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Iyyar  5761     Edited by Ed Christiansen for Gwen Hamlin       May 2001

NEAR EAST REPORT:  According to the U.N. Charter, member states are supposed to be elected to the Security Council – the world body’s most powerful organ – on the basis of their “contribution … to the maintenance of international peace and security.” Few countries are as far from meeting this criterion as is Syria. Yet in a blatant example of the U.N.’s unprincipled cynicism, it appears certain that Damascus will soon be elected to the Security Council.

While the procedure of elections for council membership makes it virtually impossible for the United States to prevent Syria’s election, it behooves the administration to seek to deny Damascus the moral victory of support from America and its democratic allies.

Syria has undermined international peace and security for decades. It harbors and supports numerous terrorist organizations, including Hezbollah, and is one of seven countries to appear on the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism. Damascus maintains a 35,000 - strong occupation army in Lebanon since the 1970"s. None of this has deterred the U.N.’s Arab bloc from selecting Syria as its candidate for a two-year term as one of the council’s 10 non-permanent member, and the Asian bloc from endorsing that selection.  A two-third majority in the General Assembly is required. Since far less than a third of the U.N. members are Western democracies, the Arab world’s automatic U.N. majority is virtually guaranteed to vote for Syria’s admission.

The United States and all democracies should join in a powerful moral statement by voting against Syria’s election. A solid no vote by the world’s democracies would demonstrate that these countries are still capable of putting moral principle ahead of political expediency.  (Pray for this to happen, that the democracies will not surrender to the world’s authoritarian regimes.)

House and Senate: Members of the House and Senate raised concerns during meetings with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak about Egypt’s relations with Israel. Mubarak received strong messages from Senators and Representatives regarding his decision to recall Egypt’s ambassador to Israel, anti-Semitism in the Egyptian press, and the nature of Egypt’s “cold peace” with Israel and the necessity of a more productive contribution from Egypt to resolving the present conflict.

JTA,  WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST:  Shoah Commemorations Held;  Sirens wailed for two minutes across Israel on Thursday, April 19th as the country commemorated victims of the Holocaust. In the Knesset, Cabinet ministers and legislators read the names of relatives killed in the Holocaust in a ceremony called “Each Person Has A Name.”    In Poland, more than 1,000 Jewish youths from around the world participated in the annual March of the Living at the Auschwitz death camp.

P.A. daily calls Shoah a ‘fable’:  An article published in the April 13 edition of the official Palestinian Authority daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida describes the Holocaust as a “fable,” the Jerusalem Post reported.

“Jewish-controlled media” are responsible for perpetuating Holocaust myths, according to the article.

New Rules: Israel’s aerial attack on a Syrian radar installation deep inside Lebanon on Monday, in response to the killing of an Israeli soldier over the weekend, was a careful and deliberate upping of the ante – a new “price list” for Arab attacks on Israel, in the words of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s spokesman, Ra’anan Gissin.    “There are new rules now,” Defense Minister Benamin Ben-Eliezer agreed, indicating that Israel would hold Syria directly responsible for Hezbollah attacks.

Swiss fund faces new delays: An attorney representing Holocaust victims said he is frustrated that litigation is delaying the payment of $1.25 billion from a fund created by Switzerland’s leading banks. Just the same, Burt Neuborns said Tuesday he hopes the ligation can be settled by summer and that payments can begin soon thereafter.     In the meantime, groups overseeing the settlement are mailing eligibility forms to Holocaust survivors and their heirs.

NATIONAL JEWISH MEDICAL and RESEARCH CENTER:  This National Research Center, in Denver Colorado, does research on tuberculosis, asthma, severe allergies, lupus and other deadly respiratory, and immune diseases. Being the #1 respiratory hospital in the U.S. for three consecutive years (U.S. News & World Report, 1998-2001), we find that as you read this paper, tuberculosis in on the rise again around the world, with millions dying if this disease each year.

At the same time, 17 million Americans have asthma – an increase of more than 75% in the last 20 years. Do we need to return to Bible principals and logic to meet the challenge of today?

