The Supreme Light of the Word of God

Abraham Isaac Kook (1865–1935), the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Israel, was a renowned Torah scholar and one of the most celebrated and influential rabbis of the 20th century. He is known as “HaRav” (the Rabbi).

Rabbi Kook says, the vital potentiality that is enclosed in Israel encompasses within it the ability to achieve sanctity, purity of attitude, psychological purification, and an eager readiness to receive the torrent of Divine inspiration. Even though eternal circumstances caused a blockage of the mental faculties and diminishing of deeds the nature of body and soul has not entirely changed.

There was a mixing-in by which a portion of the Israelites became assimilated amongst the peoples and swallowed up by them. This mixing of the blood by being taken in amongst the Gentiles has been affected. Consequently they have progressively been becoming more and more suited to receive the appearances of Divine Light, of clear revelation and mental lucidity.

The phenomenon stands ready to increasingly make its appearance in the world through the light of Israel that is progressing towards revival and ascension. An inner push caused by a renewed [Israelite] spiritual approach would cause all people’s to move forward. This is a consequence resulting from the hidden ability of those who in ancient times assimilated.

[Their descendants] will be yearning and striving to declare the name of Israel on their inheritance. This will be a goal they will feel a need to achieve. The spiritual urge to communicate with the Divine will progressively enlighten the national spirit and increasingly come to dominate it. Eventually they will be able to reach complete enlightenment through the supreme light of the Word of God. This will out-shine in its glorious perfected appearance all the darkness of the world.






The book (left) is NOT missionary to Judah, nor “replacement theology”. Rather, the Scriptures reveal it is a JOINING “theology”. The scattering was great because it was seeding for the harvest that will be glorious. This ties in with the mystery spoken of in the N.T. Have you ever wondered if tribes of Israel were lost, how the LORD’s everlasting promises to them could be fulfilled?

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