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ELUL  5762 / TISHRE 5763                                                         Gwen Hamlin, Editor
SEPTEMBER 2002                                               Ed Christiansen, Associate Editor


A word from the JPM Editor,  Gwen Hamlin

In II Kings chapter 2 : 1-25 we read about an incident, with Elisha and Elijah. The sons of the prophets are telling Elisha that God was going to take Elijah that day to heaven, a fact that Elisha already knew, and he refused to leave his friend. This happened in the different cities on the way to the place where God was going to take Elijah up, he got the same question and he gave the same response.

At Jericho they turned toward the Jordan River. After crossing the Jordan, with the 50 sons of the prophets looking on, the chariot of fire then approached them, Elisha says, “My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen (driver) thereof. And he saw him no more…” (v 12)

The sons of the prophets did not see Elijah taken up in the chariot and asked Elisha if they could go and find him. Elisha said, “Ye shall not send” (v 16) or you will not go to look for him. They being sons of the prophets, pressured him, and finally he said “send” (v 17). For three days they looked for Elijah and could not find him. When they returned Elisha had this to say to them, “Did I not say unto you, Go not”? (v 18).

Then the men of Jericho asked him to help them with their water supply, for it was bitter and the land barren because of it. Elisha asked for a new cruse, and putting salt into it he threw it out into the water.  “Thus saith the Lord, ‘I have healed these waters; there shall not be from thence any more death or barren land.’” (v21)

From there he went toward Beth-el, (near today’s Ramallah) and children came running out to him and mocked him, saying, ‘Go up thou bald head; go up, thou bald head.’ (v23)  As a result two she bears came out of the woods and tare 42 of the children.

Today many mock God’s Word, and His servants and even allowing our children also to mock representatives of God’s ministry. In our homes TV also constantly mocks God. We will be held responsible. Remember the 10 Commandments? Exodus 20? “Thou shalt not take the Name of the LORD thy God in vain. For the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh His Name in vain.”

                                 REMEMBER?                                             God is not mocked! 

We’re staying in Yesha!

Seventy percent of the youth in Yesha (Judea, Samaria, and Gaza) communities plan to live in Yesha when they raise their own families. This is the finding of a survey carried out by researchers in the Judea and Samaria College in Ariel. The current warfare has not led to a drop in the numbers of those who wish to live in Yesha. Most of those polled say that living in Yesha is no more dangerous than living anywhere else in Israel.

JEWISH PRESS:     Hundreds Turn Out To March Around Temple Mount.  Hundreds of persons turned out to take part in the monthly march around the gates  to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. The monthly event is held on Rosh Chodesh, the new month. Participants in the event point out that their presence is significant and intended to remind the world that the Temple Mount belongs to the Jewish people. They called upon the government to open the Mount to Jewish worshippers.

Water From Turkey: Israel plans to import 1 billion cubic meters of water from Turkey during the next 20 years. During a meeting between Prime minister Ariel Sharon and the visiting Turkish energy minister, the two nations signed a deal for Israel to import some 20 million cubic meters a year. This amounts to about 2.5 percent of Israel’s annual fresh water consumption. The paper said the deal would be worth between $800 million to $1 billion over the period of the contract.

French Dentists:  A large group of French dentists arrived in Israel, to examine possibilities of employment and to prepare for Israeli licensing exams. Upon their return to France, the 57 dentists will take the tests in French - the first time that such tests will be given outside Israel. The Jewish Agency’s representative in Paris, Avi Kadosh, says that this is part of a new policy designed to help entire professional sectors among potential new immigrants.

New Immigrants Arrive:   Some 620 new immigrants arrived in Israel last Monday in what is described as the largest Aliyah day this year. Overall, more than 1,150 immigrants are expected to arrive this week, the Jewish Agency said.

The largest group from America came in July, which was 400 at one time. “Fear not, for I am with thee; I will bring thy seed from the east, and gather thee from the west;” (Isaiah 43:5)

Shabbat Begins At Sundown:  Following a dispute started by a Tel-Aviv store owner, the Israeli courts have decided that Shabbat begins at sundown on Friday and ends with the appearance of three stars on Saturday night. This ruling is important to the law of Israel’s day of rest that had been previously recognized as Shabbat. Many non-religious wanted Shabbat to officially start only at midnight on Friday. In religious circles the reaction was, “Shabbat is Shabbat, we always knew when it started.”

First Kosher Supermarket Opens In Russia:  A modern  kosher supermarket opened near the Marina Roscha Synagogue and the Lubavitch Jewish Community Center. The store is stocked with everything from soup to nuts. “Our goal,” said Mr Mordechai Weissberg, direstor of the Community Center, “is to expand the kosher market to encourage as many Jews as possible to keep kosher in Russia.”

Australian Census Totals:   There are some 84,000 Jews in Australia, according to the latest census. The actual number may be higher, because the census form lists religion as an optional question. The actual number may be around 120,000.