THE JEWISH PRESS:  Sharon under pressure to take off the gloves. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon faced growing pressure this week to unleash a more decisive military response to the continuing Palestinian violence, particularly amid reports that hundreds of Palestinian children are currently undergoing “martyr training” by members of the Palestinian Authority in preparation for battle against IDF forces in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

Sharon told U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell over the weekend that the security situation in Israel is, as he put it, “unbearable” and that Israel intends to defend itself.   Sharon told Powell that it must be made “unequivocally clear” that PA Chairman Yasir Arafat will be responsible for any escalation in the security situation. In spite of this, the Palestinian Authority is continuing with terrorism, and is not taking any preventive actions and [instead] makes the situation worse.

Golan Fire: A major blaze in the southern Golan Heights area known as Nahal El Al has resulted in the evacuation of tourists visiting the area. A military helicopter was summoned to assist ground fire fighting forces in controlling the blaze. Nobody was reported injured in the fire.

Torah - Holds the clue to the Cure and Prevention of Cancer:  The sketch of a young child reaching for a cup of water in order to carry out the morning ritual of washing ones hands, in accordance with Torah instruction, makes an important point; it is one of the ways that has kept our people alive through terrible plagues that decimated whole communities.

I quote from the Mayo Clinic Health Letter: “Washing your hands with soap and water remains the most effective way to avoid getting a cold. Washing your hands with regular dishwashing soap might be particularly effective against viruses. Keep unwashed hands off your face particularly your eyes, nose and mouth!”.

Washing hands with soap and water immediately after a bathroom visit is one way to avoid hepatitis, according to Dr. S. Schulman, and is of course required by the Torah.

Torah is a guide for living a sane, normal life. No one is quite sure what causes cancer, but living a sane, normal lifestyle surely makes more sense than living insanely (disregarding the most elementary rules of good health habits).

The American Institute for Cancer Research will hold a conference in New York on May 8th to study the “links between diet, lifestyle and cancer prevention.” They recommend a diet consisting of a variety of fruits and vegetables and grains, which Shirley Mandel, a Nutritionist, has been advocating for years.

The N.Y. Times states that “Relaxation can cure the most serious illnesses!” What they were referring to is relaxation through meditation! Meditation in the Word of the Lord. “The Torah said this long before the Times.”  (The book ”God’s Key to Health and Happiness", written by Elmer A. Josephson, has been an advocate of these truth’s in the Bible, of which God promises us good health. He also said that He would not withhold any good from us, and truly good health is the best thing we can have. You may order a copy from Bible Light, P.O. Box 370, Ottawa, KS 66067-0370).  Perhaps the time has come to not only cure cancer and other serious illnesses but to prevent them altogether.

Water crisis: The water crisis in Israel is apparently worse than originally feared, and Water Commissioner Shimon Tal has called for “cuts in everything.” An updated estimate shows that Israel will have 475 million cubic meters of water less than it needs to meet its needs in 2001 – 20 percent worse than previous estimates. This past March was the driest March in over 40 years. Water experts forecast that many water sources in the north will dry up this summer. Tal said that he hopes the government will authorize his recommendations on water saving and consumption cutbacks.

Two New Distant Planets: Two distant planets outside our solar system have been discovered by an international team that includes astronomers at Tel Aviv University. The planets were found to revolve around two distant stars called HD178911 and HD80606. Prof. Zvi Mazeh, chairman of TAU’s astronomy department, with Shai Zucker and Gavriel Drucker were members of the Israeli team, who worked together with scientists in the US, Switzerland and France. The planets are some 200 light-years from Earth.

Chinese Historian: Xu Xin noted Chinese Historian testifies to the close link uniting Jewry-Israel with the Chinese. In the English portion of his preface to his “Chinese Encyclopedia Judaica”, the author opens with this statement: “Without either Chinese or Jewish cultures, world civilization as we know it today would be diminished. These two major existing, living societies developed into highly civilized forms in ancient times and kept continuous recorded histories of their origins which impacted upon world civilization.” “Both civilizations are based on traditions of wisdom, learning and family values which has enabled these values to be transmitted from generation to generation for millennia.” “Both share strong family traditions with respect for elders, honored roles for women and close interaction between young and old.” “Both value education and as a result, teachers and scholars are highly respected.” “Both cultures survived in spite of severe setbacks and flourished while other civilizations rose, fell, or even disappeared into oblivion.”

