “Take therefore no [anxious] thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof” (Matt. 6:34). Don’t you have enough problems to work on today without borrowing tomorrow’s you can do nothing about?

These are some of the things keeping us from enjoying the NOW – where the LORD always lives. At night when thoughts drive away sleep, I try remembering the wonderful blessings of the day and think, “This is the moment I have with the Lord – enjoy it.” The next thing I know, it’s morning!

Has this wait matter been the story of your life?  Most Bible students and scholars believe we are living near the close of a day and nearing a new sunrise. The work-day in the vineyard may be drawing to a close – but you don’t need to stand in the street idle till the sun sets.

These are days of restoration and you can come into the vineyard now in the latter part of the day by being a part in preparing a Learning Center and Library in Israel to help her send a light to the nations. Please read carefully the enclosed booklet which explains this project. If you don’t want to cut up the booklet by using its coupon, use the one below.

At the end of the day, you will be paid the same as workers who started the day!

                                                            In His Love,


                                                            Chris Josephson

 To support the Library and Learning Center project at Biblical Tamar Park, Israel, mail your donation to Bible Light Int’l, PO Box 370, Ottawa, KS 66067. Please include the name of the person you wish to honor or memorialize (optional) with your payment.  Or you can donate online with your PayPal account at our website: click here.