Light The Way

When God said, “Let there be light”, that began creation, as we know it.  The distinction was made between light and darkness when He “saw the light that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.”

Light gives revelation – knowledge of that which wasn’t seen or understood before. When God's Word shines light on a subject we haven’t understood before, it cannot be extinguished. We are blessed when we walk in it.

Why should one ever desire the dark? Usually to cover up something, but “If I say, Surely the darkness shall cover me, even the night shall be light about me” (Psalm 39:11).

Job asked a searching question, “Where is the way where light dwells?” (38:19). Isaiah said, “…let us walk in the light of the Lord” (2:5). There is a light in every person on the face of the earth (John 1:9). What will bring it out and cause it to shine?  Caring love is the secret to a successful shine of our personal light. Without God’s Love Laws, we are on the road of self-destruction.

Scripture brims with types, shadows, symbolism, signs. In chapter 4, the Prophet Zechariah has a vision of a golden candlestick and two olive trees. From Psalm 19:10 we learn that gold is symbolic of God’s Word. Trees represent people; in this case the two houses of Israel. And oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit anointing. The light that results from the combination is “on top” (v. 2) – dispelling darkness.

People know us by what we say – not only with our mouth, but also in our attitude and body language. We are constantly in communication. What are we saying? Does it bless or curse? Do our words and life style dispense light or darkness?

“More light from heaven in 2007” was our motto for last year. Knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and purposes in the world are increasing at a very rapid pace. Through the Redeemer, some out of all nations have been drawn into the light of the God of Israel – but because we are ignorant of, or have forsaken, our Hebrew roots, we don’t know how to live our lives. Basic to living a blessing-filled life is the knowledge of who we are!

The following contain excerpts from the book, Judah You're Not Alone; I Am Joseph Your Brother, a Scriptural exposition on the two kingdoms of Israel: Judah and the Northern Tribes (made up primarily with the sons of Joseph & often called “Ephraim”). The two divisions are also referred to as the two houses, or two families of Israel.

Ever since the time of Abraham, God’s plan of worldwide redemption and restoration has been unfolding. God cut a contract with Abraham that is not only a foundational covenant but is the framework for every covenant since that time, and all are within the Everlasting Abrahamic Covenant. All were made with Abraham and his seed. Understanding the Abrahamic Covenant upsets the apple cart of replacement theology.

There is a mystery that reverses the curse of darkness and heals the divide of the Two Houses of Israel. It is beginning to unravel. Many are coming to see characteristics of Ephraim – the northern kingdom of Israel – among Christians. The Book of Hosea is very enlightening on this subject. Ephraim was scattered, intermarried and assimilated with the nations of the world. Is this a fulfillment of Jacob's dying blessing on Ephraim, i.e., that Ephraim would “fill up the nations”? (Gen. 48:19)

In the meantime and in our day while Ephraim is stumbling around in his return to God and His Love-Laws-for-Living, WHERE IS JUDAH? He is the first to return to the Land of Promise. Judah, for over 2,500 years, has been without a homeland, without a government, without a flag and without recognition among the nations of the world, yet the Jews have preserved the Hebrew Scriptures meticulously. Here are only a few of the many prophecies, which point to Judah (the “Jews”) leading the way back.

“The remnant that is escaped of the House of Judah shall again take root downward, and bear fruit upward” (Isaiah 37:31).

[The Lord] “says to Jerusalem, ‘You shall be inhabited:’ and to the cities of Judah, ‘You shall be built and I will raise up the decayed places thereof ’.” (Isaiah 44:26)

“For God will save Zion, and will build the cities of Judah: that they may dwell there, and have it in possession” (Psalm 69:35).

And Psalm 78:67 & 68 are very interesting: “Moreover he refused the tabernacle of Joseph, and chose not the tribe of Ephraim: But chose the tribe of Judah, the mount Zion, which he loved.”

It is amazing that Arab countries feel threatened by 5 million Jews and are not secure unless they have Israel’s land.

Micah 4:8 calls Judah, “O tower of the flock, the strong hold of the daughter of Zion, unto you shall it come, [What’s he talking about? Read on:] even the first dominion; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem.”

