Letter from the Editor


February 2008

Dear Bible Light Friends,

Isaiah 14:32, “What then shall one answer the messengers of the nation? That the LORD hath founded Zion, and in her shall the afflicted of His people take refuge.”

Our publication is only one voice among a growing number who are trying to tell the world that the LORD has founded Zion for the purpose of refuge for his people, and more:  to bless this storm-tossed world with the strength that comes with “quietness and confidence” (Isaiah 30:15).

This volume of the Bible Light on the News reflects 15 years of its publication.  – We couldn’t do it without you! And I’d have a very difficult time doing it, also, without Terry Distin, par-excellent volunteer worker. Ten years ago my nephew, Gary Reavis, put us on website. Bringing up www.Bible-Light.com and clicking the second from the left candle of the menorah on the homepage, brings up early publications. The first one was February 1998. The editorial written then could mostly fit today’s events. Though darkness has increased, so has the Light of Truth.  We cry with the Psalmist, “Send out thy light and truth, and let them lead.” The adage, “When all else fails, go to the manual,” is true about most world leaders.

Can the Jews trust Christian Zionists? History’s bulging records of persecution of the Jews by “Christians” makes many Jewish people allergic to the coming together of the “Church” and “Israel”. (The quotes around Christians and Church are for a reason. The names have been defamed.) The recent surge under the title, “Christians United for Israel,” have differing elements in it for Jews: the imminence of the “last days” and the belief that Jews will convert to be Christians – Vs. – the unconditional support of Israel based on the Hebrew Bible and the understanding that Judaism is the cradle of Christianity. The dichotomy is: if Jews are God’s people today, why should they accept Christianity at the end of days? It is my personal opinion that when the Messiah sets up God’s Kingdom on earth, we will not be able to say to each other, “I told you so.” The never-wrong person is usually seldom right.

Would you like to tour Israel with me? Eleven days for $2850 November 24 to December 4, 2008. Besides seeing Bible places you have longed to see, you will see Biblical Tamar Park and understand better what we’ve been saying about it – and maybe even help plant some Palm trees!

Call or write me for a brochure with more information. Let’s work on “Opening Negev’s Gate in Two-Thousand and Eight.”


                                                Blessing on You and Yours,


                                                       Chris Josephson

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