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Letter from Zion - February 2, 2006

Shalom friends,

“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from when cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD who made heaven and earth” (Psalm 121 - I’m sure you know it well. I remember memorizing it in school for literature class). More of it is: “He that keepeth Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.”

When we lived in Ramallah, Elmer wrote music to this Psalm that fits both the English and the Hebrew! I remember looking at the hills and saying to myself, “Why am I, a farm girl from Kansas so privileged to live here?”

Now, the same attitude is with me here in Jerusalem. Why am I privileged? I hear a still small voice in my heart saying, “You are here to help.” May I not fail in that privilege, for which I desire your prayers.

Another crushing blow to Israel’s unity came this week with violent clashes between the police attempting to evacuate the settlers from the Samaritan area town of Amona. The settlers resisted the police with force and the police were said to be using “undue force.” Someone called it “The Amona Pogrom.” Many were severely injured. It tears at the heart of the lovers of Zion to see such turmoil. I call to the God of the hills and valleys, the desert and the seas - the whole land of His promise - to hasten peace to his people here. A little song came to me:


I climb the mountain high, that reaches to the sky

And there was El Shaddai, my Lord and King.

I view the valley low, where people come and go,

And Oh, I wish it so, they know my King.


He loves them as He loves me;

His light and His truth they to see;

His love in them, He will be

Their Lord and King.


I was visiting with a young man who was with the army reserves and had to help evacuate the Gaza settlers. He is Zev Kedem’s oldest son. He was heart sick at what he had to do and said they had not been treated right yet, but put in hotels and not compensated properly. The Lord is talking loud and clear to His people. I was at a political meeting where representatives from all the parties spoke. No one has the answer. No, not our President nor State Department, either. But the King of Kings and Lord of Lords has not only the answer but the greatest of all power to rule and reign - His love and peace “Road Map”. Will not the Father grant the prayer of His Son of Love soon, “THY Kingdom come; THY will be done in earth as it is in heaven”? May all awaken to Him.

Thanks so much for your prayers and concern for me, as I push forward the project of the date palms in the desert, and deal about an apartment here in Jerusalem where friends may come for awhile, and where we can have Bible Midrashim (sharing Bible studies). I will have more to say on that next time.

Remember to spend priority time in His Word. It’s more enlightening than tomorrow’s paper and newscasts. And that is the understatement of 2006!

                                  In His Love,