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NISAN 5760                Gwen Hamlin, Editor                MAY 2000


Muslims constitute one of America’s fastest growing demographic groups, and are expected to outnumber American Jews in 10 years. The Mufti (Muslim) of Jerusalem, Mufti Sheikh Sabri boycotted an inter-religious meeting with the Pope because there were Rabbi attending and the Supreme Islamic Council has barred contacts with Israel’s religious leaders.

It would appear that the casual use of the expression, “The Promised Land” has lost its meaning to those who would undo that Promise. You will recall that G-d Promised the Land first to Avraham and the Jewish People, and then conveyed that Promise to Moses. There were no qualifications in fine print. G-d made a Promise within His unbreakable Covenant with the Jewish people, which did not mention Rome, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, France, England, America or any other country or people.

Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts is joining other major museums in publishing lists of painting in their collections that may have been looted by the Nazis. The museum said its list would include 12 to 15 paintings whose provenance is uncertain.

A declassified 47 year old U.S. document reveals that Austria is holding assets of Jews killed in the Holocaust worth $10 Billion. This document was written in 1953 for the U.S. State Department and has been kept hidden until now. This document contains a list of property from April 1938, and includes 30,000 houses, 10,000 commercial enterprises, 5,000 handicraft enterprises, 1,500industries, 200 export businesses, 1,000 transportation enterprises, 80 banks, and 1,700 liquidated firms.

A crocodile at a nature reserve in Botswana killed an Israeli traveler, said the Israeli ambassador to Zimbabwe. Eran Alon, 23, had gone to a river to draw water, when the crocodile seized him and dragged him into the river where he drowned.

Fifteen of the 2,000 year-old Dead-Sea Scrolls are scheduled to go on display in Chicago, at the Field Museum of Natural History through June 11. The exhibit also includes artifacts found near the caves where the scrolls were discovered.

The U.S. State Department has fulfilled a Congressional requirement and has released its first “Annual Report on International Religious Freedom” which covers 194 countries (1,000 pages). The Middle East plus the Palestinian Authority have no rival when it comes to telling people how to pray, and live. In Saudi Arabia = There is only one religion and all citizens MUST be Muslims. In 1990 thousands of US troops were in Saudi Arabia to protect it against Iraq. U. S. President George Bush wanted to have Thanksgiving dinner with the US Troops, he planned to say grace before sitting down to the meal, but was not allowed to say grace, and had to have his meal on a US ship off the coast. Also U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia at Christmas time could not attend Christmas service, but could attend “C” word morale services.

The next on the list of worst countries for religious freedom is….Sudan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and others in the Middle East.

Gasoline prices in Israel have dropped 1.43% to $4.10 per American gallon. Officials explain the price adjustment reflects changes of cost on the international market.

Hebrew University researchers have developed a means to combat toxic shock, a condition caused by bacterial infections that causes the death of hundreds of thousands of people, annually. The researchers designed an ‘antagonist’, a small molecule that blocks the ability of the bacteria to cause the condition.

Last year, trade between Israel and China reached $680 million, and in addition billions of dollars are being invested in industrial technology research and development projects. China is interested in using Israeli agricultural technology in its western regions whose soil is similar to those of Israel. Several drip-irrigation bases have already been set up by Israel.

The Intel Company in Jerusalem will supply chips to the German company Busch for fuel injection systems, and for ABS braking systems, in a 5 year deal totaling one million dollars. As a result of the deal, almost all the leading car manufacturers in Europe will equip their cars with Intel chips, including Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, and Cadillac, says Amir Elstein, Intel. CEO.


Many Jewish people in the former Soviet Union, although desiring to come home to Israel, will not, or cannot immigrate to Israel, are elderly or in poor health. Many are destitute. They tell horrifying stories of hunger and exposure to the freezing temperatures of the North. These elderly Jewish people have no family in Israel to sponsor them, they have little or no funds and no hope for the future. Israeli social services are stretched to the maximum. Many are Holocaust survivors and although Israel will receive as immigrants, if they have no family or friends, or a sponsor many will stay in the former Soviet Union. Although most do receive a pension, $12.. to $15.. a month their governments are unable to pay the pensions for months.

If you wish to help feed these elderly and sick Jews Bible Light will forward you contribution to the Bridges for Peace organization for you. —Some live on a cup of tea for breakfast. — Soup at a soup kitchen for lunch. — A cup of tea for dinner.

Project Hope is for the elderly, poor, sick and oppressed Jews in Russia.

What do we have for breakfast……lunch…….dinner???


Under money-saving reorganization plan, the Israeli Army will use civilian caterers to prepare  tens of thousands of meals everyday for soldiers on large bases in the center of the country, including many training bases. Others will be catered by automated dispensing machines operated by magnetic cards and field units will have their food served up on heated platters. O.C. Technology and Logistics Maj.-Gen.- Aharon Ze’evi-Farkash said, “in some bases we plan food halls, like the food halls in shopping malls?… This will allow more time for training, and save money.

Great Britain has expressed interest in participating in joint military maneuvers with Israel. According to senior Israeli Military sources, Britain has asked to send a contingent to the next-search-and-rescue maneuvers between Israel and Jordan. This is the first time Britain has asked openly to participate with Israel in such maneuvers, although Britain has often participated with Arab armies.

Israel is the first country in the world to introduce a M-commerce system that allows mobile phone owners to use their phones to activate fuel dispensers and pay for the fuel at gas stations. The new system Cell-F, follows a successful two-month-trial …. Cell-F (pronounced “self”) enables cellular subscribers to pay for gas at gas stations in less that 10 seconds.

Israel’s Interior Minister, Natan Sharansky is in Ethiopia trying to determine who is eligible to immigrate to Israel. It is reported 26,000 have streamed to Addis-Ababa. These are the Falash-Mura and claim to descendants of Jews, but the Israeli government does not recognize that status, because their ancestors converted to Christianity (some 5 centuries ago) and they are not eligible for Israeli immigration as Jews. In 1984 ‘Operation Moses’ brought 8,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel. In 1991 ‘Operation Solomon’ brought 14,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel… and another 2,000 Ethiopian Jews brought to Israel last year. Now the Falash Mura want to be included.


Jews in the Caucasus region appear supportive of Russia’s military solution. When Stalin deported the Muslim Chechens in 1944 many of them left their houses to their Jewish neighbors and knew not a single cushion on the bed would be touched, but now, everything has changed said one Jewish man. The Mountain Jews say the atrocities committed by the Chechens and other ethnic gangs, including the kidnapping of Jews for ransom, has destroyed the balance which served as the fabric for life in the region.

The first Mountain Jews who constitute 50% of the 25,000 Jews in the North Caucasus came from Persia (Iran) before the 8th century. Today the Jewish population of the Republic of Dagestan has diminished from 50,000 to less than 10,000 … Most left for Israel, or Moscow, Or America… An increase in ethnic tensions, kidnapping of Jews for big ransom encouraged the Jews to leave.

Roman Ashurov 61, a Jew was kidnapped by a gang of women who believed the International Jewish Community or Israel would pay money for his release. They held him for a year. He is physically fragile. Before these women gang members of the Caucasus let him go, they mutilated his genitalia. He is now living in Israel. He is very weak.

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