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Elul/Tishrei 5758-9         Editor: Gwen Hamlin        Sept. 1998

Simon Wiesenthal Center: has provided a list of known war criminals to the Director of the Central Office for the Prosecution of Nazi War Criminals. Their presence in Germany is confirmed by German officials. There are nearly a million ex-Nazis and their non-German collaborators (or their widows) in 60 countries who receive a handsome pension check each month from the government for their wartime "service"! "Simon Wiesenthal Center (California and Jerusalem ) is trying to get it stopped. The money they would save should be used to compensate the victims who have never received a penny from the German government.

The Jerusalem Post: A section of the city wall that the residents of Tzipori in the Galilee built to defend themselves against Rome in 67 CE, was uncovered last month. It apparently was never used as the people of Tzipori decided not to join the revolt against the Romans and instead opened their gates to them. Later Tzipori became a Christian/Jewish city. It is situated west of Nazareth and was home of the Sanhedrin.

Israel sent a 160 member team to Nairobi and Kenya after the recent bombings, They immediately began searching, using sniffer dogs who wore the ’Star of David’ insignia. Israel was the first on the scene to help and saved many lives. Prime Minister Netanyahu said "Israel has never forgotten Kenya’s gesture of allowing Israel to refuel its planes after the dramatic 1976 rescue at Entebbe, Uganda. (This is when Netanyahu lost his brother.) When Americans finally did arrive at the bombings they called off the search at dark, but Israel put up floodlights and carried on through the night,

Some 70% of Diaspora youth get no Jewish education, according to figures presented to the Knesset Immigration and Absorption Committee. There is discussion of a plan to bring Jewish youth to Israel for a 10-day visit, jointly to be funded by Israel and foreign donors.

About half the immigrants from Russia to Israel in the past 6 months are not halachically Jewish: 30% are children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren of Jews. 20% are spouses of Jews. Immigrants who cannot prove their relationship with a Jewish mother or father will undergo DNA testing.

Oracle, the world’s second largest software company, announced it will donate millions of dollars for educational projects in computerization and the Internet in cooperation with the Israeli government. They will establish computer centers for training Israelis and Palestinians.

A special conference of the United Nations adopted the Rome Convention establishing an International Criminal Court. Unlike the World Court which tries nations, the new ICC will try individuals accused of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The USA and Israel were among the 7 voting against this adoption with 120 for it.

Bridges for Peace: The oldest synagogue yet uncovered, a structure dating back to about 75-50 BC has been excavated near Jericho. The complex is located on the banks of Wadi Kelt and emerges onto the Jericho plain. The synagogue itself was destroyed in an earthquake (31 BC)

A Casino-hotel is under construction in the Jericho area for Arafat and unidentified Arab partners. (150 million dollars) The place where Joshua’s trumpets brought down the walls 3,35O years ago will be filled with the sound of slot machines and gambling chips. Gambling violates the tenets of Islam, and Arafat’s rule has barred the people entrance into the Casino. It should open next summer in time for the millions of tourists expected there to celebrate the new millennium.

Why did Solomon import cedar and almug trees from Lebanon and Syria (II Chron. 2,3,4) when Israel had plenty of trees? There are many references in the Bible to trees, but the Israeli trees were not first quality. The imported trees yielded long timber for beams and planks.. Solomon wanted the best for the House of the Lord. Cedar, Cypress, Oak and Ash (Isaiah 44:14). Few remains of wooden objects have been found in Israel due to the relatively wet climate

The Jewish Press: The project to record the stories of 50,000 Holocaust survivors is nearly completed. It was taken in 31 languages, in 53 countries. The project spawned from the award winning film Schindler’s List. Spielberg’s company "Visual History Foundation" is producing it.

Jewish children were burned alive at the same spot where Polish Catholics are setting up crosses in Auschwitz Death camp, and they refuse to stop. One man was an eye witness to some of the children being killed. He was forced by the Nazis to dismantle barriers. He heard a distant cry of high pitched children’s voices. He saw a truck filled with naked children. Then when the dump truck opened they were dumped alive into the flaming pit. This is the spot where Polish Catholics are placing crosses. It should be holy for Jews and families. [The cross is a frightening emblem to Jews because it was used by the Crusaders and others in their persecution of Jews.]

Palestinian Journalists Association say they will prepare a blacklist of journalists who have contact with Israelis outside of their professional duties. The group voted unanimously to ban all contacts, even academic, between Arab and Jewish journalists.

An Italian archeologist, Emanuel Anati, claims to have discovered the true site of Mt. Sinai. The mountain he says is of the giving of the Torah is Har Karkoum in southern Israel.

Israeli intelligence told Russia’s visiting National Security Advisor, that two of the seven Russian enterprises investigated by Moscow recently are still supplying missile technology to Iran.

Israel Aircraft Industries and the Florida-based Coleman Research Corp. reached an agreement to use Israel’s Shavit rocket launcher technology on the U.S. market, Shavit has launched three Israeli Ofek satellites into orbit and this new vehicle will launch 1,000 lb. payload.

The Middle East Digest: In May of next year, Yasser Arafat intends to declare the establishment of a sovereign state of "Palestine". In July the U.N. General Assembly voted to upgrade the Palestinian status above that of the Vatican and Switzerland.

The Jews of Los Angeles intermarry less than American Jews in general and synagogue membership has risen over the last 20 years. The overwhelming majority remain with the same spouse for a lifetime.

New York will begin slapping penalties on European insurance companies that fail to resolve wartime claims of Holocaust survivors. NY Governor George Pataki has opened an office in Manhattan to help survivors recover assets withheld by Swiss banks, and European insurers.

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The excavated Fortress of Masada at the Dead Sea.

This is only one of the many sights our tour members will be seeing as Bible Light joins in the Jubilee Peace Mission to Europe and The Holyland November 11-29, 1998. You can't find a better price for such a tour as this, as Jews and Christians together visiting places sacred to both.

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