From the Mountains of Ephraim comes another dispatch relevant to Christians


For the past six months (and longer) there have been numerous predictions of war. Just as Yeshua predicted, that are not only wars, but also plenty of “rumors of wars”.  With the advent of the Internet we have surely fulfilled the quota of this prophecy.  This generation of Believers appears to be afflicted with a syndrome that may be termed DDD (Deceptive Disinformation Dissemination).

Because there is such an interest in end-times and particularly in Israel’s involvement in it, some Believers have become so obsessed with what they think or perceive to be a part of this scenario, that they end up with what I call “end-time paranoia”.

Having some kind of reputation, does not make one ministry or another an authority on the prophetic. Many a time such “prophecies” are backed up by the claim that the “resulting intercession” changed the prophetic destiny.  We must learn how to cast down every thought and imagination that exalt themselves against the knowledge of the sovereignty of the Most High Elohim.

I believe that we are in the days of restoration, even though the times may be very turbulent. We therefore need to fix our eyes on the one who is faithfully fulfilling His words that He spoke to our forefathers and the prophets of old.  Yes, there is a need for intercessors, but of the kind that are led by the Spirit, understand and are established in “present truth”, desiring to cooperate with YHVH and not configure imaginary end time scenarios.