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TISHREI 5762                   Gwen Hamlin, Editor           October 2001
Ed Christiansen, Associate Editor

JEWISH PRESS - World Book Encyclopedia:
The Simon Wiesenthal Center has urged the World Book Encyclopedia and TWO-CAN Publishing to withdraw a children’s book entitled Stand Up For Your Rights because it excludes Israel. Rabbi Abraham Cooper wrote, in part, “I note that the book lists nations from every continent (including Afghanistan and Yugoslavia). Israel is conspicuous in its absence, and while there are many countries that are not listed in this book, the authors did manage to list ”Palestine." The adult world needs to teach our children to operate on a level playing field and to be fair and honest to all people. Stand Up For Your Rights fails that test miserably and we are deeply disappointed that your company and The World Book Encyclopedia would attach their names to an ongoing, unfair political effort to de-legitimize the State of Israel. The book, which was originally in England to celebrate “50 years of human rights,” has a forward by UN Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson. That international body, which excludes Israel from its roster, has been in the forefront of anti-Israel initiatives and has labeled the Jewish State as guilty of war crimes during the current intifada.

PA Sewage Polluting Israel’s Water:
Untreated sewage from Palestinian Authority areas is reaching Israeli streams and communities, Environment Minister Tzahi Hanegbi said. He strongly criticized the PA for not properly treating sewage originating from PA areas, and suggested that the government establish treatment plants along the Green Line to purify sewage from PA areas before it reaches Israel. The money for the plants should come from PA funds in Israeli banks, he said. After touring the West Bank, he said, sewage from PA areas that is reaching Israeli streams and towns endangers the country’s aquifers and harms the environment. In the Jerusalem area industrial sewage from the Beit Jala area, containing carcinogenic materials such as heavy metals, is flowing toward the city.

Israelis killed: Since the start of the PLO Authority “Intifada” (Sept. 29, 2000) 168 Israeli civilians and security personnel have been killed and hundreds wounded in Arab Terror attacks.

Israeli Scientists discover Gene responsible for muscular dystrophy: Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot have identified the gene responsible for a form of muscular dystrophy that is specific to Persian Jews. The research was supported and assisted by private donor families who are affected by the disease and carried out under the auspices of the Ministry of Science. Thanks to the research, there is now a genetic test that can detect carriers of the gene. The rate of occurrence of carriers of the genetic mutation among Persian Jews is approximately 15 percent. The revelation will prove invaluable for the effectiveness of pre-marital and pre-conception genetic screening.

120 SLA children to attend school in Kiryat Shmona: Former Southern Lebanese Army combatants children, about 120 of them, will attend schools in the northern community of Kiryat Shmona. The children are former Lebanese residents now living in northern Israel. Kiryat Shmona Mayor Haim Bargai announced that over 100 former SLA families now living in the northern municipality will receive all the services the town has to offer, adding that they were ready and willing to fight side-by-side with IDF forces, and it was now Israel’s turn to treat them accordingly.

Iraq Increases Payment For Terrorist Attackers: (Insurance to the families of the bombers) The government of Iraq has increased its payments to families of Arab suicide bombers from $10,000 to $15,000. Iraqi officials are also increasing payments for persons injured in fighting with the Israeli forces from $500 to $1,000.

Russian airlines stop flights to Israel: Six Russian air carriers announced they would cancel flight to Israel because of the ongoing Middle East violence, according to the Russian media. Scandinavian Airlines, which flies 25,000 tourists to Israel each winter, also recently canceled flights to Eilat, Israel.

Mossad Warned U.S. of Impending Attack: Senior Israeli security officials revealed last week that Israel’s Mossad had recently alerted American intelligence to the possibility of major terrorist attacks by Middle Eastern elements against key building and installations in the United States. (reported Israeli daily, Maariv.) The Italian newspaper Il Foglio also reported last week that Israel was the only country to warn the U.S. that Middle Eastern terrorism was about to hit the U.S. “Israel and the U.S. have been fighting terrorism side by side even before the forming of this coalition, and it goes without saying that it will be active now as well.” Israel’s position is that any coalition for an international war against terrorism must have the broad aim of battling all terrorism worldwide – including Palestinian terror against Israel. The defense establishment in Israel has received general warnings regarding plans by terrorist organizations to perpetrate mass-casualty attacks within Israel. It has not yet received warnings of any specific planned attack, but both the IDF and the Shin Bet security service believe that the success of Tuesday’s, Sept. 11 attacks in the U.S. will encourage Palestinian terror organizations to attempt strikes of similar proportions in Israel.

