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Adar II  5760                     Gwen Hamlin, Editor                     April 2000


There already has been conflicts over water between Syria and Turkey, which built dams on the Euphrates River, disrupting the normal flow of water.

One dry year has brought Israel to its knees. Israel’s water supply depends on the Sea of Galilee which is pumped into the National Water Carrier that supplies the country. The Sea of Galilee is now at its lowest level in history. Israel’s population is now six million and new immigrants arriving daily, plus 2 million in the territories, including the Palestinian Authority.

Israel is concerned about giving up the Golan Heights to Syria. These Golan Heights are the watershed that provides most of the water in the area. If the Syrians get the Golan Heights they will have a clear view across Israel’s Galilee to the Mediterranean Sea, and will have access to the Sea of Galilee. This is particularly true if Turkey continues to cut the flow of water from the Euphrates River going into Syria.

Water could be shipped from Turkey into Israel but Syria controls the territory between Turkey and Israel and will not allow a pipeline between the two. Israel has planted millions of trees and changed the climate. The Bible says, “The wilderness and the solitary place will be glad for them (the returning Jews) and the desert will bloom as a rose” (Isaiah 35:1)

(SPECIAL REPORT): According to the London Sunday Telegraph, hackers have cracked the computer system to the PLO headquarters in Tunisia to find Yassar Arafat has salted away £5 billions pounds sterling, in secret foreign bank accounts and investments, in Zurich, Geneva, New York, North Africa, Europe, and Asia. The PLO also owns shares in Stock Exchanges in Frankfurt, Paris and Tokyo.


In Israel a silver-plated coin minted especially in honor of the month “Adar” and the traditional collection of shekels for the Temple are being offered with the Hebrew words “Temple Treasury”. Rabbi Menaghem Makeover, director of the Temple Institute says the money raised would be used to build more Temple instruments, and to carry out educational programs of the Temple. He emphasized the money is not consecrated for actual Temple use, but for preparing the way.

Public preparations for the upcoming Shmittah year, beginning in October, are underway. Shmittah occurs once every 7 year period, during which the land of Israel must lay fallow according to Biblical law. Housing Minister Rabbi Levy has issued instructions to speed up all processes to do with new plantings, and maintenance of public green acres.

Two Israeli researchers at the Hebrew University School of Pharmacy have developed a new series of drugs that halt the spread from cancerous growths in the body. Dr’s. Reuven Reich and Eli Breuer focused their attention on enzymes secreted by the cancerous cells that enabled them to divide and spread in the body and producing new metastases.

Australian authorities have warned that groups linked to the Saudi Billionaire bomber Osama Bin Laden pose a terrorist threat to this year’s Sydney Olympics. Intelligence agencies have identified groups linked to Bin Laden, in Australia from a list of over 16,000 know terrorists belonging to 600 active groups. Bin Laden has been linked to the bombing of the New York Trade Center and the two U.S. Embassies bombed in East Africa.

Chabad’s Children of  Chernobyl welcomed its 50th flight to Israel last week, carrying another 21 children from the highly contaminated area of Belarus and Ukraine. This is another milestone in the organization’s effort to rescue Jewish children from towns blanketed by radiation from the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. These children have returned to the land promised to their fathers.

A lawsuit against Yassir Arafat  and leaders of the Palestinian Authority is brought by the family of Yaron Ungar and wife Efrat, American citizens who lived in Israel. They were murdered by Palestinian terrorists while driving home from a wedding. They left 2 little boys aged 5 & 4. The case will be heard in a Rhode Island Courtroom. Arafat and leaders of the PLU are held responsible because they provide terrorists with a safe haven to live, and also protect them as they plan their attacks. The Unger suit is based on Title 18 Section 2333(a) of the U.S. Federal code passed by Congress in early 1990’s in response to the Leon Klinghoffer murders by terrorists, but it has been impossible for American families to collect judgment because President Clinton’s administration has repeatedly blocked efforts to enforce the law against Iranian assets in the USA. (Every one should pray for a true judgment in this.)

The cities of Clifton and Passaic, New Jersey, had their Jewish Community Center attacked recently with swastikas and slogans including “Long live Hitler” a recent publication by the Anti-Defamation League reported that some 40 active skinhead type groups are organized in New Jersey.


Neo-Nazi activity has surged in Europe. 21,000 youth associated with neo-Nazi groups in Spain, and are ten times their membership than 5 years ago.

An abandoned village, Los Pedricjes, was purchased by British neo-Nazis. The International Third Position (ITP) who, along with Spanish neo-Fascists are planning parliamentary training camps at the village. ITP leader Robert Fiore, a London based Italian, admits investing 7,000 pounds to purchase the village.

Iran’s leader Ayatollah Ali Khamennei told his people there is only one solution to the Middle-East problem, namely the annihilation and destruction of the Zionist State. (Israel)

Chili has announced it would ban an international neo-Nazi congress scheduled for April. Interior Minister Paul Troncoso said the “planned meeting of Nazis in Chili is not authorized nor will be authorized.” This is the first time the government officially said it would ban the congress.

Thousands of web sites including dozens of new sites marketing the World-Church of the Creator, and the KKK to kids, is being investigated by the Wisenthal Center. They are tracking abuse on the Internet by extremists who  are marketing hate tracts on the world wide net.


Three men stole thousands of diamonds, worth millions of  shekels last week in Ramat Gan (Israel). They were masked and armed with pistols; the robbers sawed through the bars on the roof to enter the fourth floor firm. The robbers held 20 employees at gunpoint.

A new ultrasound technology device, held in the hand, developed by researchers at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University (B-GU)  and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will be a boost to diabetics. No longer will they have to prick their fingers to test blood glucose levels. The ultrasound device amplifies the ability of skin to transport body-fluid components to its outer surface, so a brief application of ultrasound  to a small area allows painless repeated measurement of blood sugar glucose over many hours. One unit already developed requires only 30 seconds. The goal is a watch-like device that would go on the skin and report the blood-glucose levels, with an alarm that would go off if the levels are going to low or too high, so that the individual could take appropriate action.

Avner Oil & Gas Ltd said, the initial finding at its Mary 1 drilling site off Ashkelon (Israel) points to enough natural gas to provide for all the country’s gas needs. The managing director also said that these findings indicate the presence of “several times more” than the estimated 330 billion cubic feet discovered at their Noa 1 drilling site last month, and the plans to establish a gas pipeline from Egypt has been frozen.


The London Times reports “Roman Prodi (the European Commission President) has challenged Britain to make up its mind on its future on the Euro and its future role in Europe or pay the price of exclusion. In his first interview he says, ‘There are moments in history so important that if you are not “in” your country will suffer in the long run.’ He predicts the Euro would become one of the world’s leading currencies, and that Britain would pay both an economic and political penalty if they do not join. The next years will be important in Britain” (read Daniel 7:20,24).

China’s new submarine will carry warheads on its “Type 094” Missile Submarines which can hit anywhere in the USA. Chinese technology theft released this year in the USA increases the threat to America. Instead of venturing into the open ocean to attack, America, the “094” class submarines could remain near the PRC waters, protected by the PLA Navy and Air Force. China is building more “survivable” submarines, which are harder to detect.

The Associated Press reports “Russia must develop new weapons capable of neutralizing any missile defense system the United States might build in the future. Russian Defense Minister, Igor Sergeyev said, “Russia has the necessary scientific and technological potential for the new deterrent weapons.”

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