As we enter the 21st century, Chinese are facing a challenge to move towards a more active world role. To understand Jewish culture is an essential step in preparation for the challenge before us because the whole world has been stirred by Jewish thought. Virtually no civilization has been untouched; no history of western civilization can be recounted without considering the Jewish component — what Jews have thought, felt, written and achieved. Not to understand the Jewish culture is not to understand the world. Not to understand our fellow man is ultimately not to understand ourselves."

Drilling: The “Mary 3" drilling siege off the coast of Ashkelon contains a higher quality and quantity of natural gas than previously thought, the Yam Thetis Group responsible for drilling in the site said today. The group concluded the drilling at a final depth of 2,553 meters (approximately 8,376 feet) below sea level, and said that it would continue to examine the data retrieved from the site.

Israel And The Nations: [Prof. Paul Eidelberg] Israel – alone, is now engaged in a war of self-defense against Arafat’s army of  terrorists. This war against the Jews was declared by Arafat the day after he signed an agreement with Israel renouncing violence. The agreement was signed on the White House lawn on September 13, 1993. The next day, in Johannesburg, Arafat boldly proclaimed a Jihad (Holy War) against the Jewish state. Since then, Arafat’s terrorists have murdered some 550 Jewish men, women, and children — equivalent, in population terms, to 30,000 Americans! Nevertheless, Israel’s government is forbidden by the nations to defend its Jewish citizens against their Arab enemies.

The Jews survived by remaining distinct, different, distant. They survived not by imitating the nations but by cultivating their own heritage, yet mastering every field of knowledge, as must G-d’s Chosen People, a people endowed with a Divine mission. What nation has bestowed upon mankind the blessings of this people? The nations of this world are not to be depended upon; in their relations with one another they are either feckless or  treacherous.

Israel is to have a polity type of government, that is a G-dly type, a type of course that will be a Torah polity, but the wisdom of the Torah is still largely hidden. Nevertheless, this much may be ventured.

Without disengaging from the world, this Jewish polity – the Israel of tomorrow – will know how to stand alone, confident in its pathos of distance. This Israel will be admired by the nations. Its passion will be magnanimity; its thought and action will constitute a unity wherein freedom dwells with righteousness, equality with excellence, wealth with beauty, the here and now with love of the Eternal.

AIR WAYS: EL AL And Continental fill void as ailing TWA withdraws Tel Aviv Service. TWA began its service to Israel, Tel Aviv, in 1946 – two years before the State of Israel won its independence. EL AL currently operates up to five daily flights from the U.S. to Israel. Effective June 1st Delta will operate daily nonstop service between New York’s John F. Kennedy International airport and Tel Aviv.

EMBASSY MOVE: Guatemala City Mayor Fritz Garcia Callount urged his country to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Post reported. He was addressing the 21st International Jerusalem Conference of Mayors. Currently, El Salvador and Costa Rica are the only two countries with embassies in Jerusalem.

New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who was unable to attend the conference, sent Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert a letter stating that a picture of 10-month-old Shalhevet Pass, murdered by a sniper bullet in Hebron, now hangs in his office as a show of solidarity with Isreal.    

Forty-six mayors from 26 countries participated in the week-long conference. Participants toured Israel and met with President Moshe Katsav, Prime Minister  Ariel Sharon and Minister of Foreign Affairs Shimon Peres.

CAIRO: Ahmed Abdul Haim, a retired Egyptian general and deputy director of the Cairo-based National Center for Middle East Studies, said President Hosni Mubarak has threatened to use the long-range missiles against Israel in any future war. Egypt is developing long-range ballistic missiles.

Mr. Halim said a joint Israeli-U.S. missile defense exercise held last month in the Negev desert was meant to warn Egypt against using ballistic missiles against the Jewish state.

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