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Jeremiah 51:50, “You that have escaped the sword…stand not still, remember the LORD afar off, and let Jerusalem come into your mind.” All was not fulfilled in Jeremiah’s day. Jerusalem, whose name means “City of Peace”, has been conquered thirty-sever times.

“Everybody Loves Jerusalem” – a website put together by Jacob Richman with links to ninety-four sites where you can learn about Jerusalem. Enjoy! The web address is:

THE JERUSALEM POST: Some 328,000 single people live in Israel, comprising 8% of the population over 18. Of these 21% (69,000) are between the ages of 18 and 34. 57% are male. Almost 1/3rd live in Tel Aviv - Jaffa area. 95% are Jewish and 4% are Arabs.

In Israel, the sophisticated air force is turning to low-tech camels to thwart smuggling and infiltration along the desert border with Egypt. The officers in the Southern Command say they are reviving the Camel Corps after recommendations from Bedouin traders. Camels will be rented from a desert tour operator for a three-month trial. The unfenced “border of peace” is a vast wilderness where Bedouin smugglers play cat and mouse with border policemen trying to stop them smuggling drugs, prostitutes, and weapons into Israel. Patrols will consist of six camels, and the trail will be evaluated in three months. Camels learn to carry their burden at 4 years of age and live to 20. A good male camel costs NIS 6,000, but a good female can fetch over NIS 10,000. The camels are quiet and can sneak up quietly while jeeps and tanks are heard for many miles. (NIS = New Israel Sheckel. $1 US = about 4.5 NIS.)

Jewish Law – Especially concerning victims of terror attacks, volunteers search for any body parts. Great emphasis is placed on bringing every piece of a Jewish body – ligaments, muscles, eyes, ears, tongue, etc., etc. to a Jewish grave. I saw on TV footage, Israeli soldiers crawling through the sands of Rafah in Gaza recently, looking for remains of even a thumbnail. And no Israeli soldier will be left behind to face his own death.

JEWISH PRESS: Even as the family of Nicholas Berg buried their son, the racist organization Aryan Nations was celebrating his brutal murder, the Simon Wiesenthal Center reported. Under the title “One Less Kike” the Aryan Nations is running a video on website of the decapitation of the 26-year-old American Jewish businessman, by Al-Qaeda Muslim extremists in Iraq. The website of Aryan Nations (Pennsylvania) labels Al-Qaeda’s ‘freedom fighters who did all races and countries a favor by helping with the plague we call the Jews. All Jews should be executed as this one was.’

The U.N. agency that works with Palestinian Arab refugees asks that its ambulances and staff not be abused. UNWRA made the call after Palestinians threatened the lives of an ambulance team in Gaza City. The armed Palestinians forced the team to transport three gunmen fighting Israeli forces to a hospital in the city. UNWRA said, “Under no circumstances should armed men enter any UNWRA vehicle.” Israel has long charged that Palestinians were using ambulances to transport terrorists, bombs and weapons.

Informed Sources are quoted in a Jordanian newspaper as saying that Jordan will transfer 200 Iraqi refugees who consider themselves Palestinians to the buffer zone between Jordan and Iraq. The refugees are to be evicted following the failure of all negotiations (to host these refugees) between several Arab countries and Jordan with UN High Commission of Refugees.

Did you know Abraham Lincoln (1733-1810) believed himself to be a descendant of Hebrew parentage? It was Lincoln who opened the U.S. chaplainry to Jews as well as Christians. General Ulysses Grant ordered the expulsion of all Jews as a class within 24 hours from Department of Tennessee, comprising parts of Kentucky & Mississippi. But President Lincoln revoked Grant’s order.

Israeli police are looking for illegal drugs in massive villas owned by Palestinians and local Arab crime families. The 28th of every month, Israel’s National Insurance welfare checks come out and the drug dealers stock up on heroin, cocaine and Ecstacy for junkies who will be cashing their checks and coming to make their buys. The police use police dogs, which are trained for 3-4 months to identify particular smells. Every dog has its own specialty. They sniff through brush, old clothing, rotted garbage, sofa cushions, wood, refuse, etc. The dogs are trained not to bite.

Palestinian Authority officers have been smuggling fake ambulances into Jerusalem. Members of Arafat’s elite unit were disguised as patients, and splattered with fake blood. Palestinians have also been caught transporting terrorists in ambulances into the Gaza strip.

