Volume 15, Number 3
December 2008


In This Issue

Cover Picture Explanation: Elmer Josephson (founder of Bible Light) with Dr. David Flusser (who was head of the Department of the History of Religion at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem) and his wife, Hannah in the garden of the Flussers’ home in Jerusalem. This picture, taken in 1970, is an early example of an ‘evangelical Christian’ and a Jewish scholar coming together as friends sharing Bible knowledge. Josephson was an ordained American Baptist minister who “crossed over the isle” to become a pioneer in this relationship. Read further in this issue about the library/learning center that will be established at Biblical Tamar Park (as friends help us in this endeavor) in memory of these two men.

LOVE – An excellent excerpt from Dr. Flusser’s book  gives a key to the coming together of people of all persuasions around the eternal word of the LORD.

Why Jews Rejects Jesus is from the well-known article and chapter in Josephson’s  best seller, “Israel, God’s Key to World Redemtion”.

GOOD NEWS from Israel – You’ve already heard the negative news by the world’s propaganda machines and now read some positive news – it’s a lot more interesting.

Ephraim Express – The editor invites you on-board.

Biblical Tamar Park – by Dr. DeWayne Coxon, Israeli appointed curator of Biblical Tamar Park.

Biblical Tamar Park is a 53-acre area in the Arava Desert, not far south of the Dead Sea. It is unique in terms of archeology, “Abraham’s Tree”, water availability and in many other ways. Most unique for Christians is the opportunity of helping develop this area.

No other Christian organization has been given the responsibility to develop a state park in Israel. Blossoming Rose, the ministry DeWayne Coxon began many years ago, conducts several tours there each year. Chris Josephson is co-hosting one of these tours next February. Dr. Coxon’s record of not being afraid to get his hands dirty has earned him the respect of Israeli government officials.

There is a great surge of interest concerning Israel among evangelical Christians. Biblical Tamar Park is an amazing opportunity for those who profess love of Israel and her people to be doers and not just hearers and prayers only.

Bible Light seeks to make possible a library/learning center at Biblical Tamar Park – a place to come together and learn with respect for each other. The love so often expressed in the Bible is the engine for moving this express forward. This torch would kindle a light to the nations of the world, as visitors from all countries come and go - Isaiah 42:6 & 49:6.

Plans are not for an amusement or recreational park, but an educational center bringing together the history attested by the archaeological finds and the Bible knowledge of scholars and Bible students such as Josephson and Flusser. There is an urgent need for a museum building to house the many artifacts – and the library and learning center that could honor the memory of these two men.

“In those days, the House of Judah shall walk with the House of Israel and they shall  come together….” (Jer 3:18).

Letter from the Editor