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Adar/Nisan                     Editor: Gwen Hamlin                     March 2001

JERUSALEM POST:  The British City of Leicester has formally renounced the 800 year old ban on Jews. Simon de Montfort, earl of Leicester, declared, “No Jew or Jewess in my time or in the time of any of my heirs to the end of the world shall inhabit or remain or obtain a residence in Leicester.” … Pastor Barry Hallam who led the renunciation campaign, is seeking a Lord or a member of Parliament’s support to void the charter made in 1265.

Egypt has barred Israel from attending a European and Mediterranean conference, which Israel has attended in the past. The conference of Chambers of Commerce from Israel and 15 European Union states, and Arab countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea has taken place once every two years since 1995. The Europeans say they deplored the Egyptian decision, but nevertheless agreed to attend the conference.

Excerpts from Berel Wein: A survey of the number of Jews in the world (not yet published) indicates a world population of Jews about 14 million in a world of approximately 6 billion people. When leaving Egypt 30 centuries ago, there were about 3 million Jews. By the time of the ‘Second Temple’ it is estimated tem million Jews were scattered throughout the Roman Empire, and in Babylonia, and in Persia as well. But this number was whittled down by the Middle Ages… Unrelenting Christian persecution of Jews in Europe and the sporadically violent behavior of Moslem rulers to Jews living under their rule created a Jewish population of less than 3 million at the time of Maimonides in the 12th century. Beginning the 19th century there were barely 4 million, and 60% lived in Europe. At the outbreak of World-War II of the 18 million Jews in the world, 11 million lived in Europe. THEN CAME THE HOLOCAUST… and one third were killed. In the past 60 years intermarriage and assimilation has caused a steep decline of people who identify themselves as Jewish. 

Seaport: Israel’s Port and Railway Authority has recommended building a second seaport in Haifa, the Carmel. The first part of the project will entail drying up a sea area close to Haifa Port, and building a 700 meter-long “finger,” using 2.5 million cubic meters of sand. This will decrease the backlog of ships waiting to unload their cargo, and trucks waiting at the ports. In 2004 Israel will open their newest anchorage, Ashdod’s Jubilee Port. The opening of the Ashdod Port will increase maritime traffic 50%.

BRIDGES  FOR  PEACE:   A transdermal sponge-like patch containing insulin, worn on the wrist under a bracelet - has been developed by an Israeli biotechnology company for use by ‘Type 1 diabetics’. It will be on the market in three years. Injections of insulin cause peak levels, which can result in hypoglycemia, low blood sugar. The developers have found a technique that uses the natural action of the skin to allow the insulin to pass through.

   Dead Sea Disaster

When the water level of the Sea of Galilee went below the “Red Line” (the point at which no water should be drawn from the lake) in Oct. 2000, it became a national crisis affecting home usage and the industrial and agricultural sectors. The crises at the Dead Sea is not just the result of the current drought, for the level has been going down steadily for nearly a century. The level today is 60 feet lower than it was a hundred years ago.  The impact of what is happening at the Dead Sea is not in the same areas that are affected elsewhere, but of its impact on the environment. The decline has rapidly increased and the formation of sinkholes around the edge of the sea are creating a risk to building and roads. Even the luxury hotels are now quite a distance away from the healing waters of  the Dead Sea. This area is world famous for its therapeutic benefits.

JEWISH PRESS:   Egyptian censors have banned a children’s music cassette with a song about young David, killing the giant Goliath. The Associated Press quoted the Censorship Authority as saying, “The particular song on the tape show that Israel’s glories and glowing imagery are intended to teach morals to Christian children through the Old-Testament Biblical narrative!” Although it had been approved by Egypt’s Coptic Christian Church.

The recent riots in Jerusalem was described by the media as spontaneous, and said the Al Aksa Mosque was the 3rd holiest site in Islam. But the media ignored the fact that the demonstrations were triggered by the ‘Green-light’ from Yasir Arafat. Most media said nothing about the 3,000 year old Jewish claim to the Temple Mount, and it is the #1 holiest site for Jews pre-dating Arafat’s claims by thousands of years.

