Some Bible Light on the News

“Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thy habitations, spare not; lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes” (Isaiah 54:2)

From the context we know the first application of this verse is to Israel, but as individuals, we all need to enlarge our understanding of God’s Word that gives plan and purpose for us personally and for all peoples.

Many Christians have said to me, “I just don’t feel comfortable converting Jews to Christianity, but I don’t know why.” Many Christians do not know the Bible reasons for not converting them. I wanted to print an edition of Bible Light on the News with these Biblical evidences, but that subject has now enlarged to such an extent it will need to be a book!

The booklet, Why Jews Reject Jesus, printed several years ago, gives the best possible start to understanding this matter. It was written by my late husband, Elmer Josephson, who incorporated it in his book, Israel, God’s Key to World Redemption. This book has been widely distributed. One distributor and good friend, Sam Peak of Biblical Faith Ministries, wrote: “An original thinker and a tireless student of the Word, Elmer Josephson was a leading warrior (perhaps the foremost warrior in the 20th century) in opposition to the traditional Replacement Theology of the Church. (Replacement Theology consists of the strange idea that the Christian Church has in some spiritual way replaced the Jews, the ancient covenant people of Israel.) Arguing from the Scriptures, Elmer Josephson literally blows this odd and dangerous doctrine out-of-the-water. We encourage you to get a copy of this book and replace replacement theology with an exciting study of what the Bible literally says. 487 pages of KEY information.” 

If you do not have this book, we will send it to you, for a $10 donation to Bible Light.

Israel’s 60th anniversary flag unfurls and flows fully extended on my porch. Like a tallit (Jewish prayer shawl) it nearly covers the front entrance. After 2500 years of being state-less, without a flag and without a capital, the never-heard-of-before happened. Do we realize the importance of these 60 years since Israel became a State? What will another 60 years bring? Another 60 years equals 120 – a familiar number in the minds of Bible students.

At the beginning of this 60 years a tiny land portion was delegated by the U.N. to the Jewish people for a homeland. Surrounding nations moved rapidly in hatred to extinguish the tiny nation. Instead, they found themselves losing territory. And not only so, but many Christian ministers lost theological ground. As a friend of ours in Jerusalem remarked, “They lost more theological ground than the Arabs did real estate.”

But the 4,000-year-old people who had preserved the Torah (means teaching – good deeds – the really good life) given at Sinai, stubbornly insist on loving their neighbors and returning land to a people who never owned it but hated Jews for doing so. That love for peace with her neighbors has driven the already tiny nation of Israel into a shrunken land space that cannot resettle the Jews driven from Gaza, to say nothing about the immigrants coming to Israel under the Law of Return. Israel’s concessions are a one-way street that hasn’t brought peace, yet our State Department continues to pressure Israel to do more. What will bring peace? In the pages of Bible Light Publications we’ve often cited the Bible prophecies that clearly indicate some great act of God that will witness to His indescribable love for His people and show that He keeps His promises. By way of review read in Ezekiel 32 what happens to those who cause “terror in the land of life.”

Death Culture Rides Again: We are hearing so much in the news about Iran’s threat to annihilate Israel, recently putting on a big show of ballistic missiles, and defying the world over sanctions against her nuclear ambitions. Isaiah has a word concerning both tirades and actions against Israel: “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD” (Isaiah 54:17). History bears record of God’s promise to His covenant people, “I will curse him that curseth thee” (Gen. 12:3). It is the path of self-destruction.

Did you notice in that verse from Isaiah, there is no requisition for perfection in God’s people? Rather, it says their ‘righteousness is of Him.’ In other words, He keeps His Everlasting Abrahamic Covenant promises – unchangeable and unconditional – and “his mercies endure forever” (at least 48 times in the Bible). Now at the time of their return, the numerous restoration Scriptures enlighten understanding remarkably!

Will Ephraim please stand up and be counted? We want our own USA to stand with Israel. It was encouraging to learn that President Bush in a message to the Knesset recently, mentioned (twice, I believe) that God had made promises to them. These have been, and will be, confirmed by current events. In the meantime, Israel continues to bless the nations, exemplifying “Love thy Neighbor”.

Encouraging News Items

`A recent survey found a marked increase in the interest of learning Torah (God’s Love-Laws-for-Living) among secular Jews who associate Judaism in a negative way but have a great thirst for the Word of the LORD itself. (I see a parallel of this in Christians seeking to understand our Hebrew roots, and becoming disenchanted with organized controlling organizations.)

`Israel’s economy is exploding with the shekel appreciating nearly 30% against the dollar since the first of 2007, yet they took strategic steps to strengthen the dollar!  Israel’s business culture encourages individual imagination; other countries are coming to learn the latest innovations.

`The “Jordan Option” is revisited. That is: Jordan is the true home to the “Palestinians.” In 1922 Britain partitioned Palestine into two separate parts, establishing an Arab emirate east of the Jordan River and leaving Western “Palestine” as the Jewish national home. This emirate, extending over ¾ of the area called Palestine, was renamed, “The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan” in 1950. Is not this better than terror and bloodshed, with Israel trading live terrorists for the dead bodies of her sons who were kidnapped by Israel’s terrorist neighbors?

`Meanwhile valiant Jews from North America and Britain are making aliyah (immigration) to Israel encouraged by the organization, Nefesh B’Nefesh, bringing 13 flights of olim (immigrants) this summer.

`It has also been 60 years since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and now another may have turned up.  A three foot tall tablet, called “Gabriel’s Revelation”, with 87 lines of Hebrew believed to date from just before the birth of Jesus, is causing a big stir in Biblical archaeological circles – especially because it may speak of a Messiah who will rise from the dead after three days. Some of the text is faded leaving much of what it says open to debate.

`Israel has launched an all out effort to reclaim the Arava and Negev desert wilderness in the southland. Incidentally, can we Americans learn this “make do with what you have” lesson to help our economy today? We’re still a long way from the make-do days of the great depression.

Tour Israel with me?

Regarding developing the desert region in Israel, we have been asking our Bible Light friends to give toward planting palm trees and a library/learning center at Biblical Tamar Park, south of the Dead Sea. This is a very strategic area as the Red-Dead Canal Project moves forward with the accompanying highway and railroad reaching to the Port of Eilat.

At this writing I plan to return to Jerusalem and Biblical Tamar Park in February 2009 with Dr. DeWayne Coxon of Blossoming Rose. (Click here for the itinerary.) I think this is the best one yet. If you come with us you will see, not only the usual places “where Jesus walked” but also what is happening there today. You will have a special opportunity to visit Tamar and surroundings to see first hand the beginning restoration of this blossoming desert area. No other generation has had this marvelous opportunity to be a part of fulfilling restoration prophecies found in the Book of Books. Read what happens when the desert blossoms “as the rose.” (Isaiah 35)

Bible Light’s particular interest there is the planting of Date Palms to line the driveway from the highway and with a grove on each side of the entrance way. Financing this project is practically finished, so we have begun steps toward the building of the Library/Learning Center where visitors from the nations can learn and use God’s Key to Peace and Prosperity.

For too long our vision has been far too small. God’s love plan and purpose is world inclusive. What is happening in Israel is World Center Stage for that plan and purpose. He is calling: “Hear, O Earth, the Word of the Lord.” It is so simple and clear mankind can’t stand it, and therefore keep trying to complicate it.

To catch up with tomorrow’s news headlines, read the BOOK. It will also greatly strengthen your faith and life.


                                                             In the LORD’S Love,


                                                              Chris Josephson