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Written from Jerusalem January 11, 2006

This letter was written several days ago now and just today I was able to  get online. Earlier in Jerusalem I put it on a “stick” and  went  to a computer café in Jerusalem and send it to him – but not to my entire e-mail list. I hope to have another letter –report ready soon. Presently, I am in the desert south of the Dead Sea at Biblical Tamar Park where the date palms are to be planted.

Shalom from the Land of Shalom.

The world may scoff at that expression because of the conflict here. But if we believe the prophecies of the Bible as though they have had their complete fulfillment – instead of the media – we not only know it is the Land of Shalom, but we actually feel the shalom when we come to the land. That is because of what He says in Deuteronomy 11:12, “A land which the LORD thy God careth for: the eyes of the LORD thy God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year even unto the end of the year.”

My arrival this time was almost the exact time Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was stricken with a massive stroke. Immediate shock hit the whole country and much is being said pro and con. The Jerusalem Post says it is well covered in the US, too, so I’ll not repeat all the stories here, but say “Pray” – Pray for him and the whole nation according to Psalm 122:6. If God cares for this Land and His eyes are always upon it, and we are walking with Him, we will do the same.

Some say it’s God’s judgment on Sharon for the Gaza disengagement. Others point to a big accusation against him the day before, which was also just before his scheduled heart surgery which was bound to have put him under stress. Also a medical procedure of putting him on a blood thinner after the first slight stroke, may have contributed.

I’d like to give what I see in the Word of the Lord regarding “judgment.”  The Lord in His grace has given us love-laws to live by and when we do them we get good results; when we don’t, it is disastrous. Then we bring those awful results upon ourselves which He seeks to save us from by giving us His laws for our daily life style. So how can we blame our merciful and loving God?  For this purpose it is necessary we continually study His Word to see where we are missing it – and save ourselves from a lot of bad reaping.

As for Sharon, we cannot judge him - nor his motives - like all of us, he has his own personal life to account for.

As Bible believers most of us believe it is wrong to give any of the land away – but many in Israel see it as a demographic problem. The Arabs are multiplying more rapidly than the Jews and with a democratic government they could soon replace the Jews. Realizing “Ishmael and Isaac” cannot live together, Israel seeks to build a fence, and gave up Gaza which was impossible to control.  It seems we are at a time the Bible calls “wild bulls in a net”. The answers are His and sometimes as believers we would like to “force His hand” and like some orthodox Jews cry, “Meshiach (Messiah) NOW”

Despite the political turmoil the country is bustling as usual with constant activity. It is the most alive country in the world. For my part I feel I’ve returned home again – in spite of the different culture and way of doing things that can be annoying, and often seems impossible to adjust to. I have had some very positive association with old and new friends. On the flight over, the plane was loaded with Jewish young people on the “Birthright” program which brings those who have never been here before free of charge. 

The past few days I’ve been apartment hunting – with a view of Bible Light having a place in Jerusalem where there can be, not only get-togethers of Jews and Christians studying the Bible together, but a place also where Bible Light friends can stay inexpensively a few days while visiting in Jerusalem.  I have seen some very beautiful and charming places – one especially stays in my mind which is located in good area near where Elmer & I last stayed – and within walking distance of shops and interesting places. It would require a year’s lease and needs some furnishing. But according to other places I looked at, the rent is reasonable. Please pray with me that we may know His will in this matter. I am both ready to do it or scrap the idea according to His will.

Blessings on you. Thanks for keeping in touch  with Terry at the Ottawa office. He will relay your messages to me as soon as he can. I’m having difficulty as I did the last time I stayed at this hotel – in getting my computer online, but I expect to go to Tamar in a very few days and I’m sure  I can get on there. It seems to be a little compatibility problem with the wireless technology between this location and my computer. There are computer cafes handy and I hope to send this off to Terry tomorrow. Then later when my laptop gets online, I will send e-mail reports to many.

Thanks again for your prayers and loving support. Mine are going up for you in Jerusalem.

                                  In His Love,