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TEVET  5760                    Gwen Hamlin, Editor                    January 2000


Barak stakes his political future on a referendum for Syrian peace.  Barak said confidently that he would bring back from the negotiations with Syria “the kind of good, solid advantageous agreement that will win a sweeping majority” in a referendum. That, said the Premier, was the only kind of agreement he would be prepared to sign. Barak told his Cabinet that in early rounds of negotiations he would seek a core agreement with Damascus that covers the main issues facing the two sides. He also expressed his determination to pursue the Syrian and Palestinian negotiations simultaneously.

Despite his show of optimism, there are many in the pro-peace camp who are concerned over the prospect of the looming referendum — the first ever in Israel’s history.

The polls show the country “divided fairly evenly” on the issue of withdrawal from all of the Golan Heights in return for a full peace with Syria.

Israel to help flood victims: Israel offered humanitarian assistance to flood and mudslide victims in Venezuela.

Israel’s ambassador to Caracas told Israel Radio that Israel will ship medicines, tents, blankets, water purification devices and other emergency equipment.

Israelis ignorant about Christmas Three-quarters of Israel’s Jews do not know when Christmas is celebrated, according to a poll testing Israeli attitudes toward Christianity. Nonetheless, the majority of Israelis have positive feeling toward Christians, the Gallup poll found.


The FBI reports Buford Furrow Jr. Charged with the August 99 shooting at a Los Angles area Jewish day care center, told authorities “it’s time for America to wake and kill the Jews”.

A newly discovered document shows that the United States and Britain knew about the establishment of gas chambers in 1942, when the document was passed on to President Roosevelt. Two million Jews had already been murdered it said, and five million Jews were still alive in Nazi-occupied territory and threatened under an “ official order by Hitler calling for the annihilation of all Jews in Europe by December 42.” America and British leaders knew it, yet both governments kept this vital document from the public. One reason given for this move is that the British did not want to reveal their successful code-breaking operation. This document was discovered by Barbara Rogers in the British Public Records office.

Have you ever been disappointed that observant Jews are prohibited from eating filet-mignon-the choicest steak? The Bible records that after 2 decades with his family and livestock, Jacob returns to his ancestral home, however his estranged brother, Esau, was waiting to destroy him. The night before the meeting a mysterious vision-struggle occurs between the Patriarch and the anonymous assailant (Genesis 32: 25-33). Jacob was told “your name is no longer Jacob but Yisreal” (Israel).. The Ten Commandments had not yet been given, so why does it result in a food prohibition for all subsequent Jewish generation? The thigh is the Biblical symbol and euphemism for the place of the organ of propagation of future generations, and Jacob’s victory is reflected in his new name and he emerged victorious, and to his descendants he says, “We may lose many battles, but we will eventually win the war.” Verse 31-32. “Jacob was limping because of his leg, so even today the people of Israel do not eat the muscle that is on the joint of animals because Jacob was touched there.”

Despite the oil riches of the Arab countries, 10 million Arab children are forced to work to help sustain their families, this was confirmed by Jordan’s Princess Basma. She urged all concerned with children’s affairs to focus on child development, and for an urgent need for investment in areas and programs where small children are forced to work.

Natural gas deposits are discovered offshore, south of Ashkelon by Israel’s Isramco and its partner, the British Gas Plc. which could yield an estimated daily $70.000 to $80l000 and the gas yield may increase if they decide to drill at lower levels as well. The deposits are large enough to supply 20% of Israel’s electricity consumption.

Researchers at Israel’s Technion Institute of Technology have developed a simple blood test that predicts whether heart disease patients are likely to recover from blocked arteries, whether cancer patients are likely to have aggressive tumors, and if diabetics are likely to lose their eyesight. The test, described in “Circulation” (American Heart Association) measures the level of a protein in the blood that promotes the growth of new blood vessels.

A test lasting 20 seconds, without pain or injections, has been devised in Israel to discern cancer in the lungs, and its early detection capability prolongs life for 5 years in 70% of the patients.


The unprecedented power of the Internet, is illustrated by the more than 100 million people who use this amazing tool … More than 1/2 in America, are hooked up to the Internet in this youth-dominated culture. Please take a moment to let us give you a tour and see what some very dangerous people have in store for our kids.

Eric Harris, one of the teens who carried out the massacre at Columbine High, in Littleton, Colorado left a 3 page memo which said, “buying pipes for pipe bombs is easy as buying a CD…” also gave his version of the popular violent video game “Doom” ….it was a dry run for a real-life massacre" … Racist revisionism and Holocaust denial are troubling aspects influencing children 9 or 10. On the day of the Oklahoma City bombing there was only one ‘site’ (1995) … now there are 2,000 sites, on line; with hate; Protect our children.


