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From Jerusalem Feb.11, 2006

Beloved Bible Light Family,

And you all really are family! I want to thank you for your concern, prayers and wonderful e-mails. Please keep them coming. I really need you and I enjoy very much hearing from you. “As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country” (Proverbs 25:;25).

You no doubt are getting the same reports there as I am here. The political situation is uncertain as Sharon remains in a extremely serious condition The security remains secure as terrorists are thwarted almost every day. I have received 2 e-mails inquiring about my safety. Let me assure you that I am quite safe because I am confident I’m suppose to be here. …. And I think “What better place to go to my eternal home from than the earthly Jerusalem?” So like the Israelis themselves, I go about my living here. I noticed yesterday when I was in the center of the city (purchasing a pan and tableware) that there were a lot of “angels” - soldiers and policemen, keeping watch. They are well trained.

MANY positive e-mails came from this list concerning the apartment (and the 4 other lists as I have too many to accommodate on one list). Stewart Whittamore sent the Scripture in Acts 28, ‘Paul dwelt two whole years in his own rented house and received all that came in unto him’. This impressed me because it was on my heart to have a place where I can receive my ‘brothers and sisters” from here and the States. (And that certainly means those from the camp of Judah, as well as Christian believers.)

One place kept coming to mind and I remembered it better than the others I’d seen. To make a long story short, they agreed to every change I asked for in the contract

Thursday February 9th was my first day here. I had been living at Advent House which cost $25 a day and had kitchen privileges. This place is completely empty! Friends loaned me a small mattress and bedding - but I have only 2 more nights to sleep on the floor because I bought a divan that will be delivered Monday. They installed beautiful kitchen appliances, so I can make my own meals. It is a large apartment especially in Israeli standards with a large living room, dining room (which I am using for my office), a beautiful kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms - and a balcony! In a lovely rather new building, one of five, and on a big wide street. I am on the 5th floor above the traffic. The whole area is well lighted and I’m not afraid to go out at night.

It is enjoyable to shop at the little places, although Jerusalem has malls and department stores. I went to a poorer section of town where people are very God- conscious and honest and found a little store where I bought a chair and I about cleaned them out of dishes! The family was living in the back of the store which was a continuation of a room about 5 feet wide! No room for displays and the dishes were here and there and we kept digging them out. They are beautiful and some even match! Early miscellaneous! They delivered the dishes, the chair and me in a taxi to my “home”!!

And speaking of “home” - I have never felt more like it is home in any other place I have ever lived. I could go on for pages on end of the incidents that happened in obtaining the apartment and seeking to furnish it - such as when looking for a bed to purchase, I got acquainted with a young woman in her thirties, mother of three, from Russia. She opened up to tell me about herself and family, and we became instant friends. She lives not far from me, so now I have a daughter from Russia!

So thank you, dear ones, for your prayers which have reached heaven’s throne and bounced down on me! If you have some ideas or questions, I’d like to hear them. And if you really want to know more of the incidents mentioned above, I’ll be glad to relate them. But for now I don’t want to bore you.

You, too, have many experiences and endeavors for the Lord and I pray you may know His minute guidance. And may His Word and His ever-present Spirit feed, warm and cheer your heart each day.

                                  In His Love,