Building Negev’s Gate in 2008

Biblical Tamar Park has been designated “Gateway to the Negev”. Also it is said to be “The Jewel of the Arava”. The Negev is the desert above sea level and the Arava is below sea level. Biblical Tamar Park is located at the beginning of the Negev in the Arava Desert just south of the Dead Sea.

Tamar is destined to be again “The City of Palms” as it was called in the Bible. Palm trees purchased by Bible Light friends will line the drive from the highway up to the entrance of Biblical Tamar Park, and a grove of date palms on each side of the gateway. Before they can be planted, however, there needs to be excavation for a sewer line to pass under the driveway. And a general moving of soil and buildings in the park will have to take place as plans develop for the main museum building. The museum will not only hold the many archeological finds of Tamar, but display them according to their ages.  The library and learning center is also to be in the museum complex.

What greater part can one have in lighting up the desert than to help in this project? Tamar will be not only a place to study and “midrash” with others, but visitors from the nations will be going back to their homelands carrying a Light of Learning shinning brightly. You are invited to come on tour with us and visit Biblical Tamar Park. You can join us, in many ways, to “Help Build Negev’s Gate in Two Thousand and Eight.”