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Cheshvan/Kislev  5760         Gwen Hamlin, Editor         November 1999

WICHITA EAGLECal Thomas’s Column

“There is a cycle in the Middle-East, of which the scenario in Sharm EL Sheik recently was a part.” Middle East Commentator Clarence Wagner, Jr. of “Bridges For Peace” describes it this way:

1) Arabs make peace overtures that get Israel and the West excited;

2) Israel and the Arabs negotiate an accord that promises certain concessions from the Arabs in exchange for land given to them by Israel;

3) Israel gives them land, but the Arabs do not reciprocate;

4) The peace process stalls;

5) Israel is blamed;

6) The West pressures Israel to get on with the process;

7) Efforts to “jump start” the process are made by Israel with input from the West;

8) Nothing happens, the Israeli leader is ousted in elections and his successor promises to do better;

9) Go back to #1 and begin again, which is where Barak is.

While the PLO claims they want peace they prepare for war. And another tunnel is discovered running between the Palestinian and Egyptian section of border town Rafiah. Many tunnels have been located which are used for smuggling arms etc. REMEMBER: This is what Japan did to the USA in 1941. Once this latest land grab by Arafat is finished, he will still want more, including Jerusalem.


Researchers at the Technion Institute in Israel show that Pomegranates, one of the traditional fruits of Rosh Hashana, contain high levels of antioxidants that slow aging and atherosclerosis and delay the development of cancer. Published research in the latest issue of Ethnopharmacology reveals pomegranates originated in India, Iran and the Middle East and are used to treat infections, diarrhea and wounds.

Edward Said, the famous Palestinian intellectual, has long said that his oft-repeated claim that Israel expelled him from his beautiful house in Jerusalem is a lie. He actually was living, at the time, in a luxurious apartment in Cairo (Egypt) . . . Two French biographers revealed in a 1997 book, Les Sept Vies de Yasser Arafat. . . Also Yasser Arafat has often regaled listeners about his Jerusalem birth-place and childhood. He fondly recalls his birthplace in a stone house abutting the Western Wall, and how he lived with his Uncle Sa’ud in Jerusalem and says he is a victim of Zionism . . . the truth is . . . Muhammad Abd ar-Ra’uf Arafat al-Quawa al-Husayni (Arafat’s birth name) is registered as born in Cairo (1929) in the State Registry with his birth certificate. He lived in Cairo until he was 28, and claimed he was in the Egyptian military, he traveled to Moscow (1968) on an Egyptian passport first. Being a Palestinian was a good career move for Edward Said and Yasser Arafat and many others. Arafat has always spoken Arabic like an Egyptian.

The International fast food chain Burger King has canceled the right of franchise-holder Rikamor Ltd. (Israel) following protests and boycott threats from Arab and Moslem organizations if they opened in Ma’aleh Adumim (Israel). BURGER KING HAS CAVED IN TO ARAB THREATS.

Doctors in Jerusalem are alarmed about penitent Jews ashamed of their tattoos, and are trying to erase them themselves. Some admitted to hospital with severe chemical burns and some have died. One doctor said the phenomenon of penitent Jews wanting to rid their bodies of tattoos is well known and depending if a professional or amateur, and color and size it takes 2-12 laser sessions to remove the tattoo.

Two Israeli soldiers suffered serious and irreversible damage to their eyes from looking at the recent partial solar eclipse.

The world’s first remotely piloted vehicle that is supposed to fly faster than the speed of sound has been developed in Israel, at The Technion Institute. As well as being so much faster than others it evades radar and being shot down. It has a rotating wing, which is a 90-degree angle on takeoff, but when it is stable in the air, the wing changes to a 30 degree angle to reduce drag and increasing its aerodynamic quality. Only during the past decade has a sophisticated electronic flight control been developed to make the flight possible.


Interesting Facts

Jerusalem, whose name means “City of Peace,” has been ruled by 15 different peoples: the Canaanites, Israelites, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Saracens, Arabs, the Crusaders, Ottoman Turks, the British, and today once again the Jews. Remarkably though, through all these conquests, from the time the Jews entered the Promised Land, Jerusalem has never lost its Jewish associations.

Did You Know That...

A Jew invented the telephone – and exhibited it publicly 15 years before Bell patented his invention? Johann Philipp Reis exhibited his telephone to scientists in Europe in 1861.