EL AL (Israeli’s National Airline) will have its first Arab flight steward, Assad Jourban, as soon as he passes all his exams, he is also in his third year of law school, and speaks Hebrew, Arabic and English. His father is a district Judge.

One in four children in Israel under 14 years of age lives in poverty. Unemployment has risen to 8.6% … Prime Minister Barak said the only solution is to bring the economy to a state of growth, and more investment in education. Also to return to free lunches, and free nursery education for 2 children in the largest families.


Israel has developed robots that tirelessly tend to hydrophonically grow organic vegetables, cultivated in standard metal shipping containers, they promise to revolutionize agriculture. It is called ‘Grow-Tech 2000’. The system is stackable and can replace open-field frames, and shows the incubator can grow 500 heads of lettuce in a single container. The system uses a minimum of water, producing oxygen instead of toxic gases from pesticides, and merely needs to be plugged into a power source. The demand for organic produce has skyrocketed in the developed world. In USA, naturally grown products has jumped 30%, and all lettuce eaten 10% are organically grown. This would solve the problem in insects in leaf vegetables, and these “growing machines” could be located at retail establishments, etc. etc.

An Egyptian government newspaper has published an article praising the neo-Nazi who shot up the Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles (August 99) wounding 5 people, 4 of them children. The Egyptian newspaper, with over 700,000 circulation said that Burford Furrow “has a goal to kill all the Jewish race in the United States, and I ask Allah to assist him in his efforts”.

A recent survey of anti-Semitism in Russia, reveals that 44% of Russians hold strong anti-Semitic views, 78% believe Russia is heading the wrong way and 72% believe that Russia is in a bad condition. Of the 44% who hold strong anti-Semitic views, 93% believe that Jews have too much power in the business world, and that Jews in Russia exercise too much power….

According to a senior Israeli defense establishment, the American-Palestinian connection does hurt Israel, in a big way. The CIA invests in them by training them, and gives them fantastic equipment from the USA and many European countries. And they use the equipment against Israel.

David Ben Gurion, upon being asked to create a seal for the new State of Israel chose two olive branches surrounding a menorah (seven branched candlestick).. It stands as Israel’s State Seal to this day. On each of the seven cups of the Menorah is one word of the declaration. “Lo b’chil, u’lo b’koach ki im b’ruachi…(Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord of hosts) from Zechariah 4:6; spoken during the time they were rebuilding the Temple after the Babylonian captivity.


After months of negotiations, Israel opened a “safe passage” for Palestinians traveling from Gaza to the West Bank. The move marks the latest of Israeli risks for peace, the 27-mile route has Israel taking elaborate measures to keep security, point one. The mayor of Bani Suhala in Gaza, Musa Abu Sa’ada, was the first Palestinian to drive to the West Bank, through this corridor, and he said, “This is an exciting, historical moment … when we can start to say that we are harvesting the fruits of peace.” Buses, taxis and a few private cars make the passage each day carrying about 1000 people. Those using the passage are given magnetic photo identification cards to use.

Sir Robert Jennings, President of the International Court of Justice from 1991 to 1994, ruled in a legal opinion issued last month that Israel’s exclusion from any regional group in the United Nations “is both unlawful and strikes at the roots of the principles on which the United Nations exists.” “Israel’s rights as a U.N. member are basically nullified by its exclusion,” “Israel’s exclusion from the U.N.’s decision-making organs places a nagging scar on every action taken by the world body.”


BIRTHRIGHT ISRAEL - The first group of 170 college students from Arizona and the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization started its tour Dec. 19, and 420 more American Students landed in Israel Dec. 23rd. Prime Minister Ehud Barak will address these first groups on Jan 8, 2000. The aims are to bring 50,000 young unaffiliated Jews to Israel over the next five years, 16,000 in the year 2000 alone.

POP STARS SPEW ANTI-SEMITISM - The Anti-Defamation League is not amused by a “Saturday Night Live” satire in which cast members, posing as pop stars, said that Jews own all the banks and that Christians have forgiven them for “killing our Lord.”

ADL National Director, Abraham Foxman, dispatched a letter to Rosalyn Weinman, NBC’s head of broadcast content policy, blasting the skit for reviving “anti-Semitic stereotypes at their worst” and calling it “a lame attempt at humor.” Foxman said he was reacting to widespread protests by viewers.

Foxman noted, “We have worked with the Vatican and others for the last 50 years to educate against this poisonous doctrine and for SNL ... to revive this notion is unacceptable.”

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