Good News from Israel

Israel is actively blessing others around the world with emergency help despite its own problems. Within 48 hours of the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, Israel was there with 747 jets bringing medical and emergency rescue personnel and equipment. Experienced in casualty recovery, the teams knew what to do. Within 8 hours, a field hospital able to handle 500 patients a day was set up, the only one in Haiti for the next 5 days. The Israeli hospital had imaging, scanning machines, operating theaters, ventilators and monitoring equipment.

Communication lines were destroyed by the earthquake. A satellite-based communications system was set up by Israel’s Defense Forces. The system enabled doctors to conduct surgery using video conferencing with surgeons at Israeli hospitals. Journalists from around the world used the system to file stories. Israel still maintains a noble presence in the strapped Caribbean nation. Within a month after the earthquake, Israelis had organized a tent school with 40 teachers and 800 students. Newborns in Port-au-Prince have been given Hebrew names in tribute.

Darkness which can be felt

(Thanks to George Ekeroth of Inside Israel Newsletter, this item arrived just in time)

Tomas Sheleg, founder and CEO of Luna Road, a solar lighting company, has always been interested in reaching out to needy populations. Sheleg was in the planning stages of bringing light to schools in Rwanda, when he heard Haiti was in need of immediate help. Living conditions there are still bad and in one tent camp, about half the size of a football field, there were 6000 people living in squalid conditions with no electricity, meaning pitch-black nights and high crime. A high number of young girls were being raped within the camps.

Sheleg rushed to Haiti with a few solar-powered street lamps and had them installed within 30 minutes. Haitians were extremely grateful for the new lights. The solar street lights are small, easy to install and very cost effective. Sheleg said, “We’re Israelis; we saw a situation and said, how can we fix it?”

Israel is the world’s leader in water recycling. Israel recycles 70% of its wastewater and sewage, and in distant second place is Spain, with a mere 12%.  Israel also has several sewage treatment plants.  After the water is treated, it can be used for agricultural purposes.

The announcement that Israel was allowing the transfer of seven thousand cows into Gaza didn’t make headlines.  Only negative reports demonizing Israel was deemed newsworthy.

The Jewish faith encourages a belief in progress and personal accountability. It is learning-based, not rite-based. Israel has more high-tech start-ups per capita than any other nation on earth, by far.  It ranks second behind the U.S. in the number of companies listed on the NASDAQ.  Israel’s technological success is the fruition of the Zionist dream.  It was founded so Jews would have a safe place to come together and create things for the world. The surrounding nations do not have the tradition of free intellectual exchange and technical creativity.

The Weizmann Institute is established as a worldwide leader and global hub of scientific genius.  For example, Prof. Ehud Shapiro has created the world’s smallest biological computing device to identify changes in the balance of molecules that indicate the presence of certain cancer, to diagnose the type of cancer, and to react by producing a drug molecule to fight the cancer cells.

A week-old Iraqi infant underwent an emergency operation in Israel to correct a congenital heart defect.

An Israeli made device helps restore the use of paralyzed hands.  This device electrically stimulates the hand muscles providing hope to millions of stroke sufferers and victims of spinal injuries.

Hope for Bees, which is hope for humanity as we now know it.  The disease that is killing bees is worldwide.  Can we get along without bees?  Scientists point out that without the cross-pollinations that bees provide field crops and fruit, there would be no harvest.  It is a problem never encountered before. Good news from Israel!  An Israeli company has tested a “revolutionary” new drug in Israel and America that has shown the ability to stop what has been described as Colony Collapse Disorder.  The new drug is called Remembee.  It has been tested on millions of bees that have proved the effectiveness of the new drug.  In addition it has improved the health and longevity of the bees. The report states that the drug is, “Based on Noble prize-winning RNAI technology, Remembee helps the bees overcome IAVP virus, also discovered in Israel, which has been associated with colony collapse.

Called “Blind Aid” a new software tool from Israel allows the blind and virtually impaired to make accurate mental maps, giving them the confidence to venture into unfamiliar environments of their own. Various training programs for the blind enable them to move freely within familiar environment.  However, when some event brings them beyond, it requires another seeing individual to be there.  The new Israel software will give the visually impaired the independence to venture out on their own.  This tool lets the blind touch and hear virtual objects and deepens their sense of space, distance and perspective.  It has been developed under the direction of Dr. Lahv of Tel Aviv University.

