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France and Anti-Semitism: In France, there are about 5 million Muslims and 650,000 Jews, the largest number for both communities in Europe. Violence is increasing against Jews, mainly in the Paris suburbs, and is at the highest level since WWII. Last year 2,556 French Jews immigrated to live in Israel. Many Jews have stopped turning to the police, and there are areas of France that police are afraid to enter because of the gangs. Jews feel abandoned, although a new regulation has been passed in France, that demonstrators will not be allowed to carry flags with swastikas or other anti-Semitic symbols, but even with this regulation, many feel the government is not taking preventative measures at all, only waiting for something to happen, then act. France has a history of violence against the Jews, for 25% of French Jews perished in the Holocaust.


Egypt and Oil: Egypt says it has discovered a major oil reserve, at the Saqara, in the Gulf of Suez. BP Egypt in a joint venture with the state-owned Egyptian General Petroleum Co., accounts for one-third of Egypt’s oil production. BP, said the well, the biggest discovered by the company since 1989, could contain up to 80 million barrels of crude oil. This means that the company would be allowed to pump up to 50,000 barrels a day. BP, said this Saqara discovery penetrated the Nubia reservoir at the deepest oil-water contact ever recorded in the Gulf.


Jerusalem: “The Road Map” to peace: Thirty-six years ago Israeli forces achieved the greatest victory in modern military history. When the Almighty handed us this miraculous victory, it sparked an amazing ingathering of the exiles from the four-corners of the Earth. This contemporary Return To Zion dwarfed the disappointing multitude of about 40,000 Jewish exiles who returned with Ezra to Israel from Persia to rebuild the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Though we didn’t have a Temple to rebuild in 1967, the Temple Mount was firmly in our hands. The million plus Jews from places like the Soviet Union and Ethiopia who poured into the Holy Land gave us hope that perhaps we were witnessing the dawn of the Third Temple era.

Today, nearly six million Jews dwell in the land of Israel. But more than half of them don’t know what it means to actually be a Jew or understand that the land itself is holy and cannot be arbitrarily granted to an incessant enemy.

Ancient Israel found itself sliced and diced over and over when “benevolent” rulers had mercy on Israel’s enemies. Oslo sliced and diced Judea and Samaria into Swiss cheese, and put Yasir’s various terror groups in our backyards. Even now with the “defensive rim fence” or “security fence,” separating the West Bank from the rest of Israel, it will not stop the short-range missile attacks on Israeli towns and cities in the heart of the Jewish State.

Have millions in Israel and the USA deluded themselves into believing that the arch-terrorist PLO chieftain Yasir Arafat has turned into an “Abraham Lincoln,” or have they turned the Jewish nation against their Mosaic heritage and rejected the Almighty?

Do the math… From a beach in Tel Aviv to a terrorists’ lair in the Judean Mountains would be about 15 miles. [Editor’s comment: What has God said? “Behold I will bring them from the north country, and gather them from the coasts of the earth….a great company shall return thither.” (Jeremiah 31:8); “…out of the lands, from the east, and from the west, from the north, and from the south.” (Psalm 107:3) ]


Anti-Semitism compiled by Shmuel Ben Eliezer: A Yale professor is under fire for calling Jewish students in a pro-Israel group, members of a “pro-war cabal.” Mazin Qumsiyeh, an assistant professor of genetics and co-founder of a group called the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, singled out 64 students, many of them Jews, as pro-war and as members of a Yale pro-Israel group, the New York Sun reported. Qumsiyeh, who later apologized for misidentifying some students, is also active in efforts to compel the school to divest from companies that do business in Israel. In an earlier E-mail he wrote about “prominent Jews in the media,” and once said that “Zionists regularly collaborate with Nazis.”


Members of Lost Tribe Arrive in Israel: Recently 50 members of the Bnei Menashe group, claiming descent from the lost tribe of Israel, Menasseh, arrived in Israel from eastern India. Israel Radio reported. The Bnei Menashe have entered Israel on tourist visas, as part of an arrangement with the Ministry of the Interior. After the 50 members complete a conversion course in the Shavei Shomron immigration center, they will be granted new citizen standing. To date 700 of the 6,000 Bnei Menashe living in India have immigrated to Israel.


Mall to stay Closed on Sabbath: MK Nissan Slomianski of the NRP has announced that after a legal battle, the Arim mall in Kfar Saba will remain closed on the Sabbath. The fight over the Arim mall has gone on for months with protest rallies held by people from both sides of the argument.


Holocaust Denial on Palestinian TV: The following was on the Palestinian Authority TV, under the heading of “truths” about World War II: 1.) The Nazis did not specifically plan the killing of Jews. 2.) If Hitler planned any extermination, it was of disabled Germans. 3.) The Holocaust industry is a financial scheme of the Zionist leadership. These and more points are appearing in a Holocaust denial book by PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas.


Belgium - Probing the Deportation of Jews during WWII, by Douglas Davis: Belgian historians are now given unprecedented access to private and public archives to investigate the complicity of Belgium’s authorities in the deportation and death of the country’s Jews during WWII.

Official figures show that 30,544 Jews of mixed European nationalities were deported from Belgium to death camps between 1942 and 1944. Only 1,524 survived and at least one-fifth of those who died were children.

It is noted that many of the officials accused of complicity in the deportation of Jews are dead and such an inquiry is finally possible. Jose Gotovitch, director of the Study and Documentation Center on War and Contemporary Society, wants the researchers to go beyond mere fact-checking and attempt to understand why some Belgians collaborated so enthusiastically with the Germans: “This will be the study of the formation of a mentality.”