Zim Saved By A Move To Virginia: The Haifa-based Zim Israel Navigation Company’s North American branch was headquartered in one of the World Trade Center towers – until September 6th, when it relocated to Virginia.

Kidnapping And Threats: Yasser Arafat’s Tanzim kidnapped the cameraman who filmed a report for AP showing Palestinians in Ramallah celebrating the attacks against the United States. The report included footage of Palestinian police firing their assault rifles in the air in celebration as hundreds cheer. The cameraman was released later, but not before the Associated Press protested to the Palestinian Authority about threats against the cameraman in the event the footage was screened. Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Arafat’s Cabinet secretary, said the Palestinian Authority “cannot guarantee the life” of the cameraman if the footage is broadcast.


Inside Israel - JERUSAELM: When you hear the word “Jericho,” you think of the wall that fell down and enabled the Hebrews to capture the fortified city. The Israeli Antiquities Authority in a special report to the government, has stated that sections of the southern wall of the Temple Mount are in “immediate danger of collapse.” This time it is not from action on the outside, but possibly due to the construction of a mosque in the area of Solomon’s Stables. Tests were conducted after areas of the southern wall could be clearly seen protruding from their normal position. The most extensive construction work by the Moslems in the area of the southeast corner of the Temple Mount, was carried out five years ago. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon previously rejected a proposal for police to remove the heavy building and earth-moving equipment from the Temple Mount area. This new information may change the picture rapidly. Archaeologists have accused the Wakf (the Moslem authority on the Temple Mount) of a deliberate attempt to remove any possible trace of Jewish history on the Mount.

Circled area: southern wall is protruding from its normal position.

Arab Boy wins Mishna (Jewish Oral Law) Championship: The first in modern history…Amir Hyeb a thirteen-year-old Arab student at the Amal Menachem Begin Intermediate School in Safed, not only participated in this year’s Mishna study competition at his school but he came in first place. He was the only Moslem in his school who entered this year’s competition. Entering the competition involves trips to locations throughout the Galilee where the Mishna was compiled. There is also academic preparation for the competition. The award has even greater significance because of the school’s location. Safed is considered by some Jews to be second in importance only to Jerusalem as a center of Torah study.

No Wonder! Why is it that Israel continues to lose the battle in the international media and world opinion? Many answers have already crossed your mind, but here is one you might not have thought of. In 1999, the English sector of the Israeli Government Press Office had 8 full-time workers. These eight were responsible to explain the government’s position on current events to the rest of the world. When Ehud Barak became Prime Minister in May of 1999, the staff was reduced to one person. Ariel Sharon has added one more employee to the department. I don’t think we can completely blame the situation on Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism or the liberal persuasion of the press corps. Even in the Moslem world the people of Israel are known as “The People of the Book” and “the Book” is the Bible. Consciously or subconsciously, secular humanity feels much more comfortable in their lifestyle every time they can discredit the “Book” or the “People of the Book.” Making the situation even worse is the fact that the Arab nations, and in particular the Palestinian Authority, have become masters at propaganda and producing for the world press terms and phrases that completely turn the truth upside down and inside out.

Cancer – Control, Not Kill: Eitan Yefenof, Professor of General and Tumor Immunology at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, has announced a new approach to the treatment of cancer. The new technique places a toxic molecule into the blood stream which specifically targets cancer cell receptors. The toxin Kills or inactivates the cancer cell, preventing it from replicating. Though the cancer may not be totally destroyed, it stops growing and becomes dormant. Presently, conventional chemotherapy is accomplished through large doses of toxic drugs that destroy normal cells along with the cancer cells. Professor Yefenof said it is known that individuals with dormant cancer cells can lead healthy lives for long periods of time.

