Volume 15, Number 1
February 2008

Cover Comments: Secure on its own foundation, a lighthouse exudes comfort and security as it lights the way for ships in darkness.  The ship of Zion is being battered with political storms, but she is not sinking. Secured by promises of the Almighty, Zion will not only survive but come increasingly out of darkness into bright day – to bless the whole world.

In This Issue

Light The Way


The Gambit - Darkest of nights was the Nazi Holocaust that tried to cancel Abraham’s seed: the Jews.  Zev Kedem, in the impressionable years of 5 to 11, survived to tell his story of narrow escapes with death, time after time, in the Ghetto and through 6 death camps. Out of this incomparable darkness, the light of Zev Kedem’s life shines increasingly bright as he writes and speaks – not only of that awful fight to survive, but amazing insights into Biblical and human relationships that his experiences has given him. His speaking and writings are not only highly intelligent, but are expressed in an amazingly cheerful manner, holding one fast to his every word.


Peace Noose


Good News from Israel


Building Negev's Gate in 2008


Letter from the Editor