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TEVET  5762                 Gwen Hamlin, Editor    Ed Christiansen, Associate Editor
                                                                                                               JANUARY 2002

JERUSALEM  POST:  Israeli, Gavriel Meron (CEO of Given Imaging) has developed a miniature camera-in-a-capsule, which revolutionizes showing the gastrointestional system of a patient. Existing tests such as colonoscopy etc. is invasive and very uncomfortable, however this capsule is painless. This capsule, called M2A is 1" long, and takes about 8hours to pass through the body before being excreted. In the USA, Given Imaging has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for use in the small intestine, but the company seeks FDA clearance for the whole gastrointestinal tract. On Sept. 10th the management spent all day in the New York Twin Towers, before moving to Delaware the next day, September 11th. America’s day of disaster in New York Towers.

BRIDGES  FOR  PEACE:  A huge site identified with Hazor by British archaeologist J. L. Porter in 1875, has yielded a wealth of relics including temples, and a huge water-system, and much more. Professor Amnon Ben-Tor (Hebrew University) continues. During the Late Bronze Age, an area now open between the “southern temple and the ”northern temple’ as been exposed; it served as a major communication artery between the two monumental buildings, the northern and southern temples. Additional proof for the early date of the walls, under the fills and pavements is a floor dating to the Middle Bronze Age. A 12 foot stone foundation is not yet dated. A protective moat ran along the face of the Iron Age casemate wall.
   Despite its designation by the US as a state sponsor of terrorism, Syria was elected to the United Nations Security Council by an overwhelming majority, and lone opposition from Israel. Article 23 of the U. N. Charter states that states are to be voted onto the council based on their “contribution” to the international peace and security. Syria is voted in for a 2 year term.
   Iraq has developed an unmanned air vehicle capable of delivering a chemical or biological warhead, the C. I. A. intelligence agency says. Iraq has conducted test flights of the L-29 for delivery of mass destruction. Since the suspension of the United Nations weapons inspections in 1998, Iraq has obtained dual-use equipment to restore missile factories and WMD installations, and nuclear research is also restored.
   Israeli researchers from the Institute of Technology in Haifa have discovered beneficial effects of pomegranate seed oil in this battle of  breast cancer. The Juice of the fruit is toxic to most breast cancer cells, yet it seems to  have no effect on healthy sells. Pomegranates seem to replace the estrogen prescribed to protect postmenopausal women against osteoporosis etc. Dr. Marven  Goldman, NY, says “This is apparently a safe substance, for use on women at high risk for developing breast cancer”.
   A recent poll taken for Palestinians, following the recent U.S. attacks, and published in the official Palestinian Authority owned daily, reveals 73% of Palestinians support military action against American targets. Regarding suicide missions against American interests in the Middle East, 73% supported it.

JEWISH  PRESS:  In 3316 Josiah’s son Yehoachaz, reigned for three months when he was deposed by Egypt. The new king ‘Yehoyakim’ (3316-3327) was weak and pliant at first. Israel was trapped between Egypt and Babylon (present day Iraq). In later years Nebuchadnezzer became king of Babylon and he wanted Israel. After 3 years Yehoyakim revolted and the noose of Babylon tightened around Judah (Daniel 1:2-3)…The book of Daniel shows how Jewish integrity survives and rebuilds. In 3327 Nebuchadnezzer returns and deposed, Yehoyakim and loots the Temple treasury (II Kings 24:12-16)
   The Temple was destoyed in 3338.
In Psalm 121:4 the protector of Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers. Jeremiah 29:4-14a says “…To all the exile… seek the peace of the city to which I have exiled you and pray for it to Hashem, for through its peace will you have peace…the word of Hashem;  thoughts of peace and not evil, to give you a future  and a hope…I will make Myself available to you…”
   In Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, a celebration commemorating Hamas terrorists suicide bombings which killed dozens of innocent Israelis.  Hamas adults fitted children aged 4-8 with fatigues and armed them with toy rifles, they were drilled, and required to carry these guns drawn, while crawling through mud in pursuit of imaginary Israeli prey.
   Israel’s National Insurance Institute reports that one in every four children live below the poverty line. Rising unemployment has made a bad situation even worse. Hard hit are the children.
   European Union Funds are being used to finance Palestinian attacks on Israel, and last week the European Commission approved 30 million Euros for direct assistance to the PA, and Arafat will be allowed to use the money as he wants.

