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Tevet/Shevat 5759         Editor: Gwen Hamlin        January 1999


No area deemed to be an archeological site can be developed by builders until archeologists are permitted to excavate the area. Major building projects could be halted because of lack of funds for archeological digs. Israel has 24,000 archeologists’ sites of varying dimensions, adding up to 10% of the country’s area.

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu said he found the ruling by the Jerusalem Labor Court allowing kibbutz stores to remain open on Shabbat "shocking" and vowed to work to preserve the status quo. The decision seemed to proclaim that kibbutzim are living in a different country and not a part of the Jewish people, he said.



A capsular camera being marketed by Given Imaging Ltd. Israel, will revolutionize gastrointestinal testing. It is the size of a vitamin tablet; is purely diagnostic and cannot do procedures. It should be marketed in USA within five years. Thermotrex, a U.S. firm specializing in finding civilian applications for military technology has already signed an investment partnership with Given.

The appointment of Yevgeny Primakov as Prime Minister of Russia was not the choice of Yeltzin, but now is firmly in power with Yeltzin fading. Primakov is fluent in Arabic and has a long history of pro-Arab, pro-Palestinian, pro-Syrian and pro-Iraqi support. A friend of all the anti-Zionists, he is relatively young and energetic. His first act was to print billions of rubles to satisfy the masses, which will surely lead to incredible inflation and subsequent unrest in Russia.



In Israel during the patriarchal period, security was carried out by the clan members for the defense of the group. By the exodus settlement period (1,350 - 1030 BC) it was necessary to organize to defend the larger group (Num. 31) and conquer and possess the Promised Land (Num. 33:50-54) under the leadership of Joshua (Josh. 6:9 - 8:3, etc.). The Lord God of Israel gave instructions for the conduct in war, such as the custom of not cutting down fruit-bearing trees (Deut. 20).

In the monarchy period (1030-586 BC) the military of Israel was at its apex, an organized army.

Closer to home, another occupation for security of the people was a watchman whose duty was to stand in a tower on the wall andtower.jpg (24895 bytes) observe and report any unusual activity. The watchmen blew a trumpet to warn the people of an invading army, and he would be held responsible if he failed to warn the people. Ezekiel used this image about himself as a prophet to warn Israel to turn from their spiritual corruption (Ezekiel 33:1-20). Every landowner had a watchtower on his property where family members or servants lived during the entire growing season. They spent 24 hours a day observing their precious crops. This makes Psalm 121:4 more understandable: "He who keeps Israel shall never slumber nor sleep".

Torture in Palestinian jails has become a "daily routine" according to a report by the East Jerusalem based, Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group. The report covered the first half of ‘98 and in it were 68 sworn testimonies given from relatives of those tortured. Charges range from selling land to an Israeli, to personal reasons. Torture was used against all. Some of the victims suffered partial or complete paralysis, broken fingers and toes, and lost finger nails or teeth. Some required surgery.



There is a Jewish law that once an item is used for a holy purpose the item itself becomes holy. In the case of Torah Scrolls and books no longer usable, the law stipulates that they be given the same respect as a deceased person and buried. The religious items in Museums and libraries are of tremendous value to the Jewish people, far beyond their monetary value. Millions of books and manuscripts in libraries, such as the ones in Vilnius and the Vatican, should be made available and their wisdom made accessible to all.

A new foundation called, The Unwritten Will, calls for a ban on the sale of all Holocaust related material, and aims at preserving with dignity the memory of those who died during the Shoah. This material of the Holocaust does not belong in private hands. It belongs to all the Jewish people.

The Clinton Administration pledges to nearly double American economic aid to the Palestinians, but we are still unable to verify how the Palestinians spend the money. Arafat refuses to accept donor control over the funding. The London Times reports that the Palestinian Authority has spent $20 million intended for poor Gazans, and used it for luxury housing for his supports and officials.

The Syrian-Greeks decreed many edicts to make the children of Israel forget the Torah. The edicts focused on three areas.

1) The New Month (Chodesh)

2) The Sabbath (Shabbat)

3) Circumcision (Mila)

The precept of Sabbath distinguishes Israel from the other nations and is a sign between God and Israel.

The commandment of circumcision is also a mark of the chosenness of Israel which separates them from the rest of the world. But why were the Greeks and Syrians so opposed to the Hebrew months?

In absence of the determination of the lunar months, there is no way to set the time for the Jewish festivals of Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot, or for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (Exodus 12:2). The Greeks wanted to eradicate the special calculations for the months and the years that guided the life of the Children of Israel.

The Israeli Cattle Raisers Association reports a significant rise in the number of cattle being stolen and smuggled to Arab villages in the Golan Heights and Galilee. The cattle thefts increase in advance of the month-long Muslin observance of Ramadan. This is forcing the ranchers to place guards on their property day and night.

Two California businessmen are backing the efforts of ‘white supremacists’ to reach out to thousands of homes in Idaho. Both grew wealthy in the computer business, and do not deny allegations that they financed the recent anti-Semitic posters and videos to some 3,000 Idaho residents.

A new Palestinian law says that any foreign body who owns land in Palestinian territory is liable to the death penalty. It does not define borders, but implies it is all of Israel. The law is entitled "Foreign Ownership of Estate in Palestine."

The Jewish community of Honduras has only one synagogue with 2 scroll.gif (2274 bytes)Torah Scrolls. The recent Hurricane Mitch that killed 11,000, destroyed the synagogue and one scroll was lost in the mud and flood waters. The second one is badly damaged, and although they were in dire straits in every way, the first thing they did was send out for help in restoring their Torah. It is now in New York being restored.


Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu has steadfastly refused to cave in to USA demands to cede territory at an accelerated pace, in the face of repeated violations of the Oslo-Wye Accords by the PLO.

James Carville, a close personal friend of the White House, and wascarville.jpg (13427 bytes) his campaign manager of 1996, is assisting Israel’s Labor Party to oust Prime Minister Netanyahu from office. Mr. Carville says he ‘believes in an aggressive offensive against a failed government, and Netanyahu has failed in running the country’.

And what about Mr. James Carville’s close personal friend in the White House?

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