Almost 200 years before Columbus, a rabbi wrote that the world is round. Moses de Leon (1250-1305) wrote that the earth is round and that it rotates. “The earth revolves like a ball. When it is day on one-half of the globe, night reigns over the other half.”

The first American scientist ever awarded the Nobel Prize was a Jew. Heinrich Rudolph Hertz was a scientist who won the Nobel Prize for his work in electromagnetic energy.

JEWISH PRESS (New York based)

President Clinton has refused to address the opening session of the United Nations Assembly, as is customary for U.S. Presidents, because it coincides with Yom Kippur. Although the U.N. closes on Christmas Day, Good Friday and 2 Muslim holidays, the U.N. has refused requests from the USA and Israel to delay opening session by one day. This disrespect reflects the anti-Jewish and anti-Israel posture of most of the third world members.

One of Britain’s largest financial institutions, Barkley’s Bank, is establishing over $3 million funds to compensate the heirs of its Jewish customers whose accounts were seized during WW2. Barkleys has broken with 8 French financial institutions also named in a class action suit in New York. Any money left over will be donated to Jewish charities that are involved in Holocaust education.

At one time Egypt had a prosperous multi-cultural, mostly French and Italian speaking Jewish community of 80,000 which flourished in Egypt, but factors such as the 1948 establishment of the State of Israel, and Nasser’s rise to power and the 1956 Suez campaign forced most Jews to leave. Today only 50 aged Jews remain in Cairo.

The recent earthquake which struck Turkey, killing 40,000 and injuring 35,000 and at a loss of $40 billion, is grateful for Israel’s help. Israel was the first on the scene to offer assistance; The Search & Rescue teams also brought along rescue dogs to help. Israel’s help is remembered last year in Nairobi Kenya, as well as many other places of disaster.

Turkish Jewish community prepared ‘Sabbath meals for the Israeli soldiers in the field.’

Israel has exported one thousand Queen bees, which produce honey on a much larger scale than ordinary bees to several Arab countries, including some of which Israel has no trade relations. Following the success of this unique type of export  a second shipment of more bees is planned to go to neighboring countries.

“And He brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them and whatever Adam called every living soul, that was the name thereof” Genesis 2:9; A name helps establish a bond between a child and the heritage of his people. A Jewish boy receives his name at the ceremony of his brit (circumcision), while a Jewish girl is named at the Synagogue during service where the Torah is read. When the Jews were slaves in Egypt, that country had what was considered the height of secular culture and the Jews were held captive over 200 years. But Jews never lost their identity as a nation. Today using a Hebrew name sets him apart. Many Jews do not use their Hebrew names.

In the early days of the State of Israel, Yemenites, claiming tremendous old ages, were airlifted to Israel. One recently arrived 72 year-old man was denied a start-up life insurance because of his age. When told that his 95 year old father had been issued one the previous week, the clerk checked the records and found the father’s physical showed him in good health. The clerk told the 72-year-old man to return next week for a physical. He replied, “I can’t, I am going to my grandfather’s wedding.” The clerk asked the age of his grandfather and the man said, “one hundred and seventeen.” The clerk asked, “why is he getting married?” The man replied, “his parents keep pestering him.”

The Kalahari Desert’s Mongongo tree, and India’s Desert Apple, and the Moroccan Argon tree are among more than 80 wild fruit bearing cactus plants and 1,500 hybrids that horticulturists are breeding in Israel’s Negev Desert.

American Lockheed Martin will supply Egypt with 24 F-16 fighter jets, and the U.S. will finance the sale. Egypt already has 200F-16’s.

Birthright Israel:

Just weeks after launching a national marketing blitz informing North American Jewish college students of free trips to Israel this winter, Birthright Israel is overwhelmed with response, and they have more would-be travelers than available spots. Six Thousand spots were made available, and to date they have signed up 10,000 hopefuls to take part in the program.

A Palestinian factory owner from Gaza reported in the press how his five million-dollar factory went up in flames. The Palestinian Liason office learned of the huge fire and called on Israel fire fighters for help in nearby Ashkelon. The Israeli fire fighters were stopped by the Palestinian guards at the Erez checkpoint and were told that they would take care of themselves. The owner was critical of the Palestinian forces to a reporter and was arrested. He was forced to thank the PA security forces, in the paper, for the help they provided and when it was printed, on the inside of the paper, he was again forced to pay to have it published in large print on the front page (cost $5,000) and only then was he released from prison.

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