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ANTI-SEMITISM Rabbi Yschiel Eckstein,

Russia’s main Communist leader has publicly accused Jews of bringing on the “extinction” of Russia’s people and the country’s economic woes. Leaflets openly call for pogroms - the organized, mass killing of Jews that are a horrifying part of Russia’s past.

Ultranationalist leaders have accused Jews of starting World War II and provoking the Holocaust.

One of those leaders, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, said , “The essence of the conflict around the Jewish people is that, when their number grows too much in some country, war breaks out there.”

Another, General Albert Makashov openly declared his intention to “round up all the Jews and send them to the next world.”

Others cry out to have Jews expelled and their homes set on fire. In Moscow, the bombing of a synagogue was followed by threats of more such attacks.

ANTI-SEMITISM Simon Wiesenthal Center,

As Jews are being attacked on the streets of Europe, UN Human Rights Commission fails to confront anti-Semitism. “The consistent failure of the United Nations, dominated by more than 60 Moslem countries determined to block any discussion on anti-Semitism, only encourages further attacks against Jews,” said Rabbi Marvin Hier, the Center’s dean and founder. “By continuously minimizing the resurgence of anti-Semitism, the United Nations has unfortunately become part of the problem and not the solution.”

While the report was being discussed in Geneva, new anti-Semitic attacks blaming Jews for the war in Iraq occurred in Berlin, Paris and Sydney, Australia.

SYRIAN MISCHIEF: Long known for its support for Hizbullah and numerous Palestinian terrorist organizations, Syria has recently emerged as Suddam Hussien’s most fervent supporter and leader of the Arab opposition to the Iraq war. America needs to take concrete steps that will make clear to Damascus that such behavior will no longer be tolerated.

Particularly dangerous has been Syria’s decision to take in weapons of mass destruction from Iraq to prevent their discovery by U. N. monitors or Allied military personnel. “significant equipment, assets and perhaps even expertise was transferred, the first sign of which appeared in August or September 2002,” a U.S. official recently told the London Daily Telegraph. “It is quite possible that Iraqi nuclear scientists went to Syria and that Saddam’s regime may retain part of its army there.”

On April 10, Rumsfeld disclosed that Syria was helping senior members of Saddam’s regime to flee Iraq, and, in some cases, allowing them to travel through Syria to other countries.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz demanded that Syria stop its support for Hizbullah and the Palestinian terrorist organizations, warning: “The Syrians should know that what they do now, they will be held accountable for.”

STANDING STRONG: Thousands back U. S. - Israeli ties at largest policy conference.

Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, making his first speech in the United States since being sworn into office, praised the United States for confronting those seeking to harm the United States, Israel and the rest of the Western World.

“America is taking on the emerging threat of the 21st century - that of terrorist organizations allied with rogue regimes, armed with weapons of mass destruction,” he said. “Israel salutes the president and the people of the United States for the courage and determination in ridding the world of this clear and imminent danger.”

The top congressional leaders - Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN), Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle (SD), Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA) - all voiced support for a strong U. S. - Israel relationship and said that the Palestinians must end terrorism against Israelis before any negotiations can succeed.

Half the Senate and nearly half of the House participated in the Conference.

Student delegates from 60 college campuses where aipac is active paraded through a cheering crowd in the packed Washington Hilton ballroom holding placards representing petitions supporting the U. S. - Israel relationship, of which 55,000 signatures were garnered.

In addition they honored the students for their hard work, the pilots involved in the 1981 bombing of Iraq’s nuclear facility, and astronaut Col. Ilan Ramon, who was represented by his wife Rona. Tribute was also paid to the Israeli soldiers and civilians who have faced more that two years of terrorism.


Iran: The director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed El Baradei, was shown a building under construction in Iran, but was unaware what the building’s use was to be. The Iranians made sure he did not spot the telltale signs that the building would be used to produce weapons grade uranium, such as the presence of a large number of centrifuges needed to enrich uranium to 85% or 90%. He did see a small number of centrifuges and many that were dismantled by Iran when intelligence services reported in August the discovery by Israel and the United States that the enrichment plant was under construction. The greatest part of the stock was hidden behind a dividing wall which the nuclear inspector was denied access.

Over the past few months, Iran has secretly hosted groups of nuclear experts from North Korea, China, Pakistan and Russia. Iran is seriously interested in producing a lightweight, miniaturized bomb suitable for terrorists and delivery from small aircraft or drones.


Is the UN biased? Considering there is only one Israel and 21 Arab states.

(a.) The General Assembly of the UN condemned or deplored Israel 321 times and 0 times the Arabs and the PLO.

(b.) The Security Council condemned, censured and deplored Israel 49 times and the Arabs and PLO, 0 times.

(c.) The Security Council passed 131 resolutions in its history. Of those, 88 criticized or opposed Israel, none deplored or even criticized the PLO or Arab states.

(d.) Is it any wonder Israel finds directives from the UN far from fair? A balanced approach is certainly not the UN agenda.

(e.) Result of this and the terrorism on Israel: A total of 862,300 visitors from abroad entered the country during 2002, making it the worst year for tourism in 20 years. Last year was the first year since 1982 in which fewer than a million visitors arrived. Last year’s figures were 29% lower that those for 2001, and two thirds lower than those recorded in 2000.


Ein Gedi: Excavators have found two folded Papyri and 11 bronze coins in a desert cave within the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, near the western shore of the Dead Sea. Three of the coins bear the name “Shimon,” Hebrew for Simon, and date to the Second Jewish Revolt against Rome (132-125 A. D.), which was led by Simon Bar-Kokhba. Large areas of the Judean Desert have not been explored. Over 100 caves have been pinpointed in the past year, and in some the teams found coins, arrows and spears. A decade ago, one such cave yielded documents stating that real estate prices during the revolt remained stable but fell sharply by 135 A. D. when people were leaving their homes en masse. Sounds like our stock market?


Jerusalem: According to a report by The Jewish Agency, there are 100,000 fewer Jews in the world this year than there were last year. 35,000 Jews immigrated to Israel last year, half of them from Russia, however two-thirds of Russian immigrants were not Jewish. France, Argentina and South Africa have Jewish communities considered to be in trouble. Immigration from North America increased 25%. Two-thirds of Israelis live densely in the Tel Aviv - Gush Dan area.

Iran: There are approximately 22,000 Jews in Iran down from 100,000 or so prior to the 1979 Islamic Revolution. At closed trials several have been charged as spies for Israel, most are Orthodox leaders which bothers the Iranians. The arrests are perceived as a warning to the rest of the community.

Mikveh (Ritual bath) found in Jerusalem from Second Temple era. In a very large room from the Hashmonaim period (some 2,100 year ago), a Mikveh was discovered, accidentally in Jerusalem’s Old City, near the Hasmonean Tunnels. The room is 20 meters high, 10 by 10 meters wide, with the mikveh at the bottom, including a stairwell leading to it, a Roman floor, Crusader walls and a ceiling from the Mamluk period (1250-1516). “An educational center is being planned to be built there. The Old City is built atop many ruins - we can’t find everything because people live there - We hope to see the building of the Holy Temple soon, and then the past will truly be open to us,” said Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, Rabbi of the Western Wall.

Diabetic feet: Dr. Jonathan Rosenblum in Shaare Zedek’s (Orthopedics) is the first in Israel doing a procedure that restored the long-lost sensation on the feet of diabetics. Peripheral Neuropathy affects the hands & feet of diabetics. The multiple nerve decompression inventor (Dr. Arnold Lee Dellon) has trained Dr. Rosenblum, and is the only practitioner in Israel trained to carry it out. The patient had no feeling in her toes, except pain for seven years, until after the surgery.

Tel Aviv - A Judge in Tel Aviv has ruled that Palestinian Chairman Arafat must pay the EGGED Bus Company 52 million shekel for damages to buses in recent bombings. The claim was filed against the Palestinian Authority, which ignored the suit, and offered no defense. As a result the Judge ruled that the P. A. and its chairman Arafat are liable for the extensive damages. The big question now is collecting the fine.

Excerpts - Rav Dov Begon: ‘G-d shall be at war with Amalek for all generations.’ Not only “in the days of Mordechai and Esther did the wicked Haman rise up to wipe out every Jew, but in every generation ”Haman’s" rise up to destroy Israel. Today enemies surround (Israel) possessing that same Amalekite longing to carry out Haman’s thoughts, plans and deeds." In our own day as well, some of our leadership unfortunately have not opened their eyes to understand that the “feud” and war between us is not just over land but also over our right to live. Yet we know that at the end of the war, the Jewish People, with G-d’s help, will emerge victorious.

The Torah states, “The hand is on G-d’s throne. The L-rd shall be at war with Amalek for all generations.” G-d is swearing that His name will not be complete, nor His throne, until Amalek’s memory is obliterated." (Ex 17:16)

Toronto: Several Jewish students at Toronto’s York University and many other Canadian schools are experiencing violence. At York, hundreds roamed the campus and occupied the office of the university president. Jewish students are afraid to go to school. Montreal’s Concordia University had pro- Palestinian rioters which forced cancellation of a speech by former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and beatings on campus of visibly Jewish students by Arab students.

Palestinian professor arrested in Florida: Sami Al-Arian, a tenured computer engineer professor at the University of South Florida was arrested by the FBI. Attorney General John Ashcroft described Al-Arian as the North American leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which the U.S. government calls a Palestinian terrorist group. Three others were arrested also. “The Palestinian Islamic Jihad is one of the most violent terrorist organizations in the world,” Ashcroft said. It is “responsible for the murder or over 100 people in Israel.”

Training Center: Israel is to construct a new high tech warfare training center. “There is no such facility like it in the world.” The facility will be integrated by sensors, cameras and digital links, to avoid arguments over the events in training. Replay of the events will be at 60 times normal speed so officers can follow the course of a battle.

Inheritors or Settlers? By Rabbi Pinchas A. Webernam: The Torah, (Ex. 23:30) clearly gives reference to our living in the Holy Land: “…until you become fruitful and make the Land your heritage.” The Torah’s concept of the Holy Land is that it is our heritage. This is also prefaced with our becoming fruitful.

The secular concept of the Jews in Israel is that they are settlers. People settle in an area in consideration of personal, material gain. Economics, security, topography, climate, social atmosphere, shopping, recreation, scenery, are the determinimg factors in their choice. Their consideration of their neighbors’ needs is limited to the extent that it would promote their own interest. Holding to the land is connected to their material goals.

The Torah’s concept of Eretz Yisrael is faith based. The commitment to the Holy Land is consistent with their commitment to and LOVE of the Holy Creator, His Holy Torah and His Holy People. It emanates forth from the innermost depths of the soul. Pursuit and attainment of material needs, comforts and luxuries are incidental to these spiritual goals.

The Torah is called a Tree of Life to those who hold to it (Proverbs 3:18). A tree of life gives forth its fruit outside with the same force as it cares for its own existence. The Torah Jew’s commitment to his fellow Jews’ interests is equal to his own interests. Being fruitful is a prerequisite to the Land being our heritage.

Our Holy Land of Israel in not a settlement. It is our heritage.

Scout Jamboree: At the recent World Scout Jamboree in Thailand several Jewish boys attended. About 500 were expected ( half from Israel & others from Switzerland, USA, Chili, Belgium, Sweden, France, England and one from New Zealand). There were many cancellations particularly from Israel, because of Thailand refusing them security. The ones that came were delighted with the hands-on workshops that was prepared for them. The workshops were: The Shofar Factory, Havdala Candle-making, Kipa Decorating, Scribal Arts and Menorah Factory. The Tzivos Hashem team gave out thousands of “7 for 70 (seven mitzvot {commandments} for 70 nations)” cards in six languages. The Israelis were greatly missed.

Rebbetzin’s Viewpoint: Excerpts from an article of Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis. Is there a significance in Numbers? Regarding the shuttle disaster.
They left on January 16
They were in space for 16 days
They were only 16 minutes away from landing.
The debris covered 7 counties in Texas.
It happened on the 7th day of the week.
There were seven crew members and it fell over Palestine, Texas.

Astronaut Ilan Ramon, Israel’s first, was a secular Jew yet he took on himself the responsibility of all Israel. Unashamedly, he proclaimed that he recognized the awesome responsibility of representing Israel, which to him meant all of the Jewish people. To Ilan Ramon, the symbol of Israel was the Torah - and, indeed, that was the message that he telegraphed from space to Prime Minister Sharon as he held up the little Torah that he was carrying, when he orbited over Jerusalem. He proudly proclaimed “Shema Yisrael” (Hear O Israel) and that sent chills up and down our spines. He told the world that, as the first Israeli Jew to enter space, he felt he represented all the Jewish people and should eat only kosher and observe the Jewish tradition there.

Ilan Ramon took time to research just what might be the most significant symbols of the Jewish people of which he took with him a mezuzah and a small Torah scroll. That Torah scroll had a special meaning, for it had belonged to Joachim Joseph, a 71 -year-old physicist at the University of Tel Aviv. Professor Joseph had received that Torah from a rabbi in Bergen Belsen on the occasion of his Bar Mitzva in the concentration camp. The rabbi predicted that he would be killed, but he asked the young Joachim to guard the Torah and tell the story to the world. It is that Torah that went up into space with Ilan Ramon. May there be …words that would offer some illumination in this dense darkness, of this disaster. (As. Editor - Truly the only great light comes from the Torah and the Creator of all.)

RESPONSE Simon Wiesenthal Center

Teen book promoting suicide bombers: During the last two years, the world has witnessed the horrors of so-called suicide bombers. The Wiesenthal Center was shocked to learn that a book geared to young people whose central character becomes a suicide bomber was being heavily promoted across Europe and Canada.

Following intervention by Canadian Director of National Affairs, Leo Adler, Blammarion Canada pulled the book, asking Canadian bookstores and to return all books.

“We urge the publisher in France and its parent company, Italian media giant Rizzoli Corriere della Sera, to follow the responsible decision of their Canadian office and remove the book from store shelves. A French online bookseller, pulled the book saying it represented ”incitement to hatred and violence."

Germany: More than a quarter of Germans surveyed in a recent poll said they believe Jewish influence is too great, 17% said they believe Hitler would be viewed as a great statesman if not for the Holocaust. These findings came on the heels of the worst anti-Semitic attacks in Germany in years. Neo-Nazis firebombed the Belower Forest Museum and painted swastikas and “SS” on the memorial commemorating victims of the Nazi death march through Belower Woods, northwest of Berlin in eastern Germany. Just a few days later, in Brevesmuehlen, a Jewish memorial stone was painted over with Nazi symbols, and a Jewish cemetery was vandalized in the town of Buetzzow in northeastern Germany.

The Center For Human Dignity, Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem: The project is expected to be complete in 2006-2007. President of Israel, Moshe Katsav, “I praise the idea of the establishment of the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem, I see this Museum as an institution that will impart universal values, not only belonging to the Jewish people, but giving human values to all humanity. This will be an institution that will remind humanity that intolerance leads even developed nations to tragic deeds beyond human comprehension.”

SARS by Ed Lintz: I remember well in the 70’s when the swine flu epidemic was first announced and everyone was encouraged to receive vaccinations…the vaccine was made from swine cultures…I refused to receive the shots. SARS reminds us of that time and the Lord reminds us not to mix Kosher with non-Kosher.

As the time grows shorter we see many warnings such as this that are like parables telling us to separate from the unclean.

The thing about SARS that makes the parable so clear is that it was formed in an environment [of unclean pigs feeding together with clean chickens] on a farm in China, what could be plainer …in the cause of this plague.

If you know anything about chickens, they will pick out undigested grain from the feces of large animals like cows, who do not completely digest the corn and grains…and when you run them with pigs they will do the same…although pigs digest a little more of the grain… THUS the chicken receives some of the pigs [dna] in the feces and becomes a cross carrier of diseases that affect humans. Birds have always been carriers of bacteria and viruses…so they cross transmit from one species to another… if they are not separated when domesticated and feeding, (hogs and chickens).

Humans have always been susceptible to things such as hog cholera, and many other animal diseases that have been in the past cross contaminated, such as anthrax and undulant fever… In the USA when a hog farm becomes cholera infected, it is quarantined to be kept free from hogs for a period of fifty [50] years… [as far as I know that is still in effect], the germs remain active in the soil for at least that long. The point of all this is that the Lord is merciful and long suffering, yet He is trying to awaken those who are asleep to His Torah… and His kosher laws which were to preserve us physically. Now He is teaching us to separate from the non-kosher, spiritually, the time is now and growing shorter.


World news: A society willing to sacrifice their innocent children in the manner which the Palestinians are, should have the world up in arms.

Iran Cleric speaks: A radical Muslim Cleric in Iran has called for the death of three leading Christian figures in the U.S.A., Franklin Graham, Jerry Fallwell and Pat Robertson.

Jerusalem: A Jerusalem genomics company, IDgene Pharmaceuticals, has found a genetic link responsible for about one fifth of all Schizophrenia cases. Details have been published in the American Journal of Human Genetics; and shows that the COMT gene may account for 80% of all the patients. The company is examining other diseases also, including Asthma, Diabetes, and also selected types of cancer.

“You who call upon the Lord… give yourself no rest and give Him no rest, ‘til He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise in the earth.” Isaiah 62:7

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“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Psalm 122:6