In contrast to Ephraim (the northern kingdom) God did not “divorce” Judah. That same magnificent Prophet Hosea makes this clear in chapter 1:7, “But I will have mercy on the House of Judah and will save them by the LORD their God.”

And in 4:15, “Though thou, Israel, play the harlot, yet let not Judah offend….” These show a contrast between the Two Houses and confirm that He never “put away” Judah. Though they have suffered defamation, most Jews have kept the faith, and have not forgotten who they are.

Other prophets bear witness to the fact that Judah returns first:

Joel 3:1, “…in those days and in that time when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem….” It doesn't mention the rest of the tribes in this passage. It seems to be for our time that He is speaking mainly of Jerusalem and all nations coming down to the valley of judgment, the purpose of which is,

V. 19, “For the violence against the children of Judah because they have shed innocent blood in their land.

V. 20, “But Judah shall dwell for ever and Jerusalem from generation to generation.”

Micah 5:2 makes it clear the Messiah comes from Judah. The Prophet Zechariah deals mainly with Judah and Jerusalem:, “…the LORD of hosts has visited his flock the House of Judah ….” (10:3b).  Read on through the chapter, especially to see both houses coming together.

The blood bath of the Nazi Holocaust was upon Judah. The State of Israel was founded and established by Judah. The Land has been reclaimed by Judah. After Judah’s triumph in the Six-Day War (June 1967), many were heard to say, “I’m sorry I'm not a Jew.”

By now, if you are a Christian and maybe a good church member, you may feel like screaming at me, “What about us?” Jesus said when talking to Judah (the only Israelites of that day), “OTHER sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd” (John 10:16). The ‘Ephraim seed’ among us responds to the voice of the Shepherd of Israel – who returns us to the House of Israel and is bringing about the fulfillment of all the promises to Abraham and to all his seed. The “branches cut off” spoken of in Romans 11 cannot be talking about Judah who kept identity, but Ephraim, who lost identity and became lost sheep among the nations. Now those “natural branches” (dare we say “natural genes”?) are being grafted in again through the Redeemer of Israel, and "bringing their sheaves [others from the nations] with them.”

Some tough questions “Ephraim” needs to ask himself:

• Why is our brother Judah having such a rough time in the Land?

• Is it because Joseph is not in his place?

• Is it coincidence that Joseph’s tomb is at Shechem (in Ephraim) and has been desecrated and vandalized? Significantly, Shechem was the first place to which Abraham came in the land. Aliyah began with Abraham. Is the LORD getting the attention of Joseph’s sons? After Joseph was born, Jacob returned to the Land. The return today involves Joseph! And remember: it was the news, “Joseph is alive” that inspired Jacob to join him in Egypt. The Abrahamic Covenant guarantees Joseph(’s seed) is still alive, but we cannot join with Judah until we learn to believe in him that he can teach and enlighten us.

Can this uniting be in our day? If so, how? An important and initial step toward the Kingdom of God on earth is when Judah recognizes Ephraim and Ephraim recognizes Judah – and the envy and vexation cease! (Isaiah 11:13)

Is this happening now? Can the two really walk together? If so – how? Where is the meeting ground? Answer: The Word of the Lord, beginning with the Everlasting Abrahamic Covenant and: “A new heart will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you” (Ezekiel 36:26). His word, enlightened by his spirit, reveals the way to go.

The good news light began in Genesis 12. The more we study the Everlasting Abrahamic Covenant, the more convincing it is that it is the Cradle of Redemption. And the Everlasting Abrahamic Covenant is not only the cradle of redemption, but also the common denominator, the schoolroom where the 12 tribes sit in unity (Psalm 133) – and more: also the strangers who chose to join with them. There is need in both camps to lay aside the “teaching of commandments and precepts of men” that replaces, and makes ineffectual, God’s Word. (Isaiah 29:13; Matt. 15:3-9)

This union is the coming bright light – a complete and solid “lighthouse” on the rock. The great daybreak of light will come as the glory of the Lord covers the world as the waters cover the sea.

That Jesus and the apostles understood this truth is set forth in the book. The light is so bright we wonder how we could have missed it so long. But as Solomon said, “There is a time…” Bible Light Publications is offering the book for a suggested $10 donation, or any amount you can afford. PO Box 370, Ottawa, Ks 66067.  -