Ponder these questions?   
   (1). For whom is the land (Israel) “holy”?
   (2). To whom was the land promised?  There is but one answer - The People of Israel.
(3). In what language is the name of the city of Jerusalem coined?  In Hebrew, the language of Israel.
(4). What book contains most references to the Land and its cities?  The Bible, the Book of Israel.
(5). Who longs and yearns and dreams of returning and rebuilding the Land?  Again, the People of Israel.
(6). So what is the origin of the name of “Palestine” being bandied around by the Arabs?  This word is Latin, and used by the Romans for one purpose: to eradicate the memory of Israel from the land, just as they renamed Jerusalem, “Aelia Capitolina”… The Philistines were new to the land, probably stemming from the people who had been evicted from Greece by the Hellenes, circa 12th century. The Philistines were gone by the time of Alexander’s conquest, and there is no trace of them for 500 years before the Romans name the land after them.
(7). Why did they call it “Palestina”?  So the world would not remember Israel any longer. God did. Neither U. S. Secretary of State Powell, nor Arab oil, nor any other power on earth can undo G-d’s will; G-d said to Yaacov, “I am the L-rd. The land upon which you are lying, to you will I give it. and to your descendants” (Genesis 28:13) (Excerpts: Rabbi David Algaze).
   Proctor and Gamble has cancelled its advertising on Arab television which depicts Israeli Prime Minister Sharon, as a vampire who drinks the blood of Arabs. The content and positioning of this TV program was to coincided with the time when millions of Moslem families would be together to break their Ramadan fast.
   Scientists in Israel have developed the first successful vaccine for “Type I” diabetes, which blocks the immune system’s destruction of pancreatic beta cells in humans. DiaPep 277’s trials have been successfully completes and distribution will begin world-wide this year. Many have been treated in many countries, successfully. 140 million people suffer from diabetes.
   The “Beitar-Jerusalem” professional soccer club (Israel) has decided it will no longer play its home games on “Shabbat” (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown) but rather on Saturday nights, or on week days. The team is eager for the religious public to attend games.
   New Zealand- based dairy company Fonterra Cooperative Group - the fourth largest dairy company in the world, has invested $35 million in the Israeli dairy company, Tnuva, the Whey processing plant which exports 80%  aimed at the kosher and ‘superkosher’ markets in the USA and Europe.
   Polish researchers have located mass graves at Sobibor, former Nazi death camp in eastern Poland where 250,000 people, predominately Jewish, were killed, says Andrzej Kola, archeology professor. More research is planned this year
   The combination of relentless terror attacks on Israel citizens and the worldwide economic downturn, which followed the September 11 suicide bombings in the USA, has decimated two of Israel’s most vital economic engines ––Tourism and Construction.
   Israel provides tips to India on fighting terror by sharing its experience in taking a tough line against Palestinian hard-liners.  The December 13 Muslim attack on India’s Parliament and other issues were discussed, and from there should they, India, attack terrorist bases inside Pakistan?

RESPONSE:  OneFamily helps Victims of Terror in Israel:  OneFamily is a special fund that has been established by the family of 12 -year-old Michal Belzberg in Israel to aid Jewish victims of Arab terrorism. One hundred and seventy-seven Israelis have been killed and 1,743 have been injured in terrorist attacks since the current wave of Palestinian violence began on September 29,2000. Civilians have been the majority of those killed (128) and injured (1,216). Thirty children (under the age of 18) have been killed in attacks while 272 have been injured. One Hundred and fifty-eight children (under the age of 18) have been left orphans.
Just one week before Michal’s bat mitzvah celebration, a suicide bomber killed 15 people and wounded many more at the Sbarro Pizzeria in Jerusalem. After visiting survivors of the attack in the hospital, Michal told her parents, Marc and Chantal, that she’d rather not have the party. Instead the OneFamily Fund came into being. The OneFamily Board includes Jonathan Kellerman, Rabbi Marvin Hier, Malcolm Hoenline and “Ronald Lauder. Immediate goals are to build a rehabilitation center for young victims and to help children of victims ($400,000 has already been raised). For more information, contact Israel Emergency Solidarity Fund, OneFamily, 98 Cuttermill Road, Suite 201N, Great Neck, NY 11021.

Yasser Arafat:  Yasser Arafat has simply been waiting in Ramallah for a ship full of arms to arrive in the Red Sea. These arms would have been offloaded in Egypt and smuggled into Gaza. Arafat  has been illegally “importing” arms this way for years. Then, with his arms and munitions resupplied he was going to declare “The War for the Liberation of Palestine”. This was to be a last ditch wave of incredible violence on his part. He was going to fight his way out of Ramallah.
The Israeli Navy recently intercepted Arafat’s weapons ship, with 50 tons of weapons, ammunition, mortars and bombs, transporting from the Red Sea area. Now Arafat must delay again until he can get more arms and munitions. He can only buy time and hope now for democratic weakness to be his most dependable and greatest ally.

Dr. James M. Hutchens:  The greatest peril to the Palestinian State being proposed by our leaders is that God is not in favor of it, either it will not happen or if it does it will be short lived. But what is worse, those who are pressuring for a Palestinian State not only are working at cross purposes with God, but they place themselves and their own nations in great peril. “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” (Galatians 6:7)

The Hebrew Scriptures declares, (JPM, A.E.) “Hashem (God) annuls the counsel of nations, he thwarts the designs of peoples. The counsel of Hashem will endure forever, the designs of His heart from generation to generation. Praiseworthy is the nation whose God is Hashem, the people He chose for His own heritage.  (Psalms 33:10-12)

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