Researchers from Haifa University have stumbled upon a rare desert plant living in Israel’s Negev desert, which can irrigate itself.

An innovative bonding agent, developed by an Israeli biomedical company, can be applied to wounds to stop severe bleeding.

In the Hebron area, Jews and Arabs work together to save olive trees.


An Israeli has invented “bone glue” that will reduce the need for bone transplants and heal bone defects caused by cancer.

A demographic study in Israel shows a drop in Arab birth per woman, and a rise in births among Jewish women. Over the past 15 years, the number of Arab births remained at around 39,000, while Jewish births rose from 80,000 to 120,000.

Israeli school system has made teaching peace a cornerstone of its curricula.  By contrast, Palestinian textbooks ignore the Jewish historical and religious significance in the region and present martyrdom in a positive light.

Prime Minister Netanyahu was quoted as saying, “Judea and Samaria will not be Judenrein [rid of Jews].” Among other quotes, Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon, “I do not believe in the solution of 2 states for 2 peoples.” Benny Begin, “No to a Palestinian state; no to a foreign entity in Judea and Samaria.” Finance Minister Steinitz, “A Palestinian state will lead to the end of Israel.” Education Minister Saar, “Any blow to the settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria will be a blow to the security of Tel Aviv and Netanya. Preserving the Land of Israel is our guarantee for security.” Coalition Whip MK Elkin said, “I will fully oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria.”

Naturally occurring oil-munching bacteria, grown at Tel Aviv University lab, can clean hard-to-reach oil pockets that occur when oil mixes with sand and organic matter on beaches and forms a thin layer on precious waterways. Researchers identified a naturally occurring variety of sea-borne bacteria that digests oil. The solution could clean up the residual oil that can’t be removed by mechanical means using nature itself to do the final cleanup.

Bible Contests: The Israeli government announced it would resume the tradition of sponsoring a Bible contest for adults. Netanyahu’s 15-year-old son, Avner, won first place in Israel’s Bible Contest and went on to win third place in the International Bible Contest.

A recent survey shows that almost every Israeli has a complete set of the Bible texts, a Jewish prayer book, or five Books of Moses in their home.  Only five percent of those polled said they had none of these items.

Good News FOR Israel

The Polish government is embarking on an educational initiative to teach secondary school students about the Holocaust and combating anti-Semitism, using materials and expertise from Amsterdam’s Anne Frank House, Krakow’s Polish-German Center, and the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.

An overwhelming majority of our U.S. Senators and Congressman signed letters to President Obama encouraging him to stand strongly behind Israel in face of the challenge to Israel’s international standing because of the Flotilla-Gaza blockade situation. The President was commended for his veto of the unfair United Nations Security Council resolution against Israel and deplored the actions of the United Nations Human Rights Council which again singled out Israel. Both letters called on President Obama to use his veto power in the U.N. Security Council to block one-sided, anti-Israel resolutions.

Ohio and Israel: The Buckeye state is home to some of America’s richest and most fertile farmland, with 73,700 farms and 14.3 million acres of land for agricultural purposes alone. Israel’s total land mass is less than half that of Ohio’s farmland. Only 20% of Israel’s land is naturally fertile and agriculture represents a mere 2.5% of the country’s GDP. Thus, the two states are seemingly on opposite ends of the agricultural spectrum.

However Israel is somewhat of an agricultural marvel. Despite its small size, Israel has developed a multitude of innovative agricultural production methods and is able to produce 95% of its own food requirements. This has not gone unnoticed by Ohio farmers and business people, who have forged a symbolic relationship with their counterparts in Israel, benefiting both agricultural communities. The collaborative effort has enabled Ohio and Israel to tackle common agricultural problems. Ohio farmers are intrigued by Israel’s ability to grow enough crops in the desert to feed 7 million people. The agricultural know-how of Ohio farmers equally impresses Israeli farmers. (Source: Near East Report)

Israel brought water from the Sea of Galilee to the Negev. Bedouins also could water their flocks.