Biblical Tamar Park

Over 4,000 years after it was first settled, the biblical city of Tamar lay in ruins when the modern State of Israel was born. The ancient original foundations had been rebuilt by King Solomon who laid new walls and set the city gates 1,000 years later.  The gates remain even to this day, but it is evident from the Genesis account that the city dated even farther back than King Solomon – to the days of Abraham and Ishmael and to the travels of the children of Israel under Moses. We know that Moses camped at Oboth (Tamar), drinking the waters from the abundant oasis springs that mark the present location where these many biblical events occurred.

Present Day Tamar – Now after several years of excavation, artifacts are still being discovered that will date the city, by proof of pottery, to the time of Solomon and are being placed with other artifacts from Tamar in storage at the Jerusalem museum until there is a place built for them at Biblical Tamar Park.

The Israel Antiquities Authority told us (and it has been confirmed by the government) that we are the only Christian organization that has ever been given the responsibility to develop a state park in Israel. This was made possible for two reasons. First, we had been working the Park for many years and it was clear that our motives and intentions were pure and that “evangelism” was not a part of our mission. Second, a majority on our Israel Board are Israeli citizens.

Presently it is a retreat center for people who want to work in various jobs to help with maintenance and security, to water plants and trees, to study and pray or even just to rest. Overnight accommodations are available for up to fifty people with a kitchen and dining hall to feed them. Spiritually minded people who are compassionate and tolerant to the belief systems of others are especially encouraged to come and participate in the Biblical Tamar Project.

All of our energies are being used to develop these 53 acres of hallowed and historic ground and I would invite you to join me in this restoration of Biblical Tamar. We need financial support and volunteers to help.  Join Chris Josephson and/or other tour hosts and come on tour of Israel, which will include time at Tamar.

Besides a home for the 25,000 (plus) artifacts, the museum complex will house  a welcome center, library and lecture hall that are all essential to educational goals we have set with the government of Israel. Your help is greatly needed. We have a policy not to go into debt, and no gift is too small. -