Gaza Strip arms prices have spiked since Israel began cracking down on weapons-smuggling tunnels. Before Sept. 2000, bullets costing $1, now are $5. Israel’s success in uncovering tunnels on Gaza’s southern border with Egypt is reported.

Israeli security officials thwart major Palestinian bombings plans. One in Jerusalem involved an Arab residing in the Old City who carried an Israeli ID card. He was supposed to receive a 15-20 kilogram bomb to pass on to a Palestinian bomber from the West Bank. Two other Palestinians were arrested for involvement in the planned bombing and smuggling of a bomb, which could be detonated by a cell phone. Because of massive police activity in the area, the hand-off was not going according to plan and the bomb was hidden in their home. 80% of all planned Palestinian bombing are thwarted by Israel. There have been 115 suicide bombings in 3 ½ years of violence against Israel. (The “fence” has reduced attacks 90%.)

Palestinians tried to kidnap a New York Times correspondent while he was talking on a cell phone outside a hospital in the Gaza strip. The two kidnappers grabbed him while shaking hands with him, and tried to throw him into a car. They sped away in their car when Palestinian police averted the kidnapping.

Israel is not given a capital on the official Olympic’s website. Several months ago the Olympic’s site listed “Jerusalem” as the capital of “Palestine”, while Israel had an empty slot. After complaints from an Israeli politician, the Israeli capital was listed as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem was taken away from the Palestinian slot. Israel’s Foreign Minister then negotiated a compromise in which both Israel and Palestine were left without capitals.

Israel’s International Technologies (ITL) has developed a device that can analyze and identify chemical elements by remote laser-sensing, harmless to the eyes and body. For the first time, cars and people may be scanned from several meters away to detect explosives, drugs, and other illegal materials. There is great interest in this device and U.S. security forces are enthusiastic about its performance.

Palestinian terrorists in Lebanon have received surface-to-surface rockets from Iran and Syria to use against Israel, and are deployed in southern Lebanon. An Israeli military statement said insurgency groups sponsored or harbored by Lebanon and Syria have launched attacks meant to provoke a massive Israeli strike. “The IDF will take every necessary step to protect its citizens from any group or individual that carries out terrorist attacks against the State of Israel,” the military statement said.

JERUSALEM CENTER FOR BIBLICAL STUDIES & RESEARCH: During Passover the country’s nature reserves and parks had more than five million visitors – in a nation with less than seven million people. The famous Ein Gedi nature reserve near the Dead Sea welcomed 30,000 visitors during Passover week. Thousands made use of every available campsite and accommodation on the shores of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret).

NEAR EAST REPORT: Secretary of State Powell, in a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing on Foreign Operations, defended Israel’s right to build its security fence as a measure of self-defense. In addition NER reports Iran has increased support for terrorists and offered them refuge. Iranians opposed to the US & Israel are being recruited to carry out suicide bombings. Some 10,000 have registered. Main targets are US & British forces in Iraq – and “all Zionists in Palestine.”

Historic Decision: In what the White House called “a courageous and historic step,” the Israeli cabinet voted fourteen to seven to begin a process that will lead to a withdrawal from all the settlements in the Gaza Strip and some in the West Bank. This decision, made even as terrorism continues and in the absence of a credible Palestinian negotiating partner, sets in motion the planning process for Israel’s withdrawal from these areas by 2005 and demonstrates once again Israel’s willingness to undertake painful compromises for peace. (For factual reports, subscribe to the Near East Report, 440 First St, NW, Suite 607, Washington, DC 20001.)

VOICE OF AMERICA: News Reports: Iran has admitted that it has acquired components for its nuclear program from South Asia. But stopped short of saying they were part of a nuclear proliferation ring led by Pakistan’s top nuclear scientist. Iran acknowledged that it used dealers to acquire some of its nuclear technology. Foreign minister Hamid Asefi says some of the middle men were from the Indian sub-continent.

Growing Flowers
By Chris Josephson

When the way is stony
And the path ahead is steep,
I’ve learned a way to climb it,
And grow flowers at my feet.

Lift up the feeble hands that hang,
And eyes cast toward the ground.
Look high above the mountain tops
To Him that wears the crown.
Let praises flow from stumbling lips
While glory shines around
The way is UP, which makes it hard,
But you have covered ground.

Progress stalls and grovels low
When your spirit is cast down.
The rocks are sharp and hurt your feet;
You see your brother’s frown.

You see the flowers at your feet –
Where once were only stones?
These grew while you were praising Him,
And looked to Him alone.

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“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Psalm 122:6