RESPONSE - Simon Wiesenthal Center World Report: In the waning days of the Clinton Administration, Palestinian officials insisted that the Temple Mount – the holiest site of the Jewish people – along with the Western Wall should come under Palestinian sovereignty. But the facts on the ground demonstrate a hatred for Judaism and Jews that disqualifies Palestinian control over any religious sites. One Israeli recounted the torching of the Tomb of Joseph in Nablus: “In an agreement worked out by both sides, the Palestinians promised to protect the holy site of Joseph’s Tomb as the Israelis withdrew. During the withdrawal the Palestinian masses stormed the tomb, pulled out Jewish religious articles, prayer books and the like and burned them, set fire to the inside of the tomb, and destroyed as much of the tomb itself that they could, stone by stone. These are acts by people who, according to Palestinian officials Saeb Erakat and Hannan Ashrawi, just wanted Jewish presence out of their town but ‘bear no hatred towards Jews or Israelis. They just want peace.’ In all the years of conflict, not a single mosque, whether occupied, used or not, has been touched by Israeli authorities or civilians.” “Are these the Partners Jews and Christians are Supposed to Entrust With our Holiest Sites?”

FOCUS - World Terrorism: A major effort is underway to divert American shock and anger away from radical Islamic terrorists and somehow, put the blame on Israel. The Arab nations, using professional PR agencies are now deep into planning how to deflect accusations of complicity away from them. According to Arnold Reingold, historian, “The radical Islamist Muslims in Middle East are attacking Israel but their goal is world domination. The Muslims perceive Israel as the weak point in the Western defense. If Israel falls, they will feel strengthened in their attack against the West. If they succeed in destroying Israel, they will feel they can dominate the West.” America crippled Israel’s intelligence network, especially the Mossad, by demanding that Israel’s intelligence information be turned over to Arafat’s nine secret services. Under Rabin and Peres they accepted this demand through Oslo resulting in over 700 Israeli’s being murdered by Palestinian Arab Terrorists, with thousands more injured, some maimed for life. When America, under Bill Clinton, sent CIA personnel to train Arafat’s PLO in electronic intelligence gathering, it was an extremely foolish move. Arafat through his connection with all other terrorist organizations and terrorist states, was a one-way pipeline to transfer our vital American technology. Once again, we Americans shot ourselves in the foot and also undermined Israeli security.

BRIDGES FOR PEACE: The Jewish Agency reports the discovery of a hitherto unknown Jewish community in southern Ukraine; “About six weeks ago, in the little town of Konetzpol, which means end of the field,’ a small community a small community of 50 Jews was discovered.” When asked what he means by ‘discovered,’ he said, “It means that until now they did not want to be discovered, but they suddenly decided that they wanted a connection, and began showing interest in Israel and Aliyah (immigration to Israel). ”There could be many such little communities like this throughout Russia…"

Israel a World Leader in Computer Development: Over 140 Israeli hi-tech firms raised (U.S.) $641m in the first quarter of this year. Israel is fast becoming the world leader in software and microchip development. By Israel having a free-trade relationship with the U.S. and Europe, products and technologies developed by both continents make Israel a free trade conduit to each other’s markets.

INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING - Van Impe: Iran has pledged to support Syria in any war against Israel. The two countries also discussed ways to improve bilateral relations. Iran and Syria are cooperating in weapons and missile development.

Moscow Tests New Missile: “Russia has conducted a test of a long-range missile with a new jet-powered last stage designed to defeat U.A. missile defenses, according to U. S. intelligence officials. The flight test of the road-mobile SS-25 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) took place from a launch site in central Russia. It was tracked to an impact area several thousand miles away on the Kamchatka Peninsula. U.S. Officials said the missile’s flight took an unusual path: its last stage was a high-speed cruise missile that flew within the Earth’s atmosphere at an altitude of about 100,000 Feet." (Read Ezekiel 38:1,2,9,11,12,16)

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