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Cheshvan 5761               Gwen Hamlin, editor                November 2000

Despite the ruling that Israel completed its withdrawal from southern Lebanon, Hizbullah (Terrorists) as well as the recent Arab summit in Cairo insist that Israel holds Lebanese territory in eastern Mount Dov. After the kidnapping of three Israeli soldiers in the area, Hizbullah (and Iran) announce they were captured on Lebanese soil. Hizbullah is still dependant of Iran for weapons and funds.

Many aspects of the Oslo process continue as usual including the monthly transfer of 30-50 million shekels to the Palestinian Authority coffers (Arafat). There is no directive for Israel to stop the transfer of these funds and payments. Israel also transfers millions of cubic meters of water to the P.A. (Arafat) each year and all their electricity.

American intelligence reports, Arafat is ready to use his “Tanzim” teenagers as public-relations fodder and unleash Hizbullah terrorists to create hell on earth for Jews of Israel. Several Islamic organizations launched a wave of ‘cyber-terror-attacks’ overloading messages on selected Israeli targets, including Netirsion the service provider.

JOSHUA 24:32 explicitly states “The bones of Joseph which the children of Israel brought up from Egypt were buried in Shechem in the portion of the field that had been purchased by Jacob.” The Palestinian Authority had promised to protect Joseph’s Tomb for Israel, when Israel was forced to leave because of the violence. The P. A. then handed Joseph’s Tomb over to the same terrorists who had been assaulting it. Within hours it was destroyed by fire and gunfire and torn apart in front of TV cameras. For 3,000 years Joseph’s Tomb has been a place of pilgrimage and prayer for Jews. Now it is destroyed, and the Palestinians are building a Mosque in its place. Now Israel and the world weeps at the hatred.

Excerpts from Gary Cooperberg.
The Creator of the universe has been trying to tell us something. He is saying that He alone is in charge. The living G-d of Israel is out true weapon and He is waiting for us to turn to Him.

We would do well to heed the prophesies of Zachariah, and Ezekiel; the living G-d of Israel is tired of having His great Name desecrated by a Jewish People who have not the courage to stand up to their  enemies. He created us to be His example, and we are failing Him, when nations come against us, they are, in effect opposing the G-d of Israel. The war is coming and we will win. But we must decide how.. with courage and glory or with shame and tragedy.

Israel and the Boeing Company have signed an agreement for Boeing to modify AH-64D Apache Longbow combat helicopters for Israel. This will allow Boeing to use commercial contacts rather than foreign military sales process to modify the systems.

A New method for biological control of a test that destroys pepper corps has been developed at the Hebrew  University of Jerusalem. It is known as ‘western flower thrips’ and caused extensive damage in the araua region. The Orius bug is a relative of the bed bug and infected plants develop white spots, and makes the peppers unacceptable for export. The success of this biological control method, eliminates the need for toxic chemicals.

Regarding the biblical injunction to let the land lie fallow every 7 years, for a cultural and spiritual rest, there is a creative alternative to a complete Israeli stand-still has resulted in developing a sabbatical year-greenhouse at Ben Gurion University Institute. The greenhouse provides a cool environment for growing vegetables during the shimita year that conforms to requirements of Jewish law, and is designed around a ‘Wall-of-Drops cooling system. The vegetables are grown in trough-shaped-containers suspended from the roof. Because the plants are not in contact with the ground and troughs are filled with coconut shavings they are usable as defined by Jewish law. Also air pressure is modified to prevent insects entering without use of insecticides.

Israeli swimmer Keren Leibowitz, 27, won a gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle at the paralympics in Sydney at a world-record 1:10.25 minutes. Halfway into the Olympiad, Israel’s handicapped athletes collected another 3 medals, with Ze’ev Glickman and Doron Shziri earning silver in table tennis and rifle shooting respectively, and Yoav Kenzi winning bronze in broad jump.

North Korea continues to provide missile technology to Iran, Libya, Syria, Iraq and the Sudan. Kim Jong II regards ballistic missiles as an export commodity, one of the few things that his country can produce that can provide N. Korea with hard currency…..Syria has found a new destructive partner in N Korea. How much more dangerous Syria would be, had the late President Assad accepted Barak’s (Israel) give-away of the Golan Heights.

EXCERPTS: Dr. Rabbi Avigdor:
No ceremony in the Jewish calendar has been so sanctified as the sounding of the Shofar on Rosh Hashana. It has no musical significance, but the shofar reminds the Almighty of the ‘Binding of Isaac’ … Abraham, the first Jew, was finally blessed by G-d who granted him his first and only child by his wife beloved Sarah. Isaac was the first Jewish son, of Jewish parents.

During the 19 years which King Hussein of Jordan ruled over Eastern Jerusalem, he followed the instruction of the Koran, which calls Christians and Jews ‘infidels’ and sees Jews as cursed and Christians as hate-ridden. Moslems are warned against making friends with them and to wage war against them. After losing the 67 war he became ‘nice’ to Jerusalem Christians. During the 48-49 Arab-Israeli war Jordan occupied the Old-City of Jerusalem and the West Bank of the Jordan River. During the Jordanian rule, 34 out of 35 synagogues of the Old City were dynamited. Some turned into chicken coops and stables. Thousands of tombstones were used as latrine facings after being removed from Jewish cemeteries. Jews were not allowed to approach the Western Wall of the Temple Court, or Rachel’s Tomb, and many other sacred places. Since the 6 day-war all people are free to worship at their choice.. Jerusalem must remain…and forever…the undivided capital of Israel.

Professor Arie Arie Altman (Plant Sciences, Hebrew University, Jerusalem) says that through genetic engineering of trees which can withstand barren conditions, Scientists have succeeded in isolating unique proteins in the poplar tree to reserve the tree’s cells in dry and saline conditions typical of deserts. The research is significant because forecasts estimating 60% of all irrigation water in Israel will become saline in a few years.

A re-awakening is occurring among Jews. The current violence and rage incited by Arafat has caused profound disappointment and frustration on all sides of the Jewish spectrum. The left made a deal with Arafat and he flaunted disregard for every clause in the Olso and Wye agreements. The agreement was to limit the Palestinian police-force to 13,000 and today it is an army of 40,000 permitted handguns and rifles. Their arsenal includes stingers, anti-aircraft weapons, armored trucks, and heavy arms. If America is to be an honest broker, it must insist that the Palestinians adhere to what was agreed upon.

Why do the Palestinians send their children and youths to the “front-lines” to be martyred? The Palestinian Authority pays the families $2,000 for a death and $200 for an injury to advance the cause of the Palestinians and seek international sympathy for the Palestinians. The individual is sacrificed for the ultimate goals of the community, which is Muslim doctrine. ..Is it legitimate that Palestinians desecrate and usurp any holy site that falls under their authority? The Temple Mount is more sacred to Jews than Moslems, yet Jews are prevented from worshipping there.

… Two Israeli soldiers were returning to base from a short leave, and thought they were driving on a by pass road into Ramallah, the Palestinian Police captured them and ‘escorted them’ to a police station, and they were turned over to over 1,000 Arabs who tortured them and their bodies were so mutilated they were unrecognizable. The body of one was dragged around the city chained to a car while still alive. The other soldier was thrown from a window and killed. One of these murdered soldiers immigrated from Russia 10 years ago, and was married a week before his death.

The other soldier is survived by his wife, three children (4 year old twins and a nine year old daughter). The body of a third soldier has not been found.

Pray for the families who are in mourning. Over and over in scripture we are enjoined to care for the widows and orphans. Today there are new widows and orphans in Israel who need our love and prayers. Pray for a cessation of violence.

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