The Original 9/11:  Tisha B’Av, it so happens , is the ninth day of the 11th month on the Hebrew calendar, which means it is the original 9/11, the Jewish people’s day of infamy. On our “9/11" both Temples were burned, 1.1 million Jews were murdered by the Romans, 100,000 sold into slavery or fed to the lions, and the terrible Exile from which we have yet to fully return began.

INN-Tolerable Discrimination:  “You people don’t belong here,” these words were said to a Jewish couple & their 3 children when they were forcibly expelled from the Catskill Days Inn Motel.  They pleaded explaining it was Shabbos, and as observant Jews they could not pack their luggage, drive or  transact business. They were ejected into the heat without food or water under the watchful eye of State Troopers. The family camped on the lawn of a park for seven hours until the Sabbath ended.

Another incident, in the same Motel,  was an Orthodox mother and her two children being stranded in the Days Inn because of arriving late to Albany, and driving on to her destination, made it only to the Inn before sundown. This was the first night of Pesach, (Passover) and without regard for her safety or her children, the Inn called Troopers who then told the woman with her children to trek, in the dead of night, to Friar Tuck Inn, “Where there are lots of Orthodox Jews like you.”

Days Inn has informed the Motel they are in violation of their franchise.

Iran:   Western intelligence sources confirm that Iran is near completion of two nuclear weapons facilities, south of Teheran. They will be staffed with scientists and technicians from Russia, and 700 Iranian trained by Russia. One facility is a nuclear production plant & research lab at Nantaz, the second facility is a heavy water plant in Arak.

Boycott The Boycott:   Ahava beauty products has lost its entire European market due to the boycott of Israel.  If you wish to help, when you go the drug store, take a break from the usual European made products and purchase Ahava. Or go directly to The same applies to food, bedding, clothing, leathers, gems, etc. Look at the packaging, ask the salesperson, look at the tags and patronize Israel instead of Europe wherever possible.

DISPATCH  FROM  JERUSALEM:  Palestinians Were Preparing A One-Ton Bomb;  Palestinian terrorists had planned to carry out an attack using a one-ton bomb, a Military Intelligence officer told the Knesset (Israel Parliament). The officer did not specify the target, but The Associated Press reported that they had planned to blow up a truck loaded with explosives in the underground parking garage of the Azrieli Towers in Tel-Aviv.

The officer said that the plan had been uncovered during Operation Defensive Shield.  IDF forces also found documents pointing to plans by terrorists to simultaneously attack seven coastal cities and carry out a chain of suicide bombings in Jerusalem, in which three terrorists were to take part.

Combat Or Civilian?  In the Israel, Palestinian conflict 29% of Israeli dead are female, while only 2.6% of the Palestinians killed are female. A graphic illustration showing Israeli’s dealing with military targets, and the Palestinians targeting civilians.

Chickens?    Israel is growing featherless fowl and the bald birds stay cool in the hot regions. Also without feathers almost no water and machinery is needed to process them. The less fatty, crossbred chickens fare better in the warm tropical climates, where expensive cooling systems are needed. The crossbred chickens have a naturally occurring “naked neck” gene. The result is a funny-looking, normal sized, broiler chicken, caring the special “naked neck” gene. The research is sponsored by the Hebrew University, for  more information - E-mail:

“Green Fuel Cells”  Today’s portable electronic devices have become lighter, smaller, and more power hungry. Their demand for battery power may be solved by a fuel cell developed at the Tel Aviv University. This cell would power devices such as cellular telephones, laptops, and WebPCs with significantly longer operation times than other batteries and without dependence on chargers. The aim of the company is to have this cell capable of functioning for up to forty days without the need to be connected to another electricity source.  This will make a wider use of cell phones and other devices.

The technology is also applicable to the electric vehicle market.

BREAKING NEWS - ISRAEL -  Foiled Again: Just released for publication - The GSS had intercepted a shipment of combat materials bound for the Palestinian Authority two months ago. The shipment, which originated in Taiwan in June of this year, was marked “Toys,” and was sent by a Moslem charity organization to an Arab resident of Khan Yunis, Gaza. On the way, the ship stopped in an unnamed Arab country that has diplomatic ties with Israel, where the shipment was apparently switched. When it arrived at Israel’s Ashdod port, where Israeli authorities confiscated it, it contained hundreds of kilograms of weapons, including pistols, ammunition, telescopic sights and night-vision equipment. The label “Toys” was not entirely inaccurate, as the shipment also contained some toy lighters featuring likenesses of the World Trade Center and Bin-Laden’s head.

Where Heaven And Earth Meet:  [Earthquakes Soon In Israel?]

Directors of Israel’s Seismological Institute met recently with Israel’s Chief Rabbis and presented them with some grim predictions of possible earthquakes in Israel in the coming years. They told the rabbis that an earthquake on the scale of the Jericho earthquake of 1927 - estimated to have hit 6.25 on the Richter scale - could be expected. (Another strong earthquake hit the northern part of the country in 1837, devastating the town of Tzfat and leaving thousands dead.)

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