Letter from the Editor


December 2008

Shalom, dear friends,

“The Lord gave the word: great the company of those that published” (Psalm 68:11).

This is a letter to that “great company” who helps with the publishing of Good News we endeavor to do in Bible Light. What constitutes “great”?  In my understanding, a great person is one who loves the LORD and his neighbor as himself. In other words one who does not live the self-perpetuating life-style of greedy gain and covetousness.  We could not continue the work we’ve been given to do if there weren’t hearts like yours. We don’t appeal for funds for Bible Light, but we do give opportunity to help in projects that bless Israel - the land from where the best seller BOOK originated. A big thank you to those who respond, especially now when we are in a decisive moment of helping build the library/learning center at Biblical Tamar Park.

About a dozen of BLI friends are coming on the February tour - there is still just time for  you to join us. Please call or e-mail me -- chris@bible-light.com -- or Dr DeWayne Coxon -- dcoxon@blossomingrose.org --  You can also assess our website -  www.Bible-Light.com    for more information. Get your $300 deposit in right away to reserve your space. More details are on Dr. Coxon’s  website www.BlossomingRose.org under “tours”. This is a tour of a lifetime and most reasonable in price. Have you always wanted to go? NOW is your chance.

Please notice on the publication sheet on the back of this letter, that we are offering two more books. Controversy of Zion by Claude Duvernoy has been available for some time through the publisher, David A Lewis Ministries. And the just published book by Ivan Roger, Judas Iscariot: Revisited and Restored; Discovering Grace in an Unlikely Place, is refreshing and provocative reading. As with our other books, these are available through Bible Light for a suggested donation.

Most of all - and to top your morning - don’t forget that special personal time in reading the Book of Books which is still the best for it gives strength for the day and makes joy bells ring in your heart as you go.

         In the Love of the LORD,    

                                                       Chris Josephson

To support the Library and Learning Center project at Biblical Tamar Park, Israel, mail your donation to Bible Light Int’l, PO Box 370, Ottawa, KS 66067. Please include the name of the person you wish to honor or memorialize (optional) with your payment.  Or you can donate online with your PayPal account at our website: click here.