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Tammuz-Av 5758      Editor: Gwen Hamlin        July 1998

JERUSALEM POST: A 34-year old Jewish man has taken the Canadian military to court, contending he was barred from a Gulf War assignment because of his religion. Lt. Andrew Liebmann was offered a job as executive assistant to the Canadian Commander in the Gulf, however Liebmann says that before he could be deployed to the Gulf, the offer was rescinded because the military avoided sending Jews to the Middle East.

The National Geographic Society magazine is now available in Hebrew, and is obtainable in Israel as well as USA. It has about 20,000 subscribers in Israel. A survey found that most of the people were not reading English, which is difficult, but buy the magazine for the pictures. It Hebrew the potential circulation is some 70,000 to 90,000. It is also translated into Spanish and Italian.

BRIDGES FOR PEACE: The winter palaces of the Hasmonean Dynasty and Herod the Great were at the mouth of the Wadi Qelt about 2 miles south of Jericho. Built during the first century BC, for the first time the Hasmoneans were able to harness the water resources of nearby springs. Significant events rook place in these royal residences. According to the historian Josephus, the palace at Jericho was the setting for the final chapter in Herod’s life.

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His body was taken to the Herodium south of Bethlehem. Herod knew he was unpopular, so to assure the nation would mourn his passing, he arrested leading figures from across the country, had them held at the palace in Jerusalem, and gave final instructions to his sister Salome and her husband Alexas, saying he knew the Jews would greet his death with joy, so to make sure of a magnificent funeral, they were to kill all these men. All Judea couldn’t help but weep. (WARS 1:660). Fortunately, Herod’s family did not follow his final wishes.

A recent archaeological excavation in southern Jerusalem has uncovered the remnants of the upper water carrier from 2,000 years ago. It connected Solomon’s Pool and the Mamila Pool. It was an important source of water for Jerusalem and represents another step in understanding how Jerusalem’s water problems were solved in Biblical times.

Overlooking Shechem (Nablus)on Mount Ebal and 3,000 feet above sea-level, archaeologists have discovered the altar of Joshua in a mountainous area which belonged to the Tribe of Manasseh. Ashes, bone fragments and pottery date to the time of Joshua (the bronze age) which lasted 1250-1000 BC. It is in a natural amphitheater where Israelites gathered to hear Joshua declare the Israelites a nation (Deut. 27:4-9 & Joshua 8:30-35).

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Until recently there were no roads up the mountain. Now work on a road to enable vehicles to travel part of the way is being carried out, and has been paid for by Christian donors.

An Israeli company has developed a computer device by which managers can detect when their staff is wasting time on internet games, etc. Several US firms are interested and many have purchased the system. The program is called "Session-Wall 3". It also detects hackers attempting to break into the company computer system. It is available in English and Hebrew. (Kohev Yokneam: fax 972 4 959 0661)

Researchers at Israel’s Hebrew University Agriculture Department in Rehovot, led by Dr. Varda Hershko, have developed edible paper. Patented in Israel, it is made of processed seaweed and based on hydrocolloids. It is tasteless and odorless and kosher issues have been solved. The paper is useful for wrapping fruits and vegetables.

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(Mt. Scopus Campus, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel fax 972 2 581 1264 for more information.

THE JEWISH PRESS: Most of the world ignores that in the Arab-Israeli war (1948) 700,000 Jews were expelled from Arab countries, and over $11 billion of Jewish property and assets were seized by Arab governments. During the Algerian-French war (1950-early 60’s) nearly all of the 130,000 Algerian Jews fled Algeria because of abuses, and all but one of Algeria’s synagogues were seized and turned into Mosques. Similar offenses occurred in Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Syria. The world continues to ignore what has happened to Jews in Arab countries, and what Muslims are responsible for doing to their Jews.

Smoke in Your Eyes: In a survey of eye diseases (published in Survey Ophthalmology) doctors at Tel Aviv University (Israel) report another risk by cigarettes. Macular degeneration, the incurable condition causing full or partial blindness in the middle aged and elderly, is 2.5 times more likely to develop in smokers than non-smokers. Also Dr. Yoram Zolberg and Dr. Mordechai Bosner with Prof. Michael Belkin, of the Goldschlege Eye Research Institute, found that Grave’s disease, which is triggered by thyroid problems, is also linked to smoking.

In an international survey of 12th grade students from Europe, Asia, Africa and America, Israel tied for first place with France, 110 points over the Americans who came in next to last.

On the eve of the seventh day of Passover, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his family met with King Hussein of Jordan in Eilat. The meeting lasted till nightfall and since it was already Yom Tov, the Prime Minister, his wife Sarah and his entourage walked 8 kilometers (almost 6 miles) to avoid desecrating the holiday.

India and Pakistan have been at odds for years. Most Indians are Hindus. Pakistan is a Moslem country. In the past 52 years they have fought 3 wars, one of which resulted in the formation of Bangladesh. Pakistan is the first Islamic country to test atom bombs. Why?

Pakistan wanted USA and other international moneylenders to forgive loans made to Pakistan in the past. Australia offered Pakistan $3 million to refrain from a nuclear test. Pakistan refused. India has a signed pact with Israel, and Pakistan has many Islamic Arab brothers and can provide them with the nuclear tests they have just completed.

An American neo-Nazi from Lincoln, Nebraska, who is serving a 4 year sentence in Germany for smuggling extreme right-wing propaganda into Germany, has lost an appeal for an early release. Gary Llauck was the main source of providing the hate literature to Germany for two decades. German authorities view him as a security risk.

One of the most moving ceremonies held at the Western Wall (Jerusalem) is the mass Priestly Blessing on Sukkot (booths) and Pesach (Passover). Over 20,000 attended the ceremony and for the first time in history, this Pesach the blessing was broadcast live on the Internet to people all over the world. Thousands logged onto the "Virtual Jerusalem" site and were able to participate in the ceremony although they were thousands of miles away.

Voice from Hebron - Gary M. Cooperberg: cooperbg.jpg (6822 bytes)
The father of the Jewish people, Abraham, was indeed a peaceful and scholarly man. But he was also a mighty warrior. When his nephew, Lot, was kidnapped, Abraham took a handful of men and pursued his enemies. He defeated five kings in battle and rescued his nephew.

Moses, our teacher, is described as meek and humble. He was the greatest Torah scholar of all time, yet, when he saw a fellow Jew being beaten by an Egyptian, he personally killed the attacker.

King David, the author of the psalms and sweet singer of Israel, was a gentle and learned leader. Yet it was under his leadership that the Land of Israel was liberated

and united as David defeated our enemies in battle.

Even Mordechai the Jew is thought of as an elderly scholar who kept his head in the books. He certainly was a scholar, but he was also a soldier. He was a brilliant general in Achashverosh’s army who defeated many enemies of the king which is why he was so favored by the king in the first place.

So when we see a modern Jewish Army redeeming our holy land, what we really see is the restoration of the ancient Jew. This is not a new phenomenon, rather a very old one. It is upon this very principle that the hesder yeshivot were established. There is nothing more normal than for a Torah scholar to also take up the sword in defense of his homeland. Not to defend our homeland would be a desecration of our Torah and our G-d.

There is a new Jew in our country today. It is a Jew who has absorbed foreign ideology and worships foreign gods. The Jew, who declares that Arabs have rights as an independent sovereign entity on Jewish soil, has abandoned the path of our fathers. The Jew who declares that Arabs should have equal citizenship rights to our homeland has done the same. The old Jew would never share his independence and sovereignty.

The Jews who pick up the rifle and man the tanks and F-16 fighter planes are not a new phenomenon. Those who have made their homes in the hills of Judea and Samaria are not settlers squatting on land that doesn’t belong to them. They are descendants of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and King David. They are proud Jews who have come home to fulfill the commandments of G-d to live in and develop the Land which He promised to our Fathers as an eternal inheritance.

Hebron is not an Arab city. It is the first Jewish city founded by our father, Abraham. The number of Arabs living there in no way diminishes the validity of our exclusive ownership of this and every city in the Land of Israel.

The strange attempts by "new Jews" to live with those who come to destroy us by calling blackmail "peace," are doomed to failure. The terror and tragedies we face in our homeland will only end when the old Jew remembers who he is and whence he came. When this realization causes him to stand up as a proud Jew and fight for Jewish land and Jewish principles, then and only then with the G-d of Israel fight for him and vanquish all of our enemies.

Editor’s Note

A group of Norwegian Christians have collected $70,000 to purchase and ambulance for the Yesha settlers to have safe transport to Jerusalem. They say they are ashamed that Norway had a part in the Oslo Peace agreement, which has done so much damage to Israel. May many others want to show support for Israel and especially the Yesha area which we also support.



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