Hebron - City of the Patriarchs: Hebron is the oldest Jewish community in the world, and mentioned 87 times in the Bible. The Hebrew word for Hebron comes from the root HAVER, meaning friend, a description of the Patriarch Abraham, who was a “friend” of G-d. Abraham purchased the field where the Tomb of the Patriarchs is located as a burial place for his wife Sarah for 400 silver shekels. It is there that the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Matriarchs Sarah, Rebecca and Leah are buried. The Cave of Machpelah is the second holiest site to the Jewish people, second only to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. King David was anointed king of all Israel in Hebron, where he reigned for seven years. The capital was then switched to Jerusalem, even though the city of Hebron was a major Jewish city in Israel. King Herod (37-34 BCE) built the base of the present structure. Today some 750 Jews live in Hebron and over 7,000 in nearby Kiryat Arba.


Nazi Hunter, Simon Wiesenthal Retires: Famed Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal announced he has finished his work. Wiesenthal is a Holocaust survivor, himself. There are two research institutions and a museum bearing his name, he is now 94, and has many honors in his name.



Simon Wiesenthal Center: Montreal’s Concordia University administration has created a climate and has made a mockery of free speech. Recently university police stood by as anti-Israel rioters chanted, “Death to the Jews,” - smashed windows and forced the cancellation of a speech by former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyaha. A Holocaust survivor was thrown to the ground and kicked in the stomach.


UN: UN statements and resolutions reflect that there are over 50 Arab and Muslim states and only one Jewish State. Canadian human rights expert, Prof. Anne Bayefsky points out the UN bias against Israel. The UN passed a resolution on Palestinian children, the only children in the world subject to specific concern of the UN. No mention is made of the recruiting of Palestinian children to become homicide bombers, and Israeli youngsters murdered and maimed in such attacks.


Canadian Indian Leader: Canada’s Chief Justice has been urged to strip Indian leader, Ahenakew, of the coveted Order of Canada after he said Hitler was trying to clear up the world when he “fried six million” Jews. He said Hitler was making sure that Jews didn’t take over Germany and Europe.



Rabbi Eckstein: A national petty cash fund of some NIS 12.5 million has been established in Israel to pay for special needs that are not in the government’s budget. Rabbi Eckstein, of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, has established the fund which will come from money sent to Israel by Christians in the USA who want to share their tithes with Israel.

The small donations add to roughly $3 million a month. Low salaried social workers in Israel frequently use their own money to supply emergency needs for the needy children, such as a child’s winter coat or boots, a young person on dialysis who couldn’t afford to pay the bus fare to the hospital. This petty cash fund is needed. This will be a fund “that is working from the bottom up instead of from the top down.”


Separation anxiety - Good fences make good neighbors, wrote Frost: Will the fence bring Israel security? An eight-meter-high concrete barrier reinforced by electric sensors, and a gravel trace path to detect trespassers was started last June in Israel, and one section is to be completed in December. There is much controversy as to whether the fence, when completed, will bring Israel security.


Solar Power: Israel’s first solar power station, the world’s largest, is to be built in the Negev desert, based on technologies developed with Ben-Gurion University. The plant initially will supply about 5% of Israel’s current generation capacity. The plant will be built about a 20 minute drive from Beersheba. The power plant will supply 100 Megawatts of power and grow to 500 MW. The world’s current two largest solar power stations have generating capacities of only 80 MW. Even these two old power plants will be producing more power because of the technologies that the University has developed. Luz of Jerusalem, built nine solar plants in California. The first station has a mere 15 MW capacity, the next six have 30 MW each, and finally two 80 MW. plants. The World Bank plans to finance the large stations in Third World Countries.


A desert of TREES: In Israel’s Negev desert and rolling hills, trees are planted, and growing, turning the desert green, using ecological technologies to stem over grazing of herds by Beduin flocks, and provide rejuvenation of the desert. In the past two decades the Negev’s Beduin population has more that doubled. In comparison Jewish population rose to less than half the Beduin growth rate.



South Africa’s Television: South Africa’s official television broadcaster SABC is dropping CNN from its program, and replacing it with the Al-Jazeera network. This is bad news for 80-90 thousand South African Jews and a lot of Christians who stand with Israel. The Al Jazeera with greater coverage of pro-Palestinian anti Israel bias will intensify the battle for the minds of South Africans.


Al Qaida: A 34-page report to the United Nations claims that Saudi funds are the most important source for Al Qaida (terrorists), and the leaders have failed to stop this flow of money to Al Qaida, since the 9/11/01 suicide attacks on New York and Washington. Saudi Arabia transferred US 500 Million to Al Qaida.


Health - Streptococcus A: A protein that stops the fatal form of the Streptococcus A bacteria from taking hold has been developed at Jerusalem’s Hadassah-University Medical School. Streptococcus A causes many health problems, and one particular form can cause multiple organ failure. When the protein was introduced into the virulent bacteria, there was no incidence of the severe form of the illness and all animals recovered. Now the testing in humans begins, for in Israel alone there are about 100 new cases each year and out of that an average of 15 of the patients die. This number is proportionately higher for other countries depending on population size.


Drones: Israel which is leading the world in developing pilotless drones for military use, is now testing a new generation of drones the size of a credit card. The drones will carry very tiny cameras, and are too small to be spotted by the eyes, or radar. They are expected to be in use in two years.


Water - water: In Israel this last winter was one of the wettest in history. Total rainfall is up 150%, and the Sea of Galilee is up 15 feet. [Pray for more rain so that the Galilee and the Aquifer’s will really fill up].


“You who call upon the Lord… give yourself no rest and give Him no rest, ‘til He establishes Jerusalem and makes her a praise in the earth.” Isaiah 62:7

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“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Psalm 122:6