Since the Exodus from Egypt, Israel (Jews) have a tradition of helping those who help them, and return kindness in kind. In Exodus 2:11 Moses killed a man for beating a Hebrew and he found refuge at the home of Yitro. Moses never forgot what Yitro did for him. Moses protected Yitro’s daughters by marrying one of them. Even after Moses was sent to redeem the Jewish people from Egypt, he returned to Yitro and asked permission to leave, and offered the chance for Yitro ‘to come with us’ (Numbers 10:28).

Hundreds of years later King Saul remembered Yitro’s kindness to Moses and warned Yitro’s descendants of the impending attack on Amalek (I Samuel 15:16) Another descendant of Yitro ‘collaborated’ with Israelites (Yael) by killing their enemy Sisera (Judges 5:24) And Rahab hid the spies sent by Joshua, helping them to escape over the wall, (Joshua 6:17) and she saved all her family.

Excerpts of David Horowitz:   Apolitically-divided Lebanon is moving to break the powerful Syrian grip which keeps them enslaved in economic and political military matters. Cardinal Sfeir said openly what many only say in whispers. Syria was supposed to have moved 30,000 troops in Lebanon, to the Bekaa region,  8 years ago. It has not happened. Syria’s new president, 35 year old Bashar-al-Assad has not deviated from the general policy of his father who died in June, 2000. Lebanon remains under tight Syrian military and political control.

In addition to the illegal earth-moving that the Arabs have resumed on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, 1) the Palestinians attack any Jews who try to enter, and 2) day in and day out, Palestinian trucks are emptying out more and more of the Temple Mount ruins and carrying away precious vestiges of the Jewish presence there.

The Palestinian Authority responded to the lawsuit against it by the family of one of the two reserve Israeli soldiers who were brutally murdered in a Palestinian Police Station then thrown out the window to the mob below. The P.A. say the soldiers themselves were to blame for their murders, and the Israelis also are to blame. They also say that Arafat is not a defendant because he is a Nobel Prize recipient.

A Palestinian terrorist attack which turned three of the Ofir Cohen family’s seven children into amputees, of Kfar Darom, is being helped by several American high-school students in Israel (and their parents). The strdents had not known of the extent of the injuries before, of the family of Noga and Ofir Cohen.

INTERNATIONAL JERUSALEM POST:   HAVE YOUR BROCCOLI AND EAT IT TOO - The biblical injunction to let the land lie fallow every seven years is meant to serve as a time for agricultural and spiritual rest and rejuvenation. This would mean a complete agriculture standstill. One such possibility is the  greenhouse developed at Ben-Gurion university’s Institute for Agriculture and Applied Biology.
 Institute Head, Professor Dov Pasternak and Dr. Eli Korin of the Department of Chemical Engineering have developed a greenhouse that will meet the requirements for Shmita Year (sabbatical-year).
 The greenhouse designed by the team is built around what it calls the “Wall of Drops” cooling system, in which vegetables are grown in long trough-shaped containers suspended from supporting structures along the greenhouse roof. Because the plants are not in contact with the ground and the troughs are filled with coconut shavings (and not soil), their use for raising crops does not entail “working the land” as defined by Jewish law.
 While developing the greenhouse, the team further modified the cooling system to produce positive air pressure within, thereby preventing insects from entering the greenhouse - without the use of insecticides.

WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST, JTA: Jew stopped from run in Yemen - Officials in Yemen rejected ... Ezer Ibrahim’s application [to run for office] because he is a Jew, and municipal law stipulates that election candidates should be Muslims,” a committee official told the French news agency. Had his candidacy been upheld, he would have been the first Jew to run for political office in Yemen. Some 600 Jews live in Yemen.

Canadians rally for Jerusalem:  Some 2,000 people attended a rally in Toronto to support continued Israeli control over a united Jerusalem. The Keynote speaker at the February event, Israeli legislator Natan Sharansky, said it was unthinkable that any Israeli government would consider